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Wholesale Halloween Costumes
In the new musical “The Greatest Performers,” the rise of P.T. Barnum and mass entertainment not only has thematic but also modernized message on clothing.

Hugh Jackman plays the role of Zac Efron, his former commander, as his business associate, the pink Zendaya playing the Swarovski crystal in this parable Flying artists, about family, adventure and social acceptance of the value. And, not by chance, a great wardrobe value.

To create an eternal but historic appearance, Ellen Mirojnick, a veteran fashion designer, uses her experience as a men’s wear specialist (she plays Wall Street, Instinct and Behind Candlestick wearing Michael Douglas) “Chaplin”).

In a recent interview with Beverly Hills, Mirojnick spoke of the whirlwind production, her inspiration, and the vivacity of the red and gold Lord of the Rings jacket.

Hugh Jackman starred P.T. Barnum – along with Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zedaya – “The Greatest Cast”.

You won another great performer, Liberace, who was acclaimed and rewarded for the theme of “Candelabra Behind.” Is this actor similar?

It’s interesting. Perhaps this is the only fate of my life in cooperation with the greatest actors. But I had dreamed of it since I was 5 and was taken to the theater in New York. I’ve always loved musicals, my biggest hopes, my dreams and my dreams are always being a musical. I’ve done some of them, but the experience is the same as the other. I will say that changed my life.

Director Michael Greci what instructions are you?

Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz and Rebecca Ferguson as Wholesale Halloween Costumes sketches for Lord Leeds, Jenny Lind and Daniel Everidge as the film’s “Greatest Actor”.
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
He said: “I do not want it to be period-centric, but I hope it feels as if it was being taken away from fashion editorials.

How did you fix it?

We think this happened “long time ago.” The details of the period from 1845 to 1870 are not 100% accurate. No hoop skirt. No shirt. why? Because we suspended suspicion. We have done a romantic we have done the classic. And we have done very beautiful. In this way, it is very free to create a story full of these wonderful people who are not subject to time constraints.

The film’s scope is enormous – from New York post-civil war streets to Queen Victoria’s court, tour through the world, then behind Barnum’s booming circus world. Can you break the task down into numbers?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
In my 16-week filming, I designed 321 major Wholesale Halloween Costumes that can be disguised as a variety of characters, including 400 circus spectators, 22 acrobats, children who grew up in the production process, hundreds of junk Of the public; and a large group of royal guards. More importantly, these characters include a three-legged man, a 7-foot-5-inch giant, a 4-foot-2 Napoleon, and a commander in 25 full-length costumes.

All of Barnum’s clothes are incredibly elegant – sweet cashmere coats, rich velvet suits and perfect silk asters. But his red leader jacket is a showstopper. What is that story?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
All of his conductor’s orchestras are made in New York, and I and Barak Stribling, a man of the great 25 years. This is the most magnificent coat in the world. In wool and silk, custom buttons, gold bars and embroidered B letter combinations. This is to cut off his body, designed to allow him to move in any way possible. I’ve seen many actors become the essence of character [in costume]. However, the way I’ve never seen before changed Hugh. He slowly put on his clothes and P.T. Barnum was born when he was wearing a red jacket.

As Barnum’s first wife’s charity, Michelle Williams has an eternal experience with her closet that can accommodate any number of golden or modern movies. What do you want to wear?
Wholesale Halloween Costumes
I think charity is a fairy tale princess, but live a real life. Michelle is so delicate, feminine and beautiful, with no one about her. These are exquisite colors, exquisite fabrics, very soft, smooth shape. She is pure sweet but touchable.

You talk about this movie, make these clothes, for you is very extraordinary. How could this be?

When I say this changes my life, it does. I have been doing it for a long time. I have done many different genres and shows. This changed my life because my intuition must be kept at the highest level. Due to immediacy and time constraints, I can not guess myself again. This is a real life and moment of creation. did not think of. This is pure creation.


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