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Our three-and-a-half-year-old son had his first Halloween experience in New York this year. We try to explain the way that everyone in the street gives them chocolate and sugar by asking the un grape un and the summary of the cultural complexity of the child. But as far as I could follow social media, Halloween was celebrated with enthusiasm in Turkey this year and there was a heated debate about the suitability of our national values ​​after.

First of all, the discussions part of a famous street interview quoted by saying y No one can interfere in everyone’s life bir. Let people live the fun they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Let us focus the sociological and anthropological analyzes of the work on the needles and the opportunities that we need to evaluate, and leave the relevant experts to the relevant experts. So let’s get angry with those who celebrate Halloween, to use this energy in favor of our brands and to make seasonal opportunities that are part of our culture like Hıdrellez a part of our marketing calendar.

Every day like a feast

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The purpose is not only to develop Hıdrellez. Many special days, from Ashura Day to Nevruza, from oil lamps to festivals, and from the geography of which we are part, have many beautiful opportunities to revive consumption in the country. However, apart from the festive periods, most of the brands we see as an opportunity originate from overseas. Although there is no problem taking advantage of global retail dynamics, if they are questioned for their suitability for our culture, it is useful to question what has been done so far to create a marketing calendar that is, appropriate for our culture Global.

Because the American marketing calendar, which is not appreciated, has no opportunity to revive the consumption in the country, especially in the retail sector. Before Thanksgiving next Black Friday-which now gelmiş- craze become part of the calendar in Turkey, with behind Small Business Saturday and Cyber ​​Monday combo “crazy feast every day” misali a dizzying shopping wind, no vacancy on the agenda of consumers within a week do not leave.

Of course it’s not all this year. However, it is not a coincidence that the shopping spree before Christmas was at this level, but rather a state policy. In 1939, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Abraham Lincoln in the direction of the application launched, since the 1800s, November, the last Thursday celebrated the Thanksgiving Day a week forward. Its aim is to reduce the impact of the global economic downturn, which has brought a stamp to the 1930s, by reviving the retail sector. At the time, it was not welcome to advertise Christmas products before Thanksgiving, but with the change of this date, it was aimed to bring the tradesmen away from the Great Depression by increasing sales and profitability by providing tradesmen with a longer sales period before Christmas. Even today, the largest is organized by the retail chain Macyıs, the Thanksgiving Day parade ends with the glimpse of the arrival of the representative Santa and the opening of the Christmas shopping season.


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