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The talent acquisition solution provider iCIMS is located in Holmdel’s historic Bell Factory building and hosted the first Halloween hackathon on October 27.

The event attracted more than 500 participants, including local technical high schools and college students and professionals. There are about 11 seminars, including experts from Amazon Web Services and other technology leaders.

Halloween hackathon is consistent with Hacktoberfest – an open source software celebration every month. It combines the challenges of computer programming and problem solving, providing educational seminars for students and professionals, and thought leadership from industry innovators.

The Halloween hackathon ends at 7 am and ends at 11 pm with over 50 submissions and 14 winners. The winner of the championship is a team of three graduate students from the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken). They received a $3,000 cash prize for building “Eye Health Predictor” using Google Cloud AutoML, which uses images from the camera to identify potential risks of eye problems.

Other award categories include Best 1st-Timers Hack (for students), the most innovative hackers, the best use of AI / ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning), the most entrepreneurial potential, the best Halloween hackers. The iCIMS spokesperson commented: “As a pioneering technology company based in central New Jersey, iCIMS is committed to improving the technological innovation of its country.”


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