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52-year-old Lee, his wife Joey, their two adult children Lauren and Michael, and two friends from California completed the hard Walt Disney World Challenge. January 4 5K, January 5 10K, January 6 The half marathon and the full marathon January 7 finish, each wearing a different Disney themed Cheap Halloween Costumes.

“We crossed the finish line as a family,” Lee said. “It was great to be able to work with them and I felt so happy and ecstatic that I could not finish the weekend without their support.

For Lee and his family, Sunday’s marathon is their first 26.2 miles of effort. Li training ran for 30 seconds, then walked for 30 seconds. But he had to make adjustments in the early half-marathon training center soaring in the fall.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

His doctor advised him to wear a heart rate monitor and carefully track his heart rate to prevent more than 160 beats per minute. As a result, Lee alternates for 15 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds. His family and their friends, Lee and Anita Carter, systematically followed the plan.

Coach and veteran marathon runner Lee Carter designed the plan so Mike Lee can do that within the time frame.

“This is real friendship and love,” Mike Lee said. “We were able to keep all the races and I will never be able to pay them back and make sure I can finish.”

Carter also calculated for the team to use the appropriate time “FastPass” to ride Everest over the steel rollercoaster of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park during the marathon.

Mike Lee said: “We’ve heard of some people doing this rumor.

Li Carter later ran 16 miles ahead of the group, picking up McMuffins from McDonalds to ensure that Lee ate food in his stomach without exhausting his energy.

Lee said he did not physically or mentally prepare for 26.2 miles – following 5K, 10K and half marathons. He trusted his family and friends to keep him and keep him motivated.

In each game, the crowd cheered for them and celebrated their Cheap Halloween Costumes.

“This is really exciting,” he said.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Lee hours playing football. His coach used jogging as a punishment, so he did not want to run until his wife raised the idea of ​​training and participating in Disney events with their families in 2013. They made Terror Tower 10 Miller, which led to many half marathons over the years.

They are considering making a complete marathon when Lee was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in October 2016. Once the doctor has cleared him, Lees will be enrolled in the January 2018 Disney World Marathon in early spring 2017. They also enrolled in four half marathon distance and several 10 km race to keep the training going.

In May 2017, Lee happened again. Cancer is stage IV and has metastasized in his liver. He underwent surgery in July and started chemotherapy. This is not easy, but he insisted on the original plan. He modified his training and game strategies as needed to cope with the adverse side effects of chemotherapy.

Lee said he is still dealing with numbness and side effects. He has a better balance when he focuses on shortening the pace to make up for neuropathy.

By 2018 his family will focus on some half marathons. Because Disneyland has canceled the park’s improvements indefinitely, they’re branching out for rock and half marathons.

In short, Brian Schmidt, who runs Sachse on Sunday, hit 50,000 miles. He began writing his diary on January 1, 2003. An article he posted on Facebook said, “Many friends have had many friends over the years.

The Pirate Sprint Trail on Saturday qualifies for the 2019 National Pirates Sprinting Championship in February 2019 in Muncie, Indiana.


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