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Children like to color, but most adults do not completely encourage them to wear clothes. Then, Harry Koffman, a teacher from Blackwell, Oklahoma, is not your average adult either.

Curfman, running a blog called The Weary Teacher, came up with a very good way for her students to express their creativity by appreciating the interesting craft that she saw on Pinterest and create a lasting souvenir for themselves .

Year two teacher bought a plain white plus size bodycon dress from Amazon – this white dress is now sold out, but you still get a thin green version that weighs enough to show the mark – and some fabric markings and lets Her students went to town to encourage them to dress up with colorful artwork in their free time.

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This is Curfman’s second consecutive year in which students are asked to decorate a plus size bodycon dress and she shared their manuscript in a Facebook viral article and received 130,000 likes and 65,000 comments at launch time.

plus size bodycon dress
Curfman told TODAY Style that she hopes to continue the project, which may take two weeks to a month to complete in the coming years. “This is a great project, a better token, and I hope to make one every year,” she said. “Facebook users suggest that one day I’ll put them on the students’ graduation ceremony and I think that’s a good idea!”

Last year, Kuffman went into county-level clothing and took home a blue ribbon. She said her students are very happy to see their creations on display. “My students are proud of it every time they see it, because they think so much about their pictures and the words of goodwill.”
Cookman encouraged her students to draw something that made them happy and gave them free reign, with one exception. “The only ‘no’ is no ‘X’ thing,” she explained. “I have many sophomores who like to mark things up and start over again, and I just tell them to turn their mistakes into something beautiful.”

This idea applies not only to the classroom, but also to any occasion where you want to encourage creativity and learning. Here are some of our favorite white plus size bodycon dress and fabric tags.


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