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San Francisco police recovered Olympic athletes’ clothing

San Francisco police have taken back two expensive garments and a pair of ice skates belonging to the US Olympic figure skater Marissa Castelli.

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When Castell and her parents visited San Francisco last week, these items were stolen during a car accident last week.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, police told Castellet on Wednesday that they found her skate and Halloween Costumes Outlet ice skating dress, each worth over $ 1,000.

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On January 8, she and her parents had lunch in the Japanese city of San Francisco, when a thief broke into their car and stole several pieces of luggage.

Castelli competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and was the 2017 National Silver Medalist in the United States.

San Francisco, bothered by car theft, reported more than 30,000 last year, a 24% increase over 2016.

Strange thing, the crown, the assassination of Jenny Versace, and why is the best fashion television from the past era?

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Last week I watched an episode of “Bachelor” (which could be “hate to see” as a better term), but the most astonishing thing I’ve seen is not that Annaliese collapsed from a traumatic bumper car. This is fashion. In the first appointment with another girl, Becca, Arie, she was surprised by her private engagement with Rachel Zoe. The stylist’s designer made a brief guest appearance and helped Becca try a dozen glittering, seventies-style gowns – and finally, Arie announced that she had everything saved. Later, he was nowhere else to pull out a huge box, revealing a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos emitting five inches. At dinner, he told her to keep the diamond earrings “borrowed” from Neil Lane. And they say money can not buy love!

Of course, this pile of designer gifts has nothing to do with the plot, but for the “bachelor” it is a new feeling. (My theory is that producers are trying to relate these young women to fashion brands early because most of them become “style influencers” at the end of the show). However, what struck me most is that there is nothing to do with fashion in 2018. Bachelor and single girls have 35 seasons combined and they are one of the most popular shows ever. You do not expect them to have at least one basic understanding of what is fashion?

Obviously not. I can even say that most of the Cheap Halloween Costumes you see on television today can not reflect modern fashion. For starters, the “fashion TV” era is over, with the exception of “reality show” such as “Project Runway” and “Next Top Model”, even those series are also jumping sharks. When Christian Siriano won the “Project Runway” project in the mid-1990s, all the fashions were about charms, red carpet dresses, and runway shows. Needless to say, it has become more casual since then. The girls are investing in hoodies instead of party dresses, while designers perform shows on the streets. More importantly, fashion has become more accessible. As early as the early 1990s, the premise of Fashion House was to give you an insider’s perspective, who brought you backstage to Stephen Sprouse’s new series, and before you can find the stories online , To show you Naomi Campbell’s beauty procedures. But in 2018, the best way to discover what people are wearing or what’s going on Fashion Week is on Instagram, not on television.
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Of course, the exception is if you want to see the fashion completely from another era, be it the eighties or the nineteenth century. Now many of the best television shows are over: Victoria began in 1837; the fantastic Lady Messer In the fifties, the second season of The Crown took place in the 1960s, with luminescence and unfamiliar things in the 1980s Tonight, the assassination of Jenny Versace: the American crime story will recreate the late 90s. You can not talk about these shows without talking about clothes. Maybe your friends are addicted to Nancy’s cute style in strange things, or they are drawn to Victorian clothing. The fashion industry is curious about The Assassination of Gianni Versace and how to pay tribute to the designer’s iconic and highly influential collection. (Vogue’s Laird Borrelli-Persson recently digitized Gianni’s final show if you wanted to preview it.) Originally, since the house was not involved in the production of this series (and was explained twice based on the book on which it was based) The division did not have the luxury borrowed from the archive; they traced the original 90s at consignment stores or reality copies.
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When the plot around Jenny was murdered more than his fashion influence, the assassination came just as the 90s had a fever. Nostalgia is the driving force behind all these shows, so it is no surprise that they made the best outfits; we’ve written down fashion obsession with the past, and if you’re looking for inspiration in sewing, you’re in the crown “Find it, not” None. ” In fact, the only place you actually see the “now” fashion is E! Red carpet coverage, but never out of touch with the Cheap Halloween Costumes we actually wear. Perhaps the real problem is that today’s fashion is made up of two extremes: You’re not wearing a fashion celebrity at the awards ceremony (or on Instagram), or you’re a “real person” in sportswear. Where is the middle? Maybe this also returned to these nostalgic TV shows. Nicolas Ghesquière showed a “stranger” T-shirt at the recent Louis Vuitton show, which was a clever styling trick at the time, but it might simply outline how most women now relate to fashion And where do they find their inspiration.

Stunning African futurist “Panthers” costume designer

Ruth E. Carter did not even see the game in the Marvel’s Black Panther movie, the first legend in Game 4 of the Finals. “I do not know when the trailer will fall, so I had to quickly turn on the TV.” The short film was only two minutes away, but it triggered a fanatical interest in the forthcoming superhero movie, Veteran franchises like Spider-Man and Superman have been struggling to keep up – thanks to Carter’s Oscar-nominated fashion design skills.

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Drawing on the traditional Wholesale Halloween Costumes of the Masai, Tuareg, Turk, Xhosa, Zulu, Suri, and Dinka people, Carter created an ancient Uganda-Ugandan society with a very deep history in Africa Fictional technology – futuristic African countries – but feel breathless contemporary. Think Lupita Nyong’o, dressed in a complex beaded armor and gold neck ring, recalls those worn by Ndebele women in South Africa, but equipped with deadly weapons made of Vibranium, a powerful metal Wakanda tremendous wealth and technological advantages.

Or, in the words of a fan: “These Wholesale Halloween Costumes are definitely the most ferocious eye-catching outfits in superhero movies! E-VER!”

Not surprisingly, people want to know who is the person in charge. Carter recalled: “I just started noticing a series of tweets to ask me questions, so I did not really start answering.” That’s more and more … “(This preview trailer on YouTube has been Over 34 million times.) She found himself standing in front of the television and stood up and made a dozen or so. “I like it, wow, it’s great, they really like the Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Carter said that she added 2,500 new Twitter followers overnight – and she saw people drawing some detail on every screen of the movie,

Costume design is one of the hidden art in Hollywood. Most viewers will never register for a movie that truly dresses in their costumes – the designer’s job is to make the director’s vision a reality, not to create a spotlight or obscure the actors’ costumes. On the other hand, people noticed this immediately when there was a flaw in the design of the garment, such as the rubber nipple on a Batman suit.

During her thirty-year career, Carter designed everything from Selma to Shaft to rom-coms (Love & Basketball). She runs from Halle Berry to Samuel L. Jackson to Eddie Murphy. Now she’s making the Panthers, the first miraculous superhero movie starring black actors (Chadwick Bossman) and the first film directed by the Negro (Ryan Kuggler) . She said: “I’m proud that my career has been moving in that direction.” I always wanted to be part of a culture that represents blacks. ”
When Carter grew up, she accompanied her mother to New York to travel and saw some creative black plays, such as for suicide colored girls / rainbow and mum, I want to sing! On Broadway. She said: “I even fell in love with fashion design before I realized it was costume design.

At Hampton University, she practically designs garments and volunteers to make clothes for every show and musical. As a Los Angeles-based young theater designer, she met Spike Lee, then-emerging filmmaker, and signed for Daze School clothing – the birth of an ongoing partnership that has seen her In his movies, including Malcolm X she wants to get it.

“When I got a job with Malcolm X, the first thing Spike told me was:” Do not think about winning an Academy Award or other similar awards, it’s just doing what you do. Do what God has given you. Carter was nominated for the Oscars, but lost her son Akira Ishiguro in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.5 Five years later, she was nominated for Steven Spielberg Amistad, “but was taken away by Anne Roth, a British patient.
Carter will not waste time worrying about what will happen. She said: “I’ve been a member of the college for 25 years.” Even though I was inside, I never felt like an insider. I feel like an outside person. ”

Instead, she was even more excited about Hollywood’s seemingly finally better memo. She said: “I work in the college’s diversity board.” Now, I think we’ve started to see more diversification … Some time ago, they gave Spike Lee an honorary Oscars. Ava DuVernay and her accomplishments are accepted and acknowledged. They include more people of color each year. ”

Still, she said entering the track of “Marvel Studios” is “very daunting.” Miracle Studios is a large movie production company that has invested more than $ 13 billion in 17 films worldwide.

“This is a vast world I am unfamiliar with,” she said of the miraculous world. “My learning curve is huge about this story … but when it’s all over, I realized that I followed my instincts, my instincts, my passion, my pride, and I Love of clothing, and put all these things that project I gave them – I think – not the same as before.

She is designing a super-heroic epic of nonviolent history just like she did with films: research and teamwork. The Hollywood Report reports that Carter is in charge of a team of five illustrators, 14 designers, fabricators, jewelry makers and more. Research travel in Ghana and South Africa stems from textiles and inspiration, and references to fashion from Yves Saint Laurent and Issey Miyake.

“People need to look, see, and relate to it,” she said. “So, even if it’s a wonderful place, and it’s Wakanda and Marvel, we want people to say ‘yes, that’s what I envision, that’s my queen.’

The queen she refers to, of course, is Angela Bassett, who plays the stepmother of Panthers T’Challa. Carter, speaking about Oscar-winning actress, said: “I put on her how Stella got back to her and she dressed me like Tina Turner, and in the Panthers she was Vankanda Queen. “She is too luxurious, she’s fine. She is one of my favorites. ”

However, this is a new experience, allowing her to see people in Wholesale Halloween Costumes playing an even cinema-less role. Carter said: “This is a proud experience, because I think we have created a mentality.” Carter said in February before the film’s enthusiasm for the release.

“Now, when you see a girl at a grocery store, a post office, or anywhere, she’s wearing some big African air pants and her head wrapped up and you’re not going to say ‘what the heck is that?'” That’s Wakanda. That’s the Panthers, “although it’s a make-up place, at least it gives people an idea of ​​the diversity in Africa and Africa.”

In the assassination of Gianni Versace, the costume helps to tell the story

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In the Pantheon, which prevailed in the 1990s, the Versace name surpassed all other styles after a baroque sensual and celebrity flash, countering the ten decade decade of decadence and minimalist trends. In Bold Mode, the Golden Medusa Coat of Arms, almost no dress Gianni Versace wears celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and featuring supermodels, including Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, are A joy. On July 17, 1997, Versace’s Miami Villa steps up, the joke was unfortunately strangled by when the crook turned into an avid killer, Andrew Cunanan, a fatal blow to the designer.

“The American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace” (released on FX on Wednesday, January 17) tells the story of Kuna Nan’s lethal rampage and eventually takes him to Versace’s house. Chronicle television critic David Wiegand has acclaimed critics of the series. Style watches the first eight episodes of the limited series, focusing on whether actor Ryan Murphy and his long-time fashion designer Lou Eyrich correctly understand the fashion story of this era.

In the early days of the series, Cheap Halloween Costumes we saw the re-creation of Versace’s runway show and peeking behind the back of Jeni (Edgar Ramirez) with his sister Donatella (Penelope Cruz). An example is the liquid gold glut in the heyday of Versace, who told his sister that he wanted to create “happy” clothing instead of fashion stars Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, Popular moody collection. Knowing what’s coming, his collection’s prosperity is even more troubling.

In a later episode, we examine the creative relationship between siblings more closely as they co-operate with Donatella’s clothing for the 100th anniversary of 1993 Vogue. The result is a re-creation of real black leather shackles, a luxury shackled dress that creates a red carpet feel in the press, similar to what Gianni’s golden safety pin-up model Elizabeth Hurley models a year after “Four Weddings and A funeral “premiere. This is Donatella’s black leather jewelry dress, a symbol of a creative appearance. Versace’s time is real, from the speed-worn chain-print Speedos worn by Jenny’s boyfriend Antonio to the refreshing uniform worn by the villa’s attendants. The bright sunshine of Michael and Milan illuminates these scenes, making Versace’s floral prints and shining hardware even more prominent, especially compared to the (metaphorical) darkness of the world of Darren Criss.

In The Assassination Assassination of Versace, the “Criss” transition from the genial “Glee” singer to the abusive liar got a great deal of help in Eyrich’s costume, and he saw him shifting from preparing school uniforms and mall basics For the “American Maiko” in the Wan Wan Wan ordered to see the ever-present metal wire glasses. Of Murphy’s three anthologies, Eyrich’s work is essential for rebuilding the world every season, whether it’s the Gothic theme of Murphy’s “American Horror Story” or the “2018 Feud: Bette and Joan” Hollywood glamor.

She did not just see the big picture, she used clothes to promote the story. Eyrich’s concern with Cunanan’s men’s pursuit of identity, whether it be a pair of Ferragamo slip-ons or a Rolex watch, is used to attract potential romantic partners / victims and drive narrative. Cunanan pretend and social climbing will not have the same credibility, if not for how he alleviates the way into his victim’s world with his charm, look and dressing. Eyrich’s wardrobe concept is often not just recreated, but rather exaggerated and restrained to promote narrative world-wide interpretation. The soft, earthy colors worn by Cunanan’s older, affluent gay men, considered by potential prey to capture the subtly as a brief glimpse of Club Fashion in the 90s, wrap Miami Gay scene.
The collaboration between Eyrich and Murphy over the years has been well recognized and in 2017 a special exhibition called “Terror Style” was held at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills to celebrate their collaboration on the American Horror Story. Although panic is more about suspenseful varieties and supernatural forces in “Assassination of Gianni Versace,” Eyrich’s Cheap Halloween Costumes is essential to keeping the strain on one of Versace’s iconic dresses.

“Black Coffee”, Long Beach Mainstage Theater

This is a domestic quarrel with global influence. Although it involves an international conspiracy, its tone is domestic and intimate.

In 1930, an outstanding physicist’s library was 25 miles outside London. A stolen formula – gasping! – An atomic bomb said the murder of a physicist. Leadership abound. An Italian doctor, because he is a suspect of foreigners. Physicist’s son’s inferiority, hopeless cash. The connection between his wife and international espionage is unclear. The physicist’s personal secretary also smug things for his own benefit. What is motivation? Usually – love, money, prestige and blackmail. opportunity? A ton

Only one person can take these loose clues, literally and figuratively, by the name of a picky Belgian detective called Herkli Poirot. He performed gloriously at Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee, directed by Mitchell Nunn.

Call it English programs, thrillers, love stories, romantic comedies. That’s all but, most people think this is a fantastic product.

For the beginning, this is the setting. Thrust phase makes us tap in the middle of the action. We appreciate the perfect costumes during the period (Donna Fritsche, Halloween Costumes Outlet Design) and set (Greg Fritsche, set design). Music (‘Phie Mura, sound design) adds hope and threat. The room is more than just a stage, it’s the space we share with the actors as we watch the show.
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However, in most cases, this is acting. Nun’s actors and directors are very flexible and inspired. First, he makes the character a reality. Second, his character pairing creates an unforgettable work.
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Richard Amory of Patrick Peterson, the son of Claud Amory who just died, took into consideration his father’s Fame is appropriate behavior. He worked hard to serve his exotic foreign-born wife, Jessica Plotin. Lucia, in Croatia, is also grown, but for different reasons. The environment led us to think that she fell in love with others; but that was not the case. Dr. Carlyle of Henry Weaver is someone else. He has luggage, but we do not know what it is like. Maybe blackmail, maybe international terrorism. Is he even a doctor?
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David Vaillancourt is Poirot’s partner. He is also one of the most unlikely comedy combos. He is well integrated with Barbara Amory (Hayley Jackson).
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And Hercule Poirot by Rick Reischman. His character is profound. He is meticulous with David Vaillancourt. He has business with Japp Inspector (John Russell). He is not willing to suffer ignorance (Dr. Carrelli and Sir Claude’s personal secretary Edward Reno-Lee Samuel Dann). But his best moment was his character – his eyes were tolerant. The stream of consciousness of Caroline Amory (Martha Duncan) chatter, Sir Claude’s sister
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Prior to James Bond, there was Herak Polo. A man’s chance of dying (a blunt instrument, as Daniel Craig put it, as Judy Dench put it) a human brain’s brain can hardly solve a crime like a computer problem. Until recently, I still liked Bond because he used the name of global interest in the name of just, intelligent violence. However, the present world is Poirot.
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The show starts at 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 2 pm on Sunday, January 21. The show lasted until February 2018. Tickets are $ 14 – $ 24. The Theater is located at 5021 E. Anaheim Street in Long Beach, California.

Meet Robert Cannon at CDO High School

KGUN 9 At your side, the Arizona Athletics Team is proud to be nominated for the 2017 Circle K Outstanding Senior School Teacher Award.

Meet Robert Cannon at Canyon Del Oro High School. Mr. Cannon teaches theater art.

“I like busy, no two days is the same, they are different, they are eager to get ready, want to do the project work, want to keep busy.

Cannons are passionate about drama and his students do not get enough classes.

Mr. Cannon said: “Some children are actually going to school for my class, just make me feel great.

Behind the scenes, you will find a lot of props and a lot of Halloween Costumes Outlet.

Cannon said: “There are wigs, ties and belts on shelves and shelves worth 40 to 50 years.

These Halloween Costumes Outlet are not only used in the classroom. Mr. Cannon has several plays each year that keep his students busy.

Mr. Cannon said he is honored to be the final nine nominees for the 2017 Circle K of the Year’s Best Teacher Award.

Cannon said: “It’s great to be recognized. I am very grateful to my headmaster for naming me. I was surprised that it was great. I’m just a dramatist.

This plus size clothing designer is redefining role play

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In theory, role play means embracing all the different characters and appearances. But women with more curves tend to find themselves in the suburbs.

Cin’Von Quinzel walked by Cintia Castro, said: “I can not find everything I want, so I have to start to do as a large cosplay lover, many clothing size is not large, when she Trying to find the style of clothing that you make often does not include guidance for larger sizes.

This prompted her to become a self-taught designer, made creative Halloween Costumes Outlet and won her a woman, including many other women and men of color.

She said: “This is to regain this power, to give it to women, when we have chosen sexy, I think it is superb.”

Havre de Grace store showcases movie costumes from “The Hunger Games,” “Beautiful Creatures,” and more

John Klisavage began collecting Wholesale Halloween Costumes from a series of famous films at the beginning of the 21st century in order to better connect with the movies, which are loved by most of his adult life.

“Clothing is the actual performance of the movie itself,” said the 63-year-old boss of Washington Street Books and Music. “Clothing can make or produce a movie.”

His affinity for cinema and clothing has given business owners a host of impressive, original outfits from the most famous movies of our time, from “notebooks” to “hunger games.”

Klisavage estimates that he has more than 350 outfits in more than 150 films. In January of this year, he will show about 25 works in a two-month exhibition, highlighting some impressive costumes, and will focus on 2013 by Amy Rosen, Emma Thompson and Viola Davis starred in the movie “beautiful creature.”

Kressavic said his love of the movie started in the 1970s when he was traveling from sea as a merchant at sea.

“It’s sort of like reading a good book, it took me to a good place, I contacted the movie strongly,” he said. “This will take me home.”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes are one way he can relate to those wonderful memories.

He said: “When I bypassed them, it was like reconnecting movies that saved my life.” I was brought back to love, sympathy and heroism. ”

Klisavage chose “beautiful creatures” for his show because it is one of his favorites.

The film was filmed in New Orleans and lived until the early 1980s. In addition, clothing is a huge draw.

“I’m in love with the costumes. The pieces are beautiful. They are perfect,” he said.

Beauty’s products include Victorian-style brown and gold tassels and embroidered dresses, Thompson’s noisier, petticoats and hoops skirts worn in movies; Rosimel’s purple and green paneled skirts look like a “peacock Dispatch of wigs, “according to Krzysztof, as well as Haiti-style beige green dresses worn by Davis.

Cathy Vincenti, executive director of the Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce, has been working with Klisavage for the past two decades.

“When it comes to small towns and small businesses, we see a lot going and John has always been the staple of the community,” she said. “His job is fun and fun, and we watched his children grow up there.”

Vincenti, who has held positions for the past 17 years, has been visiting stores in Klisavage for many years.

She said: “You get a unique experience each time you go there.” He is an asset to Harvard Grace Grace’s business community. ”

Vincent looks forward to this exhibition.

She said: “What John did is really great.” I was impressed and marveled at how he had been able to do it with Havre de Grace. It is really fun to go there, bring your kids and grandchildren, look at the costumes you’ve seen in theaters. ”

Klisavage said he is collecting his collection by joining an online forum, priced between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 each, dedicated to buying and selling movie costumes and meeting a variety of filmmakers.

He said: “This is a lot of networks,” he added, adding that he would not reveal his exact trade secrets. “I went to the auction house, where buyers and sellers could be filmmakers, performers or movie fans.

Patience is also the key.

“In some places it takes two to three months for your clothes to be delivered,” he said in a release story about how he delayed a month’s exhibition due to shipping problems. “You do whatever you get and I become very patient. Some works take two to three years to get it. It’s like everything in life and sometimes it’s good for you. In the case of transportation, sometimes it’s Do not.

But once he received the clothing, it all deserved, he said.

Each costume tells the story of Klisavage.

For example, in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook, Rachel McAdams wore a simple light blue chiffon dress in a deleted scene, decorated with hand-stitched roses – on Marilyn Monroe’s Large posters near the store placed in the middle. “He bought the dress from a Maryland friend who gathered his clothes.

Kressavic surprised by the size of the piece.

“She is really young,” he said. “I was surprised how small she was and I put the dress on a 12-year-old mannequin.”

Halle Berry, gorgeous rust and gold-clad floor robes in 2012’s science fiction film “Cloud Atlas,” is located near the store’s classic bookstore.

Klisavage bought the garment in 2016 from a German dealer, originally from an auction house in Europe.

The exhibit also includes a case in the 2015 movie The Last Knights, a purple and gold ombre robe decorated in gold and a moody Navy quarter-three chiffon dress with embroidered flowers.

Clipsavi was able to get these pieces from California in 2015 at the premiere of the movie.

He said: “A lot of things happen when clothes are sold before or after a movie is released because movie studios do not know what the box office looks like.” “They’re also trying to clean up warehouses. Storage is very expensive. The idea is Reduce the costs associated with this. ”

Overall, Klisavage has about 10 complete outfits from that movie. He plans to revolve around the future of the exhibition.

The store also includes a 20-foot-long display case with eight pieces of clothing from The Hunger Games near the science fiction zone.

Klisavage was able to buy these garments in 2014 from a large California auction house, including clothes worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz.

Lauri Orzewicz, tourism manager for Havre de Grace, said Klisavage’s business is a platform to attract tourists to the city.

“It will definitely bring people back to town and see what he offers, which is great from a travel perspective,” she said. “If you walked into his store, you had at least an hour.He had a lot of history about the city.His store was evolving.He had a wealth of knowledge.He was very passionate about him.He just liked to show off to him. The monitor. ”

According to Orzewicz, one of the biggest attractions of Klisavage’s apparel specializing in the last seven years is clothing.

“He’s been in these garments all the time, like putting on these garments, which is great,” she said.

This 25-year-old enterprise, which will be celebrated in May, has evolved from a photographic studio to the present, with the exception of signature music memorabilia, recordings, rare cartoons and first edition books.

6,000 square feet of space is full of discoveries. An additional 1,200 square feet are used for storage and staging.

He smiled and said: “If you’re really hooked, it’s horrible.

Klisavage did not stop.

“I bought another thirteen on five or six different movies on weekends,” he said with a laugh. “If she finds out, my wife will shoot.”

The “Greatest Performers” costume goes eternal, but the appearance of history

Wholesale Halloween Costumes
In the new musical “The Greatest Performers,” the rise of P.T. Barnum and mass entertainment not only has thematic but also modernized message on clothing.

Hugh Jackman plays the role of Zac Efron, his former commander, as his business associate, the pink Zendaya playing the Swarovski crystal in this parable Flying artists, about family, adventure and social acceptance of the value. And, not by chance, a great wardrobe value.

To create an eternal but historic appearance, Ellen Mirojnick, a veteran fashion designer, uses her experience as a men’s wear specialist (she plays Wall Street, Instinct and Behind Candlestick wearing Michael Douglas) “Chaplin”).

In a recent interview with Beverly Hills, Mirojnick spoke of the whirlwind production, her inspiration, and the vivacity of the red and gold Lord of the Rings jacket.

Hugh Jackman starred P.T. Barnum – along with Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zedaya – “The Greatest Cast”.

You won another great performer, Liberace, who was acclaimed and rewarded for the theme of “Candelabra Behind.” Is this actor similar?

It’s interesting. Perhaps this is the only fate of my life in cooperation with the greatest actors. But I had dreamed of it since I was 5 and was taken to the theater in New York. I’ve always loved musicals, my biggest hopes, my dreams and my dreams are always being a musical. I’ve done some of them, but the experience is the same as the other. I will say that changed my life.

Director Michael Greci what instructions are you?

Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz and Rebecca Ferguson as Wholesale Halloween Costumes sketches for Lord Leeds, Jenny Lind and Daniel Everidge as the film’s “Greatest Actor”.
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
He said: “I do not want it to be period-centric, but I hope it feels as if it was being taken away from fashion editorials.

How did you fix it?

We think this happened “long time ago.” The details of the period from 1845 to 1870 are not 100% accurate. No hoop skirt. No shirt. why? Because we suspended suspicion. We have done a romantic we have done the classic. And we have done very beautiful. In this way, it is very free to create a story full of these wonderful people who are not subject to time constraints.

The film’s scope is enormous – from New York post-civil war streets to Queen Victoria’s court, tour through the world, then behind Barnum’s booming circus world. Can you break the task down into numbers?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
In my 16-week filming, I designed 321 major Wholesale Halloween Costumes that can be disguised as a variety of characters, including 400 circus spectators, 22 acrobats, children who grew up in the production process, hundreds of junk Of the public; and a large group of royal guards. More importantly, these characters include a three-legged man, a 7-foot-5-inch giant, a 4-foot-2 Napoleon, and a commander in 25 full-length costumes.

All of Barnum’s clothes are incredibly elegant – sweet cashmere coats, rich velvet suits and perfect silk asters. But his red leader jacket is a showstopper. What is that story?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
All of his conductor’s orchestras are made in New York, and I and Barak Stribling, a man of the great 25 years. This is the most magnificent coat in the world. In wool and silk, custom buttons, gold bars and embroidered B letter combinations. This is to cut off his body, designed to allow him to move in any way possible. I’ve seen many actors become the essence of character [in costume]. However, the way I’ve never seen before changed Hugh. He slowly put on his clothes and P.T. Barnum was born when he was wearing a red jacket.

As Barnum’s first wife’s charity, Michelle Williams has an eternal experience with her closet that can accommodate any number of golden or modern movies. What do you want to wear?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
I think charity is a fairy tale princess, but live a real life. Michelle is so delicate, feminine and beautiful, with no one about her. These are exquisite colors, exquisite fabrics, very soft, smooth shape. She is pure sweet but touchable.

You talk about this movie, make these clothes, for you is very extraordinary. How could this be?

When I say this changes my life, it does. I have been doing it for a long time. I have done many different genres and shows. This changed my life because my intuition must be kept at the highest level. Due to immediacy and time constraints, I can not guess myself again. This is a real life and moment of creation. did not think of. This is pure creation.

Grassroots Shakespeare brought Rome and Juliet to SCERA, 1 / 17-20

When Romeo appears on Cheap Halloween Costumes the stage at the SCERA Art Center later this month, he may pass the famous “light through the window,” by looking directly at someone in the audience. Romeo hopes he or she will answer that “Oh, that’s Juliet’s light. You’re lucky. You almost reached her home.”

That is because “Grassroots Shakespeare Company” uses this technique in the early 17th century with a stage technique called “Romeo and Juliet.” Inspired by Shakespeare’s original stage skills, the company will showcase the classic story of two celebrity lovers and their families.

That means, among other things, the audience is encouraged and even expected to voice their approval or disapproval, boo, boo, and other statements about the story unfolds on the stage.

Four nights in a row, Romeo & Juliet will be held at the SCERA Art Center at 745 S. State Street, Orem, Oregon, Wednesday January 17 to Saturday 20 January. The performance will start at 7:30 pm with an adult ticket of $ 12, a children’s ticket of 3-11 and an elderly ticket of $ 10 over the age of 65. All seats are reserved. Group discount of $ 20 or above 6 tickets can be purchased in advance by nonprofit groups and church groups (no refund or exchange).

According to the original practice, this is a non-director’s play. Actors cooperate and provide insights and ideas as the actors observe their actors in the scene.

Aubrey Wilde, managing director, explains: “Encourage everyone to provide advice when things are not going well in the scenes.” In this sense, everyone in the cast is a director who encourages the stage People on the try new ideas, and then the actor evaluates whether to include.

She added: “You will not find a lot of subtext, because we use Shakespeare’s words, only those words.” We believe Shakespeare wants anything, he wrote it in the script. ”

Many of their shows are from “hypothetical” exploration. “For example, if we do not make balcony scenes,” Wilde explains. “How does this affect the sense of drama? Why first on the balcony? Or, if they had kissed earlier, what to do?

Wilde adds that sometimes the actors are ready for their great ideas and goals, but sometimes someone will make a suggestion. “Someone might ask if a particular scene will be easier or provide another idea. Often we see we’re injecting new energy into a show. It’s a fun process.

While companies are auditioning, they often use veterans in their characters, and SCERA’s performance will showcase experienced grassroots favorites. Often these clues are in the same part of the year. Wilde once played Juliet, but when she was pregnant, she handed over the character to Merry Magee, who now plays Juliet.

In addition, the real prototype, the actor brings his own Cheap Halloween Costumes and props. In Shakespeare, players often performed on their own clothes instead of relying on a clothing store.

Lucas Adrian Buchanan is Romeo’s main actor. Other players include Chris Hults, Jessamyn Svensson, Steven Pong, Daniel Whiting, Jessica Jean Myer, Archelaus Crisanto, Brandon Bills, Nick Grossaint, Jarrith Parker McCoy, AJ Taysom, Robert Starks and Addison Blakely Radle.

Grassroots Shakespeare started in Orem in 2009 when a group of Utah Valley college students and some Brigham Young students wanted to perform. They got ladders and curtains from their parents’ garage and put their money into production for the first time. Several UVU professors help students tour the entire state of Utah. Through donations, grants and promised professors, players have had a successful season. They especially thank Christopher Clarke, who helped share his love of Shakespeare and taught them the original approach, and Kate McPherson also helped them get a lot of money so they could build their first set.

The company has a staff overseeing the company, in addition to Aubrey Wilde, including Nick Grossaint’s art director; Drew Wilde as marketing director; Brooke Bolick as development director, and apparel supervisor Daniel Anderson. Their focus is on strict adherence to the original text, while making children, adults and the elderly happy, understandable and easy to read.

Wilde said: “We made” Hamlet, “and a child approaching the stage was as indulging as her parents in the next row, behind her grandparents.” This is a typical example of our performance. ”

Now preparing to celebrate their tenth season this summer, Shakespeare’s Wilde said: “Throughout the summer they set the stage in the park to find indoor venues in Utah and Salt Lake County during the cold months.” Initially, Students formed the cast. “But freshmen have joined us as we grow older and some of our former students have started up their own Shakespeare’s roots in NSW and this is one of the things that helps us at the heart of both the university towns where we have professors Audition, a decade after we are very pleased to have a very good age difference, if we want, we can install “King Lear”, the age can be appropriate. “” We are pleased to provide a Shakespeare education and pleasure Experience, SCERA President and CEO Adam J. Robertson said: “They usually show” Romeo and Juliet “on Valentine’s Day so it fits perfectly with our calendar.