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The 63rd Wicklow ICA Theater Festival performed three sold-out nights at the Canadian Country Music Hall last weekend in front of the private dining room.

With ten first-class one-man plays and two sketches, holiday judges face a very tricky task in passing judgments and awards.

The Coolgreany Theater Group won Best Team Prime Award and they produced “I Like Rain for Tennessee Williams, Let Me Listen.” Runner-up Molly Shields won St Patrick’s Theater’s “Man on the Floor,” a scene comedy by Neil Simon, who laughed from start to finish. Geraldine Aaron, of Kilush Theater Group, came in third with “Bar and Germany” and spoke highly of young actors David Dee and Olivia Matthews.

ICA Group’s Condon Cup went to the Delgany ICA and their one-time comedy “Whose Wedding?” By Margaret Bauer.

The jury won Ashford International Cooperative Association’s play “Clara Curtains”, a scene comedy by Arthur Love Grove.

Dallas-based Mary Rigney collected Nora’s best-fitting Halloween Costumes Outlet trophy for “Who’s South American Women Wear?”

The Dügnig Theater Association won the Best Design Award for its effort to create “The Exiles” scene for Jeffrey Grenfell-Hill.

Coolgreany Theater Association won best director for Ned Dempsey, Paula D’Arcy for best actress, and Carl Nuzum for runner-up.

St Patrick Theater Association also has a performance award, Michael Stokes was named the best actor, Joanna Rogers is the best runner.

Beth Holmes (Delgany ICA), Nick Harvey (Dalkey Players), Aisling Finn (Square One), Claire Timmons (Ashford ICA), Breda Banville and Gillian Dunlop (Camross Theater Group) received the Merit Award.

Terri Connolly Best Sketch Cup by Christopher Durang presented to the St Patrick Theater Association, produced by them “D MV Tyrant”. Hilda Grace got the best performance and Karina Cummins won the Merit Award.

The sketcher’s winner is Peter Robbie, who wrote “The Life and Soul,” delivered by the Delgany Drama Society. Theresa Bradley, who played Satan, won the runner-up, and Don Bagley, who plays God, was the recipient of the Merit Award.

Kenge Kenny, president of WACKER ICA Federation, after three fabulous drama parties, thanked all those involved in another very successful festival.


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