Best Halloween costumes for women & men of 2017

The time of the year has arrived when three types of attitudes emerge about Halloween costumes. While some people overflow with excitement, maybe even creating their DIY costumes months in advance, others are uncertain. For those dreading Halloween and the thought of picking out or creating a costume, there is hope.

Websites like and offer costume rentals that decrease the guilt of purchasing an overpriced costume, only to have it sit in the depths of your closet, never to be used again. Buying or creating a costume is also an option and despite the DIY reputation, it can be easy and affordable.

Convenient locations all over San Diego such as Party City and Halloween Spirit have really ramped up their costume selection this year, offering an array of extraneous items like hilarious super hero pet costumes. Trending costumes for adults are endless this year, from funny to dramatic. Group costumes are especially trendy and most categories can also be done solo by picking one character.

Here is a round of the Top Halloween Costumes of 2015.

Trending group costumes:

Star Wars

Star Wars is not only an enormous topic this year, what with the new movie emerging soon, but Star Wars is a classic. With rentals available online and in store at most Halloween store destinations, this costume idea is so simple and easily doable. Get your friends or family together and dress as Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, or any of the numerous characters the movie offers. We found this sexy Princess Leia at Party City.

Bad Blood Gang

Has Taylor Swift ever been as talked about as she was year? Her Bad Blood music video is the ultimate group costume idea. All of the characters in her video have their own theme and are all equally cool, making room to contemplate which friends would be assigned to certain characters. You’ll probably have to make your own, but there’s plenty of DIY tutorials out there to get your Bad Blood boiling.

Game of Thrones

If you have a flair for the dramatic, Game of Thrones offers so many characters that can be portrayed. Any medieval costume works for this idea and Halloween stores even have accurate character costumes to make it easy for you if you want to pay more attention to detail. This Jon Snow costume is available at Spirit Halloween stores.

Mad Max

A Mad Max costume will help you channel your inner post-apocalyptic god or goddess. Pair together leather, skull accessories, desert goggles, cuff bracelets, combat attire and create a wind blown look to execute this costume. If veering toward the ethereal look of the “Wives,” it’s as simple as purchasing some nude bandages to wrap around the body to create the look of a dress or set. We found some great ideas at Mad Max Costumes.

Solo costume ideas:

Superhero Costumes

As long as constant remakes of previous superhero movies and TV shows are being made, superhero costumes will not be out of style anytime soon. With male and female characters, this category is one that can be found anywhere. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cat Woman, and even couples costumes like Harley Quinn and the Joker will be thriving as usual this Halloween. Check out this Batman costume at Costumes Galore.

Learn to take a joke — defending ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes

Sure you want to get some laughs, but before you squeeze into your Sexy Donald or Sexy Hillary getup, ask yourself: Is my Halloween costume offensive?
Halloween gives those of us who aren’t comedians a taste of the tightrope walk we expect them to endure: We want them to be edgy enough to make us laugh, but if they’re a tad too edgy we’ll pound them on social media.
Comedians as varied as Gilbert Gottfried and Jen Kirkman have been targeted for blacklisting by the outrage mob. Even the sweetly inoffensive Ellen Degeneres recently felt the heat of the humorless. Our addiction to outrage can have a chilling effect not just on comedy, but on free speech and the wild and weird process that fuels human progress.

Thanks goodness for universities, those bulwarks against narrow mindedness.

The modern free speech movement erupted on the campus of UC Berkeley in the 1960s, the same time that comedian Lenny Bruce was fleeing to campuses to perform. Bruce’s racy act challenged conventional thinking on issues ranging from sex to religion, and cops arrested him repeatedly because he refused to fall in line. The open-minded campus scene offered Bruce a rare respite from censorship. How times have changed.

If Lenny were alive today, he could forget about performing comedy on the modern college campus. He’d be lucky if administrators would allow him to don the Halloween costume of his choice.

“Is your costume offensive?”

Administrators at Wesleyan University plastered the campus with posters posing that question and offering guidelines to help students make the “right” decision. “Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” Good news! The poster lists contact information for six administrators willing to offer guidance.

Rhodes College makes it clear that offensive costumes “will not be tolerated.” And how can good-hearted students be sure to avoid causing offense? Well, turns out they can’t because offendedness is a subjective concept.

Yet universities police even unintentional forms of harassment. UCLA temporarily suspended a sorority and fraternity because of allegations that some attendees wore blackface at a “Kanye Western”-themed party. There was no evidence of blackface, but several students dressed as miners with sooty checks in a dual reference to the 1849 gold rush and Kanye West’s song “Gold Digger.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reports that the “overwhelming majority” of colleges deny students basic free-speech rights. Today speech codes are commonplace and they punish students for everything from telling jokes to committing the crime of “inappropriately directed laughter.”

Instead of being taught that the messy clash of ideas generates knowledge, generations of students have learned they can silence ideas they don’t like simply by saying they’re offended. Too many of us leave the cocoon of college and continue to parade our offendedness in the real world.

And at first glance cracking down on offensive or hateful speech may seem like progress. Governments from Canada to Europe fine and imprison those found guilty of so-called hate speech crimes, and the “everyone else is doing it!” argument could pressure the United States to follow suit. Indeed today more Americans support hate speech laws than oppose them.

But from civil rights to gay rights, censoring offensive or hateful ideas doesn’t lead to progress. “There is only one way to counter bad ideas and it is with good ideas,” says Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution scholar and author of Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought. “You cannot do that unless you’re able to confront the bad ideas.”

Although he is also a gay-rights activist, Rauch does not even wish to censor the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, whose members protest public events armed with signs and slurs like “Fags are beasts.”

“I am actually grateful that the Westboro Baptist Church exists,” says Rauch. “They use their voices to demonstrate how pitiable they are and why gay people are making the better argument.”

“Hate speech” laws merely give more power to the powerful.

Whether it’s on campus or off, the people who get to define what’s hateful are the people who are in charge. Cops and prosecutors pounced on Lenny Bruce because his act offended conservative sensibilities (Christianity and the Catholic Church were frequent targets).

If hate speech laws had been in effect in the 60s, Bruce would have been hassled even more intensely. If they were adopted today, they would likely be used to punish speech that offends liberals. A President Trump would employ such laws to punish certain people, while a President Clinton would use them to punish other people.

A culture of censorship expands when the people allow it to expand. But we can all do our part to stand up for free expression. It involves everything from supporting open-minded colleges to refusing to be cowed away from that clever Halloween costume.

The Origins of Halloween: Seven Questions & Answers

There has always been a bit of mystery shrouded around Halloween. And, of course, that’s the way it should be. When talking about a day dedicated to things like ghosts and spooky costumes, there should be a little bit of confusion about just what we are celebrating, and why.

In this article, we are going to take a quick look at seven questions regarding Halloween.

#1 – Why do we wear costumes on Halloween?

This is a great question, as it is a bit odd to see millions of people – including plenty of adults – dressing up in costumes one day per year. There is no reliable record of the history of Halloween costumes, but it is believed to have been started when people would dress up in animal skins to calm the spirits around them.

#2 – Who started Halloween, anyway?

A common question, most people trace the roots of Halloween back to the Celts many thousands of years ago. Of course, the holiday looked a lot different back then, as the Celts believed that the dead could walk on the earth for this one day each year.

#3 – How did it come to be called Halloween?

Records indicate that this day was originally called ‘Samhain’, but it obviously does not go by that name anymore. What happened is a common story throughout history when cultures come together. Many holidays were blended together, and the day became known as All-hallows Even. Over time, that term evolved into the word ‘Halloween’ that we know today.

#4 – Where did modern Halloween costumes and treats come from?

As is the usually the case when looking at an American tradition, this all goes back to marketing. At some point, businesses realized that they could profit from this annual event, so more and more costumes and Halloween-specific treats began to appear on the market. Like anything else, this didn’t happen overnight – rather it developed over time until it landed on the tradition that it has become.

#5 – Why are pumpkins a part of Halloween?

Originally, carving vegetables was a tradition in Great Britain and Ireland, due to an old Irish myth which had to do with a man named Stingy Jack. Pumpkins didn’t break into this tradition, however, until it made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. One of the first indications of this being a part of the Halloween tradition was recorded in 1866, in Canada as opposed to the United States.

#6 – But why pumpkins?

The pumpkin might seem like something of a random choice as the eventual medium for Jack o’Lantern creation, but it makes perfect sense due to its size and shape. Pumpkins are easy to carve, they are large but not too heavy to lift, and they are affordable to purchase.

#7 – What is candy corn all about?

Our last question relates to the Halloween candy that you either love or hate. Some people can’t get enough of candy corn around the end of October, while others just want it out of their sight. It isn’t clear who invented this snack, but it did start to gain in popularity in the late 19th century. The tri-color design is the same as it was many years ago, although the method of production has improved dramatically.

The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Kids

The Halloween season is just around the corner and there is no denying that it is one of those holidays that require fun and creativity. The kids being in their cutest, most adorable costumes are the main highlight of it! On the day of this particular holiday, it is just very pleasing to see these cute kids knock on everyone’s door for some Trick or Treat! Wait, so you don’t have any idea what to dress your kid with? No worries because this article has got you covered!

There are just tons of fun Halloween outfits out there that your kids. You can definitely DIY some, while if you are feeling to spend some extra bucks, there are a million websites out there to bring you the best Halloween costumes for your baby. In this article, we have narrowed everything down to give you a couple of inspirations for your kids’ next Trick or Treat costume. Here are the Cutest Halloween Costumes your kids can definitely wear!

#1 Sweet Tooth Cotton Candy Baby

This is one of those adorable Halloween costumes that you can definitely DIY at home. We have come across this costume and we couldn’t take our eyes off of it! It is a cute burst of fluffiness in a sweet pastel pink color that is very eye-catching. If you want to be extra creative and add a bit more color, you can definitely mix the cotton up with more pastel shades like blue, yellow or violet. Talk about a walking eye candy!

#2 Funny Meatball Spaghetti Costume

We can’t help but laugh out loud when we have come across this costume on Pinterest. It is quite unique and very cute, don’t you think? Not to mention that this costume only requires affordable materials for you to do it yourself. It only requires yards of yarn for that crazy spaghetti strands, a Styrofoam ball for the meatballs and a low-rise pail! It is actually pretty creative but needs no immense time and effort to do. It would make a great Halloween costume for babies!

#3 Cutie Granny Costume

Dressing up youngsters as adults has always been a really fun theme for many. What more of you dress toddlers as grandparents! Heavily-printed dresses, buttoned knit cardigans, eyeglasses with pearl neck cords and funny permed wigs – there’s no better way to express cuteness in this. The highlight of the look is to feature grandma’s signature curled perms and for sure, your kid’s adorable look would be epic!

#4 Funky and Colorful Trolls

Trolls used to be perceived as creepy mythical creatures lurking from caves and they often have this image of being horribly ugly. That impression is long over now! Dreamworks’ 2016 3D animated film “Trolls” is definitely a movie that your kids will love. Apart from that, it will be also very fun to dress your children up in these colorful and cute trolls! Get them that vibrant and colorful wig that rises up high and they are going to have extra fun about it, no doubt.

#5 Walking Taco Costume

Another way to dress your toddler up for Halloween is to dress them in food! If you are tired of getting them into fictional characters, then why not transform them into your favorite food? This particular creative DIY costume we saw on Pinterest can’t help but make us burst in laughter and tears because of how cute it is! The toddler is dressed up in plain black tights and the taco design is only made from cutout felt paper. Well, it may seem like cutting those colored felt papers would take extra time, but by looking at the result, it is very much worth it! Definitely deserves a place here in this list, don’t you think?

#6 Cute Gumball Machine Costume

While everyone is dressed in zombies, fairies, Disney characters and ghosts, you can definitely make your precious toddler extra special by dressing him or her up into something unique – a gumball machine! Apparently, although this particular costume can be bought around the web, it is also very easy to make. Every kid loves a gumball machine and we’re pretty sure that if you dress your toddler as one, everyone is going to love him/her too!

#7 Cruella de Vil Villain Costume

Cruella de Vil is one of the most popular villains of all time. As the character who appeared in the 1956 novel by Dodie Smith, the evil villain from 101 Dalmatian is obsessed in fashion and animal fur! Well, dressing your child up with real animal fur isn’t necessary (and we want a cruelty-free ensemble)! You only need to play with black and white clothing, a black and white wig, red gloves and her signature long cigarette holder. To add to the fun, maybe you can dress your pet up as a Dalmatian too!

#8 Starbucks Frapuccino Costume

As everyone is obsessed with Starbucks’ frapuccino, we can definitely take a play on this coffee craze and turn it into a Halloween costume. Obviously, a lot of people have already jumped into this bandwagon but we still can’t help but include here in this list. It’s funny and cute at the same time! You only need a couple of materials that can help you assemble a life-size Starbucks cup and some felt paper to create ruffles for the frapuccino foam. Don’t ever forget the green straw!

We hope you had fun going through this list. Get yourselves ready up for Halloween and let your kids enjoy these creative and fun costumes you got for them! 


The best kinds of Halloween costumes are creative, fun, and made up of items you’d actually wear again! Get inspired with these 5 unique costume ideas made up of Soul Flower threads. May your Halloween be more treat than trick, buds! 


Simply Spellbound

Embrace the witch within you! Mix dark colors with muted prints to create an ensemble that’s as spooky as it is cute.  Add a hat, and broomstick to finish off the look. Features: Basic Organic Cotton Tunic Top, Electric Tie-Dye Wrap, Organic Funky Fleece Arm Warmers, Black Peacock Flare Pants.

Forest Faerie

A dash of pixie dust, and a spark of inspiration make this faerie costume truly enchanting. Pair nature-inspired items with whimsical statement pieces to create an outfit that will have you feeling magical all season long. Features: Basic Organic Cotton Tunic Top, Two Pines Organic Cotton Leggings, Ruby Tuesday Jacket, Garden Sprite Necklace.

Creative and Kind

Get your Picasso on with a unique artist costume! Wear a flowy kurta top with colorful leggings, then gather a couple stand-out accessories to up the quirkiness factor. Features: Mandala Organic Cotton Bandana, Oak Tree Earrings, Cream Open Shoulder Kurta, Tie-Dye Leggings.

Get Down at the Disco

There’s no decade quite like the 70’s…making it perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume! Boogie on in vintage roller skates, a psychedelic outfit, and funky wig! Features: Vishnu Hoop Earrings, 3 Strap Organic Cotton Bandeau, Retro Flowers Organic Cotton Halter Dress, Gold Criss Cross Cuff.

Purple Rain

I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain… Pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest artists with this simple, eye-catching costume. Features: Cleansing Amethyst Mala Bead Bracelet, Cleansing Amethyst Mala Bead Necklace, Women’s Eco V-Neck T-Shirt, Kind Vibes Tie-Dye Organic Cami, Positive Vibes Organic Stripes Tie-Dye Pants, Starshine Earrings.


Halloween is rolling around again and if you’re busy looking for the perfect outfit for trick or treat, help is at hand!

We’ve scoured our huge range of Halloween fancy dress to bring you a round-up of this year’s best Halloween costumes for kids. From spooky-cute witch costumes to skeletons and zombies, read on for our favourites!

Spell-casting cutie

Top of the list is Spell-Casting Cutie! It’s our favourite girls’ Halloween costume this year and a bargain at only £9.99!

Skeleton reaper

Next up is our new skeleton reaper costume! It’s more spooky-cute than scary and at £9.99 it won’t give your wallet a fright!

Zombie convicts

For something a little different, how about dressing your little ones up as zombie convicts? There’s a boy’s and girl’s version of this costume, making it a perfect group costume for siblings. And you can complete the costume with zombie-style face paint!

Pumpkin reaper

If you’re looking for an easy costume for your kids this Halloween, this pumpkin reaper outfit is the one for you! It comes with a cape, mask and scythe and it makes for a super quick change before going out trick or treating.

Miss matched witch

One of last year’s bestsellers is another one of this year’s favourites – Miss Matched witch! Perfect for pre-schoolers, this spooky-cute costume is bright, colourful and perfect for trick-or-treating!

Scared to the bone

If you and your child fancy going all out for Halloween, this Day of the Dead costume will be right up your street! And if you’ve got enough time to do some face painting before you head out trick or treating, have a go at this Day of the Dead make-up tutorial on YouTube channel!

Prombie queen

For a more glamorous than gruesome Halloween costume, try Prombie Queen! Perfect for tweens, complete this costume with messy hair and gaunt zombie face paint!

Ghost pirates

For something a little different, how about dressing up as ghost pirates? This a brilliant sibling Halloween costume and you can complete the scary look with pale face paint and fake blood!

Pretty potion witch

You can’t go wrong with a witch costume and Pretty Potion Witch is one of our favourites year after year! There’s even an adult version of this costume – perfect for mums and daughters who want to dress up as a coven of witches!

Zombie nurse

Last but not least it’s the zombie nurse! Perfect for kids who want a costume with a bit of gore, simply add pale face paint (with black around the eyes) and plenty of fake blood!

And that’s our round-up of this year’s best Halloween costumes for kids! Browse our full range of kids’ Halloween costumes or stay on our blog for more inspiration!

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow! For the holiday enthusiasts, you’re likely to have an exciting day filled with scary ghost stories, great parties and amazing sweets; from the candied corn to chewing on Cadbury treasures and indulging in the perfect sweetness of wine gums.

Did the 31st of October sneak up on you? Don’t worry, eDreams has you covered. If you’ve been too busy to plan for Halloween, here are a few last minute Halloween ideas to get you ready for the jolly festivities. Forgot to buy a costume? We have you covered there, too. Read on and learn how to make your own DIY Halloween costumes, from the items you will need to craft the costume to instructions on how to make it. Who is ready to be a vampire, minion, or zombie?

Halloween Schminke

All of the Halloween costumes we have featured are suitable for children , women or men. Get creative and adjust as needed, to ensure your costume is the best at the party!


Transforming into one of the small and funny little helpers of the lovable villain, Gru, from the movie ” Despicable Me ” is not only a very popular costume, but it looks great and children will love it, too.

What You Need:
– Yellow long-sleeved top, blue dungarees and yellow leggings or tights if needed.
– Yellow Hat
– Black gloves
– Black shoes
– Two paper cups
– A black headband
– Silver cardboard

How To Make It:
The signature Minion look starts with striking spectacles, of course. Take two paper cups and cut them lengthwise, so that they are the width of  two of your fingers. These  rings are your spectacles and should be glued  together . Use the silver cardboard, cut it and form two rings matching the size of the spectacles, and glue on one side of the cup rings . Take the headband  and glue it on to the outer sides of the cup so that the cups and wear your minion spectacles proudly!

Makeup Tip: If teh ladies want to emphasize their eyes so that  they are more visible in the spectacles, try using mascara or false eye lashes.

Couples Halloween Costumes

Planning the ultimate Halloween costume is equal parts creativity and elbow grease. While getting yourself dressed up for a night of festivities is already fun, it’s always double the Halloween trouble if you grab your significant other (or besties). That’s right, I’m talking about getting your crafting on and putting together the ultimate couples costume. William and I have had our fair share of costumes over the years—you might remember our Mary Poppins and Bert costume or the time we dressed up as the tooth fairy and a dentist. The options are endless! If you need a little boost in the inspiration department, this post is for you. Today I’ve compiled a list of 10 wacky and creative couples and group costumes. So grab your beau or your closest friends and make this your favorite Halloween yet! Let’s get to crafting…

1. Golden Girls
If you’re a fan of the original girl gang, this Golden Girls costume is for you. All you need is your besties and your best Betty White impression. Take a note from A Beautiful Mess—these ladies really hit the nail on the head!

2. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy
You can now take your pizza obsession to the next level with this Halloween costume. Grab your significant other and recreate this tasty Studio DIY costume. Don’t forget to paint on your favorite toppings.

3. Magician and Rabbit
Halloween night tends to get a little chilly, so this next costume is the perfect way to stay warm and look adorable at the same time. Say Yes is getting me into the festive spirit with this magician and rabbit costume. Chances are you already have most of this costume in your closet already!

4. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
Can you say throwback? If the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake matching denim outfits are forever engrained in your brain too, then why not recreate them?JesseBof on Instagram grabbed her boy and executed this iconic duo perfectly.

5. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
Let’s face it, Harry Potter costumes will never get old. If you’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, put your wand and Gryffindor scarf to good use. Brit & Co. has devised the perfect Harry and Hermione costumes—all you need is Ron Weasley.


6. Doc Brown and Marty McFly
Hello, McFly! Go back to the future this Halloween with this dynamic duo costume idea. Friday We’re In Love has put together the perfect Doc Brown and Marty McFly costumes. All you need is a 1982 DeLorean, obviously.

7. Tooth Fairy and Dentist
One of my favorite costumes that I’ve created over the years is this tooth fairy costume. William’s dentist costume really completed the ensemble though!

8. Snapchat Filters
What kind of roundup would this be without a Snapchat inspired costume? The ladies behind Sunkissed and Made Up recreated Snap’s best filters (sans the dog one of course!). This is perfect as a couples costume or with a group of your favorite gals.

9. Birthday Girl and Piñata
This next costume idea is pretty darn cute. Because no party is complete without a piñata, bring your own to the Halloween festivities. This birthday girl and piñata couples costume from Brit + Co. will have everyone wishing they came up with this idea.

10. Wonder Woman and Captain America
Super heroes always make for a classic Halloween costume. Let out your inner Wonder Woman with this costume idea from You & Lu. Have your significant other dress as their favorite super hero and don’t forget to dress up your pup! I know that Chloe and Fitz always have their own costumes…

What are you and your significant other dressing up as this Halloween?

Let me know what your costumes are in the comments!

5 simple DIY Halloween costumes

Written by Claire Schneider

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pick out this year’s costume! Here are five simple DIY Halloween costumes to help you use up those old moving boxes.

Barbie Box

Barbie themes are timeless and popular Halloween costume options. Why not take it a step further and create a Barbie box costume? You can scale it for an adult or child with the perfect Barbie clothes such as a cocktail dress, prom dress, or, our favorite, red cowgirl boots. For this costume you’ll need:

• A dish pack box (or wardrobe box for adults)
• Pink spray paint
• Printed Mattel & Barbie logos
• Decorative construction paper
• Tape
• Rope
• Box cutter
• Ruler
• Pencil


Step 1: Tape the top of the box. This will make it easier to cut out the front design.

Step 2: Sketch out the box design. Make sure to leave designated areas for the Mattel and Barbie logos.
Step 3: Use the box cutter to cut out the design and bottom box flaps.
Step 4: Take the box to a well-ventilated area to spray paint.
Step 5: Tape the Mattel and Barbie logos in their designated spaces.
Step 6: Line the inside of the box with decorative construction paper.
Step 7: Use rope to create straps to hold up the costume.

For a visual, watch our instructional video.


Your child will be zooming all around the neighborhood in this action-oriented airplane costume! With the addition of a hat and goggles, they will take on the look of a real pilot. There are many different airplane designs you can create, but we decided to go with the classic double fin model. For this costume you will need the following:

• 1 small and 1 large cardboard box
• Spray paint
• 4 wooden dowels
• Box cutter
• Tape
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Aluminum foil
• Rope

Step 1: Remove the flaps of the small box.
Step 2: Cut out two panels of the large box. Then you will need to trace an opening in the middle of both sections. Make sure the opening is a couple inches smaller than the small box. These are your wings.
Step 3: Take the remaining panels of your large box to trace and cut out your propellers. I decided to make mine with rounded edges.
Step 4: Take the box sections to a well-ventilated area to spray paint your desired color.
Step 5: Wrap your wooden dowels and propellers in aluminum foil for a cool metallic touch.
Step 6: Attach each piece using packing tape.
Step 7: Using the rope, create two straps that will hold up the costume.

This costume has a bit more detail. Watch our instructional video for help.

Dice Couple

Need a cute and clever couples costume? Here is a duo dressed as a Pair’o’dice living in Paradise. It’s simple to make and will catch everyone’s attention, especially as you roll down the street.


    • 2 large boxes
      • White spray paint or fabric
      • Black felt
      • Fun paradise themed decorations such as a grass skirt, flower lays, flowers, etc.

Frosted Flakes box

Want to coordinate costumes with your little one? Check out what this clever mom created for herself and her little tiger!


• Tiger costume
• Large cardboard box
• Baby carrier
• Black, orange, red, blue yellow and white felt
• Box cutter
• Letter stencils
• Rubber cement or glue



Is your kid a music fanatic? With a little paint, some artistic talent, and a few supplies found around your home, you can easily create an iPod costume for your budding musician.


• Medium-sized cardboard box
• Red and gray paint
• Box cutter
• Poster board
• Rubber cement or glue
• Plastic wrap
• Tape

Make it a shared ensemble and create giant head phones for an elaborate family costume like this dad did with his two sons.

Best Halloween Costumes for 2016

When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people in this world: those who dress as a zombie and those who somehow find a way to dress up as a one-night stand. Creativity is key when picking the custom clothing for a Halloween costume, and no one wants to see another scantily dressed bunny or guy wearing a Scream mask, so really, try to dig deep and think of something good else.

We all agree that there are thousands of articles on the internet about Halloween costume ideas, however, how many of them only gather the most creative ones all of them related to trending stuff that’s happening? Just this one!

Keep reading a you’ll find a nice selection of ideas based in things that occurred this year, and also some of the most amazing ideas from recent years!

Some of these are funny, some are trendy, and some are just plain weird, but they will all make you less of a bore at your next costume party. If anything else, being dressed as the rat that carried a slice of pizza down to a New York City subway is a great conversation starter.

2016 Halloween Costume Ideas

Jake from State Farm Costume

In case you haven’t seen the commercials, the Jake from State Farm ads are some of the best things television has ever given us. When an angry wife finds her husband on the phone late at night, she takes it from him thinking he is talking to another woman. Demanding to know what the “woman” is wearing, Jake awkwardly replies, “um, khakis.” This hilarious TV spot has gotten people’s attention, to the point where people have dressed as Jake from State Farm for Halloween. This is sure to give people a laugh, and show that you can be a little creative this year.

Deadpool Costume

In the R-rated super-hero hit of the year, Ryan Reynolds plays a badass, lighthearted, and sarcastic antihero. Accompanied by his dark sense of humour, he attempts to seek revenge on the man who disfigured him and win back the girl he had fallen in love with. Drop the cliché Superman and Batman costumes, and dress as this amazing character this year. Cynicism not included.

Donald Trump Outfit

Personally, I feel like the election going on in the United States right now seems more like a bad reality TV show than a crucial presidential election. And as the main catalyst in this hurricane that is somehow being calling an “democracy,” Donald Trump deserves to be parodied. Dress like him this Halloween and have all your friends laughing. After all, someone has to make America great again, right?

Ghost from Game of Thrones

I myself have never watched Game of Thrones, (please don’t crucify me), but I would have to be a hermit to not know how popular the show is. I would be a rich man if I had a nickel for every time I got caught in a heated conversation about the HBO show, during which I feel as if I am in another country where I don’t speak the language. If you are a normal person and avid watcher of the show, unlike me, then you know about Ghost, who is Jon Snow’s dog. He would make a great costume for any Game of Thrones lover. And if you are lucky enough to have an albino dog, beard, and long hair, you and your dog can make the perfect costume pair.

Snapchat rainbow filter DIY costume

Snapchat has been a go-to social app for a couple years now. Personally, I communicate more with the picture and video sharing app than I do over text or god forbid an actual phone call. Call me a millennial, but I think that apps like this are the future of communication. The geniuses over at Snapchat recently added the facial filters that have become endlessly popular. One of these is the odd but funny filter that makes it look as if you are vomiting up a rainbow. Somehow decided to make this odd filter even stranger and funnier by turning it into a real costume, achieved with some careful makeup work. Nothing is more 2016 than this.

The AT&T Girl

The faces of the most popular commercials nowadays have become household names. Flo from Progressive, Jake from State Farm, and now Lily from AT&T. Unsurprisingly, Lily is not her real name; the bubbly character is played by actress Milana Vayntrub. Still, people have developed a cult-like following for he. Grab yourself a button down, wig (if you have short hair) and a name tag, and easily be the most creative one at the party.

One Night Stand Guy

In the age of Tinder and all sorts of other excuse to avoid real face-to-face communication, it is almost impossible to avoid the hook-up culture that has engulfed modern society. I think that we are all familiar with the infamous “one night stand,” that is usually the outcome of this faceless communication. Keeping up with the times, someone had the bright idea to turn this encounter into a Halloween costume, but you can tell your friends you came up with it anyway — they won’t know.


I’m not sure how the phenomenon began, but all of a sudden it seemed as if everyone was obsessed with Sriracha hot sauce. The sauce comes from Thailand originally, and is meant for seafood, but I have seen people put it on every type of food you could possibly think of. Go the extra step, and be a bottle of Sriracha this Halloween.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a witty, sci-fi animated comedy from the genius minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. Those who watch the show are hardcore fans, and those who don’t, don’t even know it exists; it’s that kind of show. This a costume that requires a buddy, but if pulled of right you will light up the party. One person must be taller than the other, and the blue hair might be tough to pull off, but no one said looking good was easy. Flask is optional.

Star Wars BB-8 Drone

After a ten year hiatus, the seventh instalment of the Star Wars franchise called The Force Awakens was released to great appraisal by both critics and fans in late 2015This movie, and the upcoming two that will make up the third trilogy of the series, have followers ecstatic. In case you haven’t seen the film, it introduces a bunch of new characters including a new drone called BB-8 which has become a favourite. Of course, the toys and controllable robots followed and it got me thinking that it would make a hilarious Halloween costume.

Unsurprisingly, people have already thought of this, but it’s still a great option. Plus, what are the odds that someone else at your costume party had the same idea? Bonus points if you’re a kid, because the costume works much better.

YouTube Video

Want to turn your night into a live movie where you are the star? Try dressing up as a YouTube channel, and you can turn your dream into a reality. One example includes a guy who got real creative, and ambitiously titled his video, “Drunk guy makes out with hottest girl at party.” This is a great way to have all your friends laughing, and it’s a pretty easy DIY costume to pull off if you don’t want to go costume shopping.

The Brexit Costume

If Donald Trump is coming, then the Brexit shouldn’t miss the party.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill is the classic millennial date. In this age where real dates are a rare or nonexistent occasion, streaming House of Cards and making popcorn is considered romantic. Choosing an activity as an inspiration for a Halloween costume rather than a person or thing allows you to be very creative.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

The Most Interesting Man in the World, also known as the Dos Equis guy, retired from his role this year. Actor Johnathan Goldsmith was sent off to Mars in his final commercial spot, but his character still remains a household name. Get either a fake beard and a wig, or grow the characteristic grey beard and hair yourself, and you have yourself a great Halloween costume. Oh and make sure to have a Dos Equis in your hand to fully complete the look. “Stay thirsty my friends.”

The Pokémon Master, AKA Ash Ketchum (or any of the 150 Pokémon)

I can tell you won’t probably be the only one but hey, it’s seriously competing with Donald Trump and the Brexit for being the thing of the year.

Apart from these ideas, we want to show you some of the coolest ideas from last years we could recicle this Halloween!


The Dress

Was it gold and white or blue and black? It might just remain a mystery, but now you can confuse Halloweeners all over with this costume.

50 Shades of Grey

As much as some of you want to get all dressed up in BDSM, we are keeping it PG with this satirical version of the book. If you have humour on your side, this is the perfect Halloween costume for you.

Or simply grey

There’s no way to be more creative than this. Everyone will want their photo with a Photoshop effect in real life, who wouldn’t?


Grumpy Cat

Though apparently this cute grumpy creature was born in 2013, it was just this year when the most adorable cat in the planet has become an Internet star for good. We’re all a bit grumpy cat deep inside, aren’t we?

Rocket Man

Alright, so maybe this Halloween costume idea is not that related to 2014 as the previous ones, but it’s definitely one of the most creative and eye-catching of them all, isn’t it?