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Wait All you can see is a glittering heat wave from the sidewalk and sweat stains from colleagues. Ah, that’s a problem. You need to set your Mickey Mouse watch at Disney time. On Tuesday, June 5, annual passers-by may book tickets to Mickey’s Halloween party. The general public must wait until June 12 th. Autumn was once one of Disneyland. It was the calmest moment of the year, but Halloween events increased attendance. A headless rider cannot throw a burning pumpkin in any direction without lighting a family of four. That’s why you need to start planning earlier, not later. Halloween parties are usually sold out, especially on days closer to the holidays.

Disney Halloween Dates

he event runs on a selected date from September. October 19 to October 31 (Halloween). Tickets range from $105 to $130 per person, depending on the date. Anyone over 2 needs a ticket. The ticket price is very high, about a day to the park, but it provides all the free candy you can carry (a few years ago I saw my parents pack candy into the stroller, toddlers tied to their backs so they wouldn’t pick up the candy). Valuable cargo spaces The party begins at 6 p.m., and ticket holders can pass through the gate three hours in advance. The next three hours are parties-parties with wristbands (with wristbands). At the appointed time (that will be 6 o’clock), politely ask the bearer to withdraw. If they try to fit in, they will find themselves missing a wristband mark, just like they do. A bright red letter. Naked people are banned from touring or tourist attractions, nor are they allowed to roam the area with all kinds of Halloween-themed Disney characters.

Disney’s Halloween costume policy

Children and adults are required to wear clothes as long as they follow (many) rules. Adults, for example, are not allowed to wear masks and no one is allowed to carry weapons that could be confused with reality. Above all, no one dressed up as a Disney character will be allowed to pose with other guests, at least to maintain the integrity of the company. True story. Guests may jump between Disneyland and California Adventures, with each park decorated with Halloween decorations. Disney villains will have a good representation in all characters, so if you’ve ever thought of working with Cruella or Maleficent, this is your chance. Yes, every treatment station has healthy snacks, even more pathetic than waiting for two hours (more discouraging). This is a very small world.

Disney World’s Mickey is not scary enough to buy tickets for Halloween parties. Special events in Magic Kingdom Park will begin in August. 17. Every day, $85 per adult, $80 per child, but if you buy at least one day in advance, you can save $10.


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