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When you can’t get enough Halloween, the dress won’t stay with you and your human family members. You need to find a decent Halloween costume for your dog! The question is, which one?

Should you choose something cute or weird? A stand-alone outfit, or a dress that matches the outfit you wear?

Whether you are planning to make your own dog’s outfit or choose a store to buy, you need some inspiration. Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas for dogs.

Horse: Turn your dog into a pony, put a “saddle” on his back, and sit on a toy cowboy or knight.

Fluffy: Remember the three dogs of Fluffy, Harry Potter and the Stone of the Wizard? Dressed as Harry Potter, wearing fluffy clothes and wearing a fluffy “couple” costume.

Dinosaurs: Dogs have some cute dinosaur jumpsuits, or you can make one yourself and turn your four-legged friend into a stegosaurus, a tyrannosaurus or other dinosaur of your choice. roar!

Hot Dog: Connect half a hot dog bread (of course not the real one) to each side of your dog and turn her into a real life. This Halloween costume is especially cute on dachshunds, but it works with any type of long body dog.

Ewok: Play as an Ewok to play your dog, play the Princess Leia by yourself, Luke Skywalker or Han Solo to play the best Star Wars costume in the neighborhood.

Devil Dog: If your time or money is not enough, you can make or buy some red horns and turn your four-legged friend into a devil dog.

Sebastian: If you are a fan of Disney, why not dress your dog as Sebastian like Ariel, it is a cautious crab (or maybe a lobster, but it is not open) The time or place of the worms) Mermaid?

Superhero: Either dress your dog as a specific superhero, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, or (we suggest?) Catwoman, or just add a generic superhero cloak and mask.

We hope this gives you some inspiration. Whether you choose Halloween costumes, we make sure your dog looks cute!

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