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Achieving a gothic make-up look can be difficult for a lot of people. Although it looks that classic gothic make-up does not need much, there is a lot that you need to do to achieve the perfect gothic look. You cannot just use black color for everything and some gothic jewelry if you want a gothic look. You need to delve deep in the world of goths to know exactly what you need. However, if it is not possible for you but you would still want some classic, fashionable, and cool gothic make-up look then, we have got you covered. You can scroll down to find a list of five gothic makeup ideas that you can easily follow to get the perfect gothic look that you have always wanted. So, stop waiting and start doing that awesome make-up that will turn you into a gothic goddess:

  • For a classic gothic make-up look, you need to try this idea as soon as possible. It features simple make-up that has not-so simple powers. Although it is not too much, it can certainly make all the people turn their heads for it is oh! so good. For this look, you can use black lipstick that is a staple if you are a fan of gothic make-up. For your eyes, you can start with black eyeshadow as the dominant color and then, blend rust color with the black edges. Middle part your hair, wear a cool pendant, and you are ready to win hearts.
  • If you want to achieve a glam gothic look but want to try something other than black, then you can definitely use this gothic make-up idea. For this look, you need to get your hands on some plum and maroon lipstick and then blend them together on your lips to achieve the ideal color. You can add some gloss to your lipstick as well. For the eyes, start with black eyeshadow as the base and then, blend the edges with plum eye shadow. You need to blend the plum color well so that those veins under your eyes can pop out and add more authenticity to your look. Yu can also create some faux veins to add extra magic. Don’t forget to wear that stunning choker to go with the look.
  • For a very pretty pink gothic look, this make-up idea is perfect. If you are someone who loves gothic style but, you are not too fond of black, then you can always choose the trendy instead of the traditional. For this make-up look, you need to start with your eyes by blending two different shades of pink together to get the ideal eye shadow. Complete the eye make-up with black eyeliner to make them pop out. You can use pink lip gloss for the lips for a subtle shade. Afterward, you need to add some pink blush to your cheeks that blends with your eyeshadow. Now, the most important part that makes this make-up look gothic is the dead eye lens! After you are done with your make-up, you need to use dead eye lens to complete your overall look. You can also use some thick eye lashes to add to your style.
  • For a bewitching and classic gothic make-up look, you can follow this make-up idea. It combines two favorite colors for gothic make-up, that is, maroon and black. For the lips, you can start with maroon lipstick on the lips as the dominant color and then cover the edges with black lip color. You need to define the outline of your lips neatly, using black lip pencil to maximize the gothic effect. For the eyes, use maroon eye shadow as the main color and then blend black with it to achieve a super trendy look. You can also use eyeliner to bring out the shape of your eyes. To complete your style, you can also use some make-up to enhance the shape of your forehead and use contour to bring out your cheekbones even more to match with your gothic style.
  • In order to achieve a trendy gothic look, you can follow this gothic make-up idea. For this look, you need to use jet black lip color for your lips and then finish it off with some clear lip gloss to add some shine. For the eyes you can use bright orange as a contrast with the black color to bring out your gothic look nicely. Add some peachy blush to your cheeks, some golden highlighter for added brilliance, and some cute freckles that will make you look super fab. To add more to your gothic make-up, you can use some accessories as well. For this look, you can use a nose ring for your septum piercing.


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