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Planning the ultimate Halloween costume is equal parts creativity and elbow grease. While getting yourself dressed up for a night of festivities is already fun, it’s always double the Halloween trouble if you grab your significant other (or besties). That’s right, I’m talking about getting your crafting on and putting together the ultimate couples costume. William and I have had our fair share of costumes over the years—you might remember our Mary Poppins and Bert costume or the time we dressed up as the tooth fairy and a dentist. The options are endless! If you need a little boost in the inspiration department, this post is for you. Today I’ve compiled a list of 10 wacky and creative couples and group costumes. So grab your beau or your closest friends and make this your favorite Halloween yet! Let’s get to crafting…

1. Golden Girls
If you’re a fan of the original girl gang, this Golden Girls costume is for you. All you need is your besties and your best Betty White impression. Take a note from A Beautiful Mess—these ladies really hit the nail on the head!

2. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy
You can now take your pizza obsession to the next level with this Halloween costume. Grab your significant other and recreate this tasty Studio DIY costume. Don’t forget to paint on your favorite toppings.

3. Magician and Rabbit
Halloween night tends to get a little chilly, so this next costume is the perfect way to stay warm and look adorable at the same time. Say Yes is getting me into the festive spirit with this magician and rabbit costume. Chances are you already have most of this costume in your closet already!

4. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
Can you say throwback? If the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake matching denim outfits are forever engrained in your brain too, then why not recreate them?JesseBof on Instagram grabbed her boy and executed this iconic duo perfectly.

5. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
Let’s face it, Harry Potter costumes will never get old. If you’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, put your wand and Gryffindor scarf to good use. Brit & Co. has devised the perfect Harry and Hermione costumes—all you need is Ron Weasley.


6. Doc Brown and Marty McFly
Hello, McFly! Go back to the future this Halloween with this dynamic duo costume idea. Friday We’re In Love has put together the perfect Doc Brown and Marty McFly costumes. All you need is a 1982 DeLorean, obviously.

7. Tooth Fairy and Dentist
One of my favorite costumes that I’ve created over the years is this tooth fairy costume. William’s dentist costume really completed the ensemble though!

8. Snapchat Filters
What kind of roundup would this be without a Snapchat inspired costume? The ladies behind Sunkissed and Made Up recreated Snap’s best filters (sans the dog one of course!). This is perfect as a couples costume or with a group of your favorite gals.

9. Birthday Girl and Piñata
This next costume idea is pretty darn cute. Because no party is complete without a piñata, bring your own to the Halloween festivities. This birthday girl and piñata couples costume from Brit + Co. will have everyone wishing they came up with this idea.

10. Wonder Woman and Captain America
Super heroes always make for a classic Halloween costume. Let out your inner Wonder Woman with this costume idea from You & Lu. Have your significant other dress as their favorite super hero and don’t forget to dress up your pup! I know that Chloe and Fitz always have their own costumes…

What are you and your significant other dressing up as this Halloween?

Let me know what your costumes are in the comments!


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