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This is a domestic quarrel with global influence. Although it involves an international conspiracy, its tone is domestic and intimate.

In 1930, an outstanding physicist’s library was 25 miles outside London. A stolen formula – gasping! – An atomic bomb said the murder of a physicist. Leadership abound. An Italian doctor, because he is a suspect of foreigners. Physicist’s son’s inferiority, hopeless cash. The connection between his wife and international espionage is unclear. The physicist’s personal secretary also smug things for his own benefit. What is motivation? Usually – love, money, prestige and blackmail. opportunity? A ton

Only one person can take these loose clues, literally and figuratively, by the name of a picky Belgian detective called Herkli Poirot. He performed gloriously at Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee, directed by Mitchell Nunn.

Call it English programs, thrillers, love stories, romantic comedies. That’s all but, most people think this is a fantastic product.

For the beginning, this is the setting. Thrust phase makes us tap in the middle of the action. We appreciate the perfect costumes during the period (Donna Fritsche, Halloween Costumes Outlet Design) and set (Greg Fritsche, set design). Music (‘Phie Mura, sound design) adds hope and threat. The room is more than just a stage, it’s the space we share with the actors as we watch the show.
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However, in most cases, this is acting. Nun’s actors and directors are very flexible and inspired. First, he makes the character a reality. Second, his character pairing creates an unforgettable work.
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Richard Amory of Patrick Peterson, the son of Claud Amory who just died, took into consideration his father’s Fame is appropriate behavior. He worked hard to serve his exotic foreign-born wife, Jessica Plotin. Lucia, in Croatia, is also grown, but for different reasons. The environment led us to think that she fell in love with others; but that was not the case. Dr. Carlyle of Henry Weaver is someone else. He has luggage, but we do not know what it is like. Maybe blackmail, maybe international terrorism. Is he even a doctor?
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David Vaillancourt is Poirot’s partner. He is also one of the most unlikely comedy combos. He is well integrated with Barbara Amory (Hayley Jackson).
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And Hercule Poirot by Rick Reischman. His character is profound. He is meticulous with David Vaillancourt. He has business with Japp Inspector (John Russell). He is not willing to suffer ignorance (Dr. Carrelli and Sir Claude’s personal secretary Edward Reno-Lee Samuel Dann). But his best moment was his character – his eyes were tolerant. The stream of consciousness of Caroline Amory (Martha Duncan) chatter, Sir Claude’s sister
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Prior to James Bond, there was Herak Polo. A man’s chance of dying (a blunt instrument, as Daniel Craig put it, as Judy Dench put it) a human brain’s brain can hardly solve a crime like a computer problem. Until recently, I still liked Bond because he used the name of global interest in the name of just, intelligent violence. However, the present world is Poirot.
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The show starts at 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 2 pm on Sunday, January 21. The show lasted until February 2018. Tickets are $ 14 – $ 24. The Theater is located at 5021 E. Anaheim Street in Long Beach, California.


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