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The lights are dim, the crowd is quiet, there is a choir “Tonight, we are going, fucking!” Tonight, we are going, fucking shit, tonight, we are going, fucking shit “Inferno Friendship Association,” filled the Warsaw International Polish House before the demonic tyrant Jack Trikolos and his mischievous mob gang rushed to the stage.

They don’t take a long time to break into their year-round opener “Tattoo’s Fade”, and through their opening notes, the WIFS faithful believers reach out to heaven and move to their fanatical leader, Pumpkin King. They are just one thing on the stage, but when the world/hell is like Hallowmas 21, they are one of the most powerful sound powers on earth.

Halloween is more than just a Halloween concert. It is also an underground tradition in New York City because its cultural significance is important to its interesting factors. 21 years is more than just a tradition. It is an institution (I apologize to Mr. Terricloth for using this term). This is the official unofficial punk rock Halloween party in New York City.

Year after year, WIFS goes all out for their flagship show, and every time it’s top. The giant Jack puppet performing the show was a suitable and creepy carol for Jack’s 1950s aesthetic, while the addition of LED screens and graphics added a more modern style, while the world/hell is usually more ancient in color.

In addition to modernity, the overall feeling of the band is still the feeling of the devil’s lounge behavior, and the best night they show, not all the eve of the sacred. The crowd full of familiar faces leaps and sings in the room, pushing and singing together, because every world/hell show is singing.

Through their extended settings, WIFS plays a mix of clicks and deep clips, and stands out as the full highlight of the night through the revered “transit politics”. Just like their classic Halloween, the “Pumpkin Time”, the performance was accompanied by a sorghum walking big pumpkin, and the middle song stripped their orange costume into a submerged BDSM costume.

But Hallowmas and World / Inferno play songs or band open songs, Crazy and the Brains and Gallows Bound.

This is the fact that every year you know that it will happen. It’s about getting out of there and mixing it with the creatures of the night, it’s about throwing a New York City Halloween party, this is for monsters.


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