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John Klisavage began collecting Wholesale Halloween Costumes from a series of famous films at the beginning of the 21st century in order to better connect with the movies, which are loved by most of his adult life.

“Clothing is the actual performance of the movie itself,” said the 63-year-old boss of Washington Street Books and Music. “Clothing can make or produce a movie.”

His affinity for cinema and clothing has given business owners a host of impressive, original outfits from the most famous movies of our time, from “notebooks” to “hunger games.”

Klisavage estimates that he has more than 350 outfits in more than 150 films. In January of this year, he will show about 25 works in a two-month exhibition, highlighting some impressive costumes, and will focus on 2013 by Amy Rosen, Emma Thompson and Viola Davis starred in the movie “beautiful creature.”

Kressavic said his love of the movie started in the 1970s when he was traveling from sea as a merchant at sea.

“It’s sort of like reading a good book, it took me to a good place, I contacted the movie strongly,” he said. “This will take me home.”

Wholesale Halloween Costumes are one way he can relate to those wonderful memories.

He said: “When I bypassed them, it was like reconnecting movies that saved my life.” I was brought back to love, sympathy and heroism. ”

Klisavage chose “beautiful creatures” for his show because it is one of his favorites.

The film was filmed in New Orleans and lived until the early 1980s. In addition, clothing is a huge draw.

“I’m in love with the costumes. The pieces are beautiful. They are perfect,” he said.

Beauty’s products include Victorian-style brown and gold tassels and embroidered dresses, Thompson’s noisier, petticoats and hoops skirts worn in movies; Rosimel’s purple and green paneled skirts look like a “peacock Dispatch of wigs, “according to Krzysztof, as well as Haiti-style beige green dresses worn by Davis.

Cathy Vincenti, executive director of the Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce, has been working with Klisavage for the past two decades.

“When it comes to small towns and small businesses, we see a lot going and John has always been the staple of the community,” she said. “His job is fun and fun, and we watched his children grow up there.”

Vincenti, who has held positions for the past 17 years, has been visiting stores in Klisavage for many years.

She said: “You get a unique experience each time you go there.” He is an asset to Harvard Grace Grace’s business community. ”

Vincent looks forward to this exhibition.

She said: “What John did is really great.” I was impressed and marveled at how he had been able to do it with Havre de Grace. It is really fun to go there, bring your kids and grandchildren, look at the costumes you’ve seen in theaters. ”

Klisavage said he is collecting his collection by joining an online forum, priced between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 each, dedicated to buying and selling movie costumes and meeting a variety of filmmakers.

He said: “This is a lot of networks,” he added, adding that he would not reveal his exact trade secrets. “I went to the auction house, where buyers and sellers could be filmmakers, performers or movie fans.

Patience is also the key.

“In some places it takes two to three months for your clothes to be delivered,” he said in a release story about how he delayed a month’s exhibition due to shipping problems. “You do whatever you get and I become very patient. Some works take two to three years to get it. It’s like everything in life and sometimes it’s good for you. In the case of transportation, sometimes it’s Do not.

But once he received the clothing, it all deserved, he said.

Each costume tells the story of Klisavage.

For example, in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook, Rachel McAdams wore a simple light blue chiffon dress in a deleted scene, decorated with hand-stitched roses – on Marilyn Monroe’s Large posters near the store placed in the middle. “He bought the dress from a Maryland friend who gathered his clothes.

Kressavic surprised by the size of the piece.

“She is really young,” he said. “I was surprised how small she was and I put the dress on a 12-year-old mannequin.”

Halle Berry, gorgeous rust and gold-clad floor robes in 2012’s science fiction film “Cloud Atlas,” is located near the store’s classic bookstore.

Klisavage bought the garment in 2016 from a German dealer, originally from an auction house in Europe.

The exhibit also includes a case in the 2015 movie The Last Knights, a purple and gold ombre robe decorated in gold and a moody Navy quarter-three chiffon dress with embroidered flowers.

Clipsavi was able to get these pieces from California in 2015 at the premiere of the movie.

He said: “A lot of things happen when clothes are sold before or after a movie is released because movie studios do not know what the box office looks like.” “They’re also trying to clean up warehouses. Storage is very expensive. The idea is Reduce the costs associated with this. ”

Overall, Klisavage has about 10 complete outfits from that movie. He plans to revolve around the future of the exhibition.

The store also includes a 20-foot-long display case with eight pieces of clothing from The Hunger Games near the science fiction zone.

Klisavage was able to buy these garments in 2014 from a large California auction house, including clothes worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz.

Lauri Orzewicz, tourism manager for Havre de Grace, said Klisavage’s business is a platform to attract tourists to the city.

“It will definitely bring people back to town and see what he offers, which is great from a travel perspective,” she said. “If you walked into his store, you had at least an hour.He had a lot of history about the city.His store was evolving.He had a wealth of knowledge.He was very passionate about him.He just liked to show off to him. The monitor. ”

According to Orzewicz, one of the biggest attractions of Klisavage’s apparel specializing in the last seven years is clothing.

“He’s been in these garments all the time, like putting on these garments, which is great,” she said.

This 25-year-old enterprise, which will be celebrated in May, has evolved from a photographic studio to the present, with the exception of signature music memorabilia, recordings, rare cartoons and first edition books.

6,000 square feet of space is full of discoveries. An additional 1,200 square feet are used for storage and staging.

He smiled and said: “If you’re really hooked, it’s horrible.

Klisavage did not stop.

“I bought another thirteen on five or six different movies on weekends,” he said with a laugh. “If she finds out, my wife will shoot.”


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