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Between the Halloween tree and the Halloween nutcracker, Halloween always finds a way to match Christmas, the best time of the year. Now, you can actually get an ugly Halloween sweater-that’s a terrible, not a happy, answer to an ugly Christmas sweater.

The online Halloween Garment Store offers a collection of cute, creepy costumes for skulls and pumpkins for snowmen and reindeer. Choose from island knits made of witches, monsters, etc. (from $40). Three of the models are also of child size (starting at $30). We guess that means you can stop worrying about Halloween this year. Pullovers are the perfect last-minute costume choice. In addition, they weigh enough to keep you warm and comfortable, although Halloween temperatures tend to be cold.

Give kids a chance to play tricks or carve pumpkins, or host an ugly Halloween sweater Party – a turning point in the theme of a fashionable Festival party. Invite guests to diy, or buy a funny outfit of their own, and give awards to the ugliest children (don’t forget to prepare a party playlist and some snacks) This idea may be more interesting than the one at Christmas.


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