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Remove the movie Wholesale Halloween Costumes from the movie screen and place it in a museum display and become a piece of cloth art. Nearly 125 works are put together in an exhibition, all of which together make up the condensed humanity and the visual history of cinema.

With the recent opening of the 26th “Cinema Costume Design Art” show at the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Design and Marketing Institute, visitors can get new apparel admiration from 25 films. Whether it’s 17th-century clothing, 1950’s fashion dresses or 1994 skating clothing, FIDM’s work can help show how movies, fashion and technology tell stories on the screen. Here are some of the stories behind.

“Water shape”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

He called it a “wounded fruit” with a palette, and fashion designer Luis Sequeira added a touch of sadness to Zelda Fuller, Octavia Spencer’s gatekeeper. “Even though the jewelry itself has lost its luster, it is not glossy,” Sequeira said he won his first Oscar nomination in the movie. “I have two for her, one of them is a winged bird, and at the end of the movie, the needle is very similar to her when she is determined to help Elisha, but it’s a rising bird. Like this kind of thing, I specifically let her take home. ”

Sequeira has no chance to wear badminton, Elisa, Sally Hawkins plays the romantic protagonist, wearing a fantastic dance. To refine the lines and get the approval of director Guillermo del Toro, his team first made the costume halfway through, and made the final dress from the fine lace up to $ 450. “The fabric on this dress is only $ 9,600,” Sequeira said. “That’s why all the workforce is put together.”

Wonder Woman

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Gal Gadot Strapless Wonderland Warrior Wholesale Halloween Costumes apparently inspired by the Roman gladiators. But material? The elements of the garment look are cast from metal, plastic or molded leather or from three. “Designers are always looking for new materials that work in a unique way,” said Kevin Jones, FIDM curator. “It’s a metal, but it’s not metal, it’s almost likely that the finish is enamel, and it creates a crazy depth on the screen.”

“The greatest actor”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

For P.T.’s fictional story, Barnum fame, these Wholesale Halloween Costumes must be as Hugh Jackman as entertainer inventor as charming. Barnum’s classic red-headdress jacket includes his “B” with gold letters and embossed brass buttons on the gold bars, barely visible to the camera. At her disposal, there are thousands of Swarovski crystals, and costume designer Ellen Mirojnick places them at a white ball featuring Jenny Lind, depicted by Rebecca Ferguson. “If she uses only one type of crystal bead, that looks dull,” Jones said. Instead, the dress and its huge portrait collar are crafted in a jewel-like look with various sizes of beads and crystal whirlpool.

“Phantom line”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

In Mirage, apparel designer Mark Bridges uses his academic training in fashion design. The main costume of the film is first made on plain cloth, and then cut the precious fabric to the size of each actor. He photocopied a rare 3-meter-long 17th-century flanked lace. “We cut it out of paper to figure out how we put it on our clothes,” he said.

Daniel Day Lewis plays London fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock, who may be wearing the world’s most elegant lab coat. The bridge said the linen came from Savile Row fabricators Dutch and Sherry; the buttonhole was handmade; the shape was worn by Christian Dior and Cristóbal Balenciaga.

“I, Tony”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Costume designer Jennifer Johnson copied some of Tonya Harding’s most famous skating Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Packed with sequins – you can buy it at the handicraft store – Hardin, and later, Johnson brought a lot of glitz to the fitted outfit. Jones said the costumes worn by Margot Robbie in the movie may look new to the younger generation. “I do not know if this movie will affect the look of the ice skating dress and we’ve come through a minimalist arena.

“beauty and the Beast”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Oscar winner Jacqueline Duran won the fourth nomination of the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” animated 1991 stories. In a key stage scene with Belle and Beasts, Duran updated all the important yellow princess dresses Emma Watson wears. Satin transparent organza decorated with thousands of crystal, and exquisitely printed gold foil. Similarly, the Beast blue jumpsuit worn by Dan Stevens looks like a tangled piece of stitching, a convincing embroidery metal print.


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