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Halloween will soon appear on us, and like every year, pop culture offers countless clothing choices. We look forward to seeing many Black Panther, Thanos and the recently resurrected Michael Myers. But we surveyed the year in popular culture (so far) and made some unexpected choices. Because we can all do better than Kanye West in the “Make America Great Again” hat.

It should be self-evident, but no – we repeat, no – these costumes must darken your skin (the United States has a long history of black and pain) or pretend to be another race or race. just. do not. do. it.

[Megyn Kelly asked at Halloween] What is racism? ‘About the black face. Many people have answers. ]

Ally in “A Star Is Born”

If you want to wear Bradley Cooper’s highly acclaimed remake as the role of Lady Gaga, you can choose. One of them was to copy Gaga on the tow bar, when Ally beat Jackson in the form of the amazing “La Vie En Rose”. There are very few costumes here – you need a simple black petticoat, transparent black stockings and a pair of low-key black pumps. Pull your hair into a smooth high hairpin (if you can manage some curly tendrils, you can earn bonus points). Another key to determining this look is makeup. You need to cover your eyebrows and draw a black eyeliner with a pencil. Brush some shiny eyeshadows, vibrant red lips and cockroaches! Carry a rose with you or add it to your hairstyle.


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