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Corrigendum: The first Christian Church hosted “Boar Head” and “Christmas Day” on Saturday, January 6, 2018. The photo title included in the earlier version of this story incorrectly recorded this date. This story has been corrected.

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Kevin Sahadi stands in a tall Christ Church, looking straight in red and gold guards.

Sahadi, 37, is one of more than a dozen Halloween Costumes Outlet who return with wild boar heads and Christmas on Saturday.

This incident tells the story of a young man reading a boar attack, is the Corpus Christi 36th annual ceremony.

The performer made three speeches at the church. Program host Trey McCampbell said the first half of the show took place in the manor, where young people brought boars back to the community so they could celebrate.

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During the performance, Sahadi and other guards marched mission members such as royals and bagpipers to the church door.

But he said Sahaedi is not a guardian or a meatier. When he was 14 years old at the festival, his role was usually for young children, including holding boar heads or other food during the show.

Sahadi said: “In the end you will get older, and you will turn to these older roles, many people will do.” You do not go beyond this show, there is always a place for you. ”

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And for Sahadi and other actors, the best part of the show is seeing the smiles in front of the audience, some of whom have turned holiday into tradition.

“I’ve seen it before, and I want to do it again. I really want to see the head of a boar,” said Nala Pucci, 14, “and I’m glad to see all the Halloween Costumes Outlet.

Chole Bethards, patiently waiting for the beginning of the festival, have also participated in the festival, but not the audience. The 15-year-old was part of her childhood and saw the audience for the first time.

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Before the Christmas Carol, more than 100 of these girls were singing with actors and choirs and then told the story of three kings met by Jesus.

The audience also briefly introduced a Hawk Wildlife Rescue and Recovery Center at the Texas Aquarium before the program began.

McCoptel said that “Hawk” and “Great Dane” were also featured on the show with 1500 people on Saturday.

“This is a Epiphany, so we do it now.” This is the true meaning of Christmas, and we are now in the third generation of children and grandchildren, and now we have a toddler, and now we have their child.


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