How to Wear Sweatshirts in 5 Modern Ways

Sweatshirts are one of the trendiest clothing during the fall and winter season because of the versatile style that allows you to match it with almost any outfit. Wearing a sweatshirt during the winter season will help you stay warm in the cold. You can style a sweatshirt in many different ways that give a different vibe to the outfit to make it look more stylish and fashionable

Simple and Casual Look

Do you want to feel comfortable and stylish in your everyday wear? Wearing this casual get-up is popular because of how comfortable it is to wear. This attire is so comfortable that some people wear this while dancing or even while working out. Look stylish with this casual outfit that allows you to wear it in any season or occasion.

Punk Style 

Spice up your looks with this attire that looks edgy and stylish that’s popular in the winter season. Matching your sweatshirt with a biker jacket gives your simple look a modern and unique style. This outfit is trendy among young people because of how badass it looks. You can wear this get-up on any occasion because this clothing is fashionable wherever you go.

Chic Get-up

Slay with this outfit that’s going to look fashionable and stylish on any occasion and season. You can also add some knee socks to keep your thighs warm in the winter season. Wearing a sweatshirt with a mini skirt give you a vibe of femininity and casual that will look cute and stylish, but adding some booties can make your outfit look modish and sophisticated.

Voguish Attire

This look is excellent to wear when working because of its semi-formal look that will be great to wear. Wearing this attire gives you a unique vibe that looks very modern and stylish, and pairing it with leather boots will give the outfit a sophisticated and more style to the clothing.   

Elegant and Feminine Look

Look low-key edgy and elegant at the same time by mixing this clothing. Start it with a basic sweatshirt that looks simple and versatile to match the Satin pleated skirt that will give you a classy and voguish vibe. To complete the outfit, wear leather ankle boots to make it look slightly edgy and stylish.
Be extra and fabulous by wearing your sweatshirt in modern ways that will look modern and voguish where ever you go. A sweatshirt is a basic piece of clothing that you can wear almost anywhere because you can create many different looks that can give off different styles and vibes that allows you to wear it as part of your daily look. For more fashion info, please click this link

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5 Popular Leggings, Look Very Natural!

A great, simple way to “reinforce” your fall or winter outfit is to add a pair of sleek leggings. Despite the love/hate reputation among fashionistas, leggings are able not only to warm up your outfit but even to give it a whole new character. If you love the idea, but can’t seem to find the best way of styling leggings, then you might need some fashion help. Are you ready to begin? Then here are our top five popular leggings picks, that look very natural, and feel warm and comfortable. Give them all a try, and decide which variant you are going to settle on.

If you still try to tame the rebellious, grungy side of your personality, then a pair of classic faux leather leggings will help you to embrace this side of you completely. Style them with an oversized, wide-shoulder blazer, and a pair of combat boots. You can’t find a more stylish, yet comfortable outfit for every day.

We bet, you have never thought of it, but you can wear a pair of thick leggings underneath a see-through, long skirt. And, by the way, It is a great way to substitute good-old pantyhoses. Leggings are going to toast your legs up even better, than pantyhoses, and you don’t need to worry about flashing out more than you expected.

Combining your oversized winter sweater, with high boots, and warm leggings is a classic worth mentioning in today’s list. Your style can’t lose if you are opt-out of this trustworthy outfit. How do you like the look of white, brown, and black? It is just a classical combination, that fits everyone without exceptions.

If you don’t welcome boredom in your life, but always go for the brightest, edgiest look, then our next pick is for you. Without any doubts, this coral-pink legging are neck-twisting, but to make the whole outfit work as one, perfect ensemble, we recommend you to wear the same-colored turtleneck underneath the jacket, or blaze of your choice. For your feet, wear ankle-boots, white or black.

Today’s top five wouldn’t be complete, without at least one outfit, that features a pair of cute, printed leggings. And here they are, black and white leggings with an attractive, geometric print all over them. Such leggings will go well with many clothes: black or white sweater, black boots, sneaker, cardigans, and other basic clothes you already have at your disposal.

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Do you have problems when you are supposed to create an outfit for the day? You ususally make a perfect combo but something always seems to be missing? Those would probably be accessories. If you would like to find out more about those, see some examples and hear a couple of advices than you should definitely continue reading this article.

Creating a perfect outfit sometimes simply doesn’t seem enough. In order for your look to be complete, you should definitely add up some accessories. And today we are talking specifically about statement accessories. Statement accessories would be the kind of accessories that are absolutely the first thing on someone’s outfit.

For example if you are wearing an all black outfit and you pair it with a red bag that bag would be a statement accessory in that case. Statement accessory doesn’t neccesarily have to be about color. Huge chunky earrings would also go under a category of statement accessory.

It all depends on you and your taste and of course your outfit. But, have no doubt that accessories absolutely complement your outfits in the majority of cases. They are more or less like a cherry on top. Today we would like to present to you a couple of statement accessories that we have found online in different webshops:

PRETTY LITTLE THINGS HUGE GOLDEN EARRINGS – When we talk about statement earrings this what we mean. There is no way for these ones not to be noticed. These earrings pretty much would be a perfect accessory to add up to those simple monochrome outfits.

ANTHROPOLOGIE NECKLACE – There isn’t a more beautiful thing than a little black dress and statement necklace or any kind of classic simple dress actually. Sometimes when you wear a really simple dress and you don’t know how to combine it all you need to do is to throw on a statement necklace like this one.

CHANEL BELT – Is there a better statement belt than a Chanel belt? This one would be especially good for all of you who like pearls.

GUCCI SUNGLASSES – We all need a pink view of the world sometimes and this statement Gucci sunglasses would help you out with that.

SHOPBOP STATEMENT BAG – Statement bag is something every girl should have in her closet. It is a huge accessory that usually gets a lot of attention so it is good to invest in that accessory. For more fashion info, please click this link



Hello to all of you fashion lovers out there! As you can see, the main subject of today’s article are boots! We know that us women love heeled boots but today we wanted to write about comfortable boots that will keep you warm during long and cold winter days. Of course, if they are comfortable it doesn’t necessary mean that they don’t have to be stylish. On the contrary, we found some really stylish and trendy examples to show you. Here is our choice and don’t forget to leave your opinion about these ones:

INC FAWNE RIDING LEATHER BOOTS, CREATED FOR MACY’S – Riding boots are a must in every woman’s closet. It is not an absolutely trendy piece right now, it is more like a classic piece that is always cosidered to be a good choice. These ones have round toe and inner zipper so they are pretty comfortable to put on and take off. Obviously they are made of leather and they have manmade sole.

DR. MARTENS JADON II VEGAN WOMENS BLACK MONO BOOTS – Dr. Martens is already a well-known brand and people usually associate it with high-quality boots. They are known to last for years and years.

BALENCIAGA STRIKE 20MM LACE- UP BOOTS – These ones are similar to Dr. Martens’s boots but are far more elegant because of the leather texture. Ok, we don’t consider them to be elegant but they are more elegant than previous ones.

GIVENCHY BUCKLE STRAP COMBAT BOOTS –  Is there actually any need to say how popular these boots are? Well, if you live under a rock and you haven’t heard how popular combat boots are than you better hurry up to the closest shop and purchase a one pair for yourself.

FENDI ROCKOKO BOOTS – Designer logos were SO popular last season that you could have seen them basically everywhere, but we consider that some designer logos are eternal ( like the Fendi logo above ). But be careful too many logos can look a bit tacky.

How did you like our choice of boots? We wanted to show you some classic pieces but trendy boots as well. As you could have probably noticed chunky boots are a huge trend this season. The positive thing is that they are also comfortable. Feel free to tell us your opinion. We can’t wait to hear it. For more fashion info, please click this link



A new year is here and it also brings with it new trends when it comes to fashion.  Besides getting your hands on the latest trending clothes, you may also want to upgrade your shoe closet.  Shoes are timeless and those must be part of your basic wardrobe.  With so many types of shoes in the market, it can be challenging to find the right pair for yourself.  Whether they are for work, casual wear or home, it is important to buy the right shoes that will help you feel your best.  Wearing the right shoes can affect your whole body, and not just your feet.

Are you looking to give your shoe wardrobe an update? Ahead are some factors to consider when buying women’s shoes so that you can find the best fit for your foot.


Many people would first focus on the shoe style when they shop for shoes.  It is important to learn what the different types of shoes are and their function.  There are flats, high-heels, kitty heels, sandals, sneakers, mules, loafers and more.  Some of these shoes are casual shoes and are great for casual outings while some shoes are more formal for work and special occasions. Each shoe style also has different varieties like heeled mules, flat mules or wedge sandals and flat sandals.  Before purchasing your shoes, you have to know the function to which you will the shoes.  This will help you to narrow down your options.  There are various shoe types available and it is important to select one that will suit you and your lifestyle.   If you intend to wear the shoes to a formal function, then formal shoes will be ideal.  Heels and pumps are great to wear to work whereas flats, wedge or kitten heels are ideal for daily wear.


The most obvious factor is to buy comfortable shoes that fit properly.  However some women may overlook this when they see a pair of shoes that is a must-have regardless of whether it is their correct size or not.  It is important not to jump into buying a pair of shoes just because it is on sale and the price is right.

Shoe Brand

The workmanship of the shoe is also one of the important factors when buying shoes.  Well established brands offer many benefits and you can rest assured that you are getting quality footwear.  An innovative shoe brand will manufacture good products using good materials.


The price of shoes can range widely and that depends on the brand, quality, design and more.  When buying your shoes, you have to factor in the cost and the quality of the shoes you are getting.  Always remember that expensive does not necessarily mean better.

Shoes must be chosen with great care. Since you will be wearing them for more than half of your awake-time every day, it is important to buy shoes which have the right balance between look and comfort both.   Pick shoes that make your feet happy and are good for your overall health. For more fashion info, please click this link


Choose Best Waist Trainer suit Your Body Shape

Are you in search of the best waist trainer for weight loss? Girl you should not worry because this is your lucky day! Lover Beauty is here to help you out.

Waist trainers actually originate from a corset. Well, they are actually like a modern version of a corset. Today we see a lot of celebrities posting their pictures on Instagram wearing different kind of shapewear and wearing shapewear is usually associated with that perfect hour glass figure.

There are some  styling tips regarding waist trainer which we consider you should know so here they are:

be aware of the materials

make sure it has a positive feedback before you buy it ( user experience)

there isn’t such a thing as the immediate solution so you do need to wear it on a regular basis

when it comes to styling there isn’t much to say because they are practically invisible and they don’t compromise you daily outfits, the only thing you should pay attention to is getting the right size of course!

track your progress of course! It will push you to go forward.

Loverbeauty Neoprene Sweat Embossed Waist Trainer

This waist trainer features steel bones support to waist and abdomen. What is special about this waist trainer is that it has a beautiful flower print so besides losing weight you will also get to look amazing and feel super confident while wearing it.

Loverbeauty 2 in 1 Sweaty High Waist Adjustable Thigh Trimmer – this shaper is made of double- layer composite neoprene. Its’ main functions are: sweating, waist trainer and thigh trimmer.

Loverbeauty Tummy Control Body Shaper Women Shapewear Shorts

 This shaper is special because it consists of 10 flexible steel bones which are added to provide strong support on your back and waist. The zipper closure has a small buckle on the top to reinforce it.

Loverbeauty Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher This tummy control shaper consists of elastic mesh and high elastic lining. The upper part has a W- shape design for chest support. It also has nine steel bones support back and waist and firm compression for tummy.

Loverbeauty Latex Hooks Closure Waist Cincher with 2 Belts – This waist trainer is supposed to help you burn fat and it reduces your abdomen and waist Comfortable Black Plus Size Latex Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Best Selling.

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Is one of your New Year resolutions to get dressed more often and keep up with the latest look? Or are you interested to know what trends you would likely see all over Instagram and also to boost your mood?  Well, if your answer is yes, then there is good news.  Fashion people everywhere are wearing the latest maxi dresses trend.  This silhouette is not only comfortable but is also endlessly chic.   Maxi dresses offer more coverage than the standard dress.  Whether it is styled with strappy flat sandals or velcro sport sandals, maxi dresses are the perfect summer trend that is instantly polished.  Well actually, they are good in Spring and Fall as well because you can add an oversized cardigan when the temperature dips in the evening or night to keep you warm and comfortable. Ahead are 5 maxi dress trends that are trending in 2021.

Babydoll Dresses

The babydoll dress is definitely a throwback trend of the moment.  This dress trend has made its way back onto runways this season.  Flounces, balloon sleeves and airy volumes are going to be huge. Add one or two easy and breezy dresses to your cart.  These dresses will take you all way through next fall too.

Tropical Print Dresses

One of the most sought after style for summer, tropical print maxi dresses can take the obsession with leafy plants to the next level.  Bring a little bit of joy to everyday dressing pair this H&M dress with simple sandals and chunky gold earrings.

Open Back Dresses

Skin is in for Spring/Summer 2021 as shown in a myriad of styles and silhouettes in SS2021 collection.   Backless dresses are one of the most captivating dress trends this season because they are so subtle and yet striking. Whether you are choosing a delicately tied straps or backs that are wide open, backless dresses are just perfect for the warmer months ahead.

Maxi Sweater Dress

While there are a few top notch dress trends entering the spotlight this season, there is one style that take the prize for being the comfiest and chicest.  It is none other than the sweater dress.  Knitted fabric is cozy in nature and it is one of the most versatile staples for fall because you can pair a neutral sweater dress with just about any pair of shoes like knee-high boots, slip on mules or even sneakers.

Cut Out Dresses

Cutouts were all the rage last season but for this year, you will be seeing more skin-exposing holes concentrated on the sides of the body.  Maxi dresses with side cutouts were spotted all over the SS2021 collections and definitely take a simple dress up a notch.  Put on a cutout maxi dress for an alluring touch. It is a fresh silhouette to sport in 2021.

These above 5 maxi dress trends are bold, big, statement-making and most importantly, they are comfortable to wear.  For many who are now working from home via Zoom, these dresses are very on-trend and perfect as work-from-home dresses.


5 Tips For Matching Suitable Hoodies

Many of us are spending more time working from home, practicing social distancing or self-quarantine.  Since most of us are at home, we are probably in our comfortable loungewear all day.  With comfy attire taking over our lives since last year, hoodies have become a modern-day wardrobe staple.  Some people may find hoodies to be too frumpy but the comfy layering piece is far more stylish than it once appeared to be.  This comfortable classic is not going anywhere soon.  Not only is this attire exclusively for lounging around the house, hoodie is very versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

The hoodie is one piece of clothing that can be worn whether it is snowing or when the weather gets chilly during the summer months.  There are many cozy and stylish options this season and there is always room to incorporate a hoodie into your look.  Whether you plan on dressing up by layering it under a blazer or a statement coat to keep you warm or a casual look by pairing it with matching sweats, you will definitely want to wear them somewhere besides sitting on your couch.  Many fashionistas are getting creative with their hoodies and putting together outfits that are on-trend, chic and comfortable.  Ahead are some hoodie looks that illustrate the many hoodie possibilities.

Hoodie and leather pants

The leather pants add a sleek and edgy vibe that instantly updates even the most basic plain hoodie.   Pair this look with sneakers or strappy sandals and a satchel bag.

Hoodie and Long Skirt

Take your basic black hoodie up a notch by styling it with a long ruffle skirt. Tuck it into a  skirt with a belt or pouch that will cinch in your waist, and add some lace-up combat boots to complete the look.   This look is good for office wear as well. Just add a super pointed-toe pump and you are all set for that big presentation.

Style with A Blazer

This is the tomboy meets girly outfit. Pair your hoodie with dress pants to elevate it to the work-appropriate outfit. Add a heeled boot and bag, and a small earring for an extra professional touch.  You can also try to pair the hoodie with dress pants and sneakers for casual office wear look to give it an edgy touch.

Go Oversized

If you are a jeans-and-a-t-shirt kind of girl, you will like the simple pairing of an oversized hoodie and light blue jeans. Add a glamorous twist to this outfit by wearing a pair of red pumps. You may want to check out the men’s department to achieve the oversized look.

Cropped Hoodie

If oversized is not your thing, how about cropped hoodies that are all the rage this year? They make a perfect athleisure combination with high-waisted jeans and boots. This look can make you look taller and leaner. 

Time to add some hoodies to the cart right now if want to amp up your style for your zoom meetings or a short run to the grocery stores. 

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These Tummy Control Shapers Are Tailored For Your Specific Concerns

Wouldn’t it be great if something was just made for your needs and demands? Especially, if it is something like shapewear. Shapellx official cares for its customers and therefore, they have included different useful features in their different tummy control shapers to serve the needs of individual women.

So, we will provide you a list of effective tummy control shapers that are manufactured for helping out women with their particular needs.

1. NeoSweat™ High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings

Workout sessions have been made easy with NeoSweatTM High Waisted Tummy Control Leggings as the E-FRETCH fabric of these pants is highly stretchable and helps you to make free movements in vertical and horizontal directions comfortably. Besides the tummy and thigh control effect, these skinny leggings remain closely attached to your skin, making them perfect for fitness freaks who practice yoga, running, jogging, and other exercises.

2. NeoSweat™ Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher

If you are looking for the best waist trainer for women that has a tummy control effect, then NeoSweat™ Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher fulfills your expectations. You will get additional chest support due to the “W” design. Also, your back and waist are compressed and balanced by the 9 steel bones. This easily wearable zipper design waist trainer is ideally made for those women, wanting to shape up their abdomens.

3. AirSlim™ High Waist Tummy Control Crotchless Belly Shorts
best shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ High Waist Tummy Control Crotchless Belly Shorts

AirSlim™ High Waist Tummy Control Crotchless Belly Shorts have been manufactured professionally to highlight the natural curve of a woman’s body. The shapewear is particularly comfortable while traveling as you can easily use the loo due to the open crotch design. Two flexible plastic bones on both sides and a rubber band in the middle maintains the body’s ideal shape. Performing different physical activities is also easy while wearing it because of the anti-slip technology.

4. AirSlim™ Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts
seamless shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts

In case you want shapewear that can be worn throughout the day, then AirSlimTM Tummy Control Shapewear Shorts should be your preferred choice. Made of smooth and fine fabric, it looks seamless under any type of outfit. In case you are wearing skirts, dresses, or casual pants, you should consider putting on shapewear shorts for an instant belly and waist shaping effect.

5. AirSlim™ Seamless Tummy Control & Butt Lifter Shapewear
plus size shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Seamless Tummy Control & Butt Lifter Shapewear

If you have not been able to find the right plus size shapewear for women, then Shapellx is your ideal destination. The AirSlim™ Seamless Tummy Control & Butt Lifter Shapewear (Plus Size) is made of mostly nylon and lycra fabric which make it soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly. Besides the full-body compression, it helps to maintain the straightness of your back and rectifies posture. The butt lifting mesh prevents your buttocks from flattening and keeps them round in shape. Also, attending natural calls is convenient because of the open gusset.

There are numerous tummy control shapewear pieces available in the online as well as offline market. However, not all of them suit your needs. Shapellx gives attention to personal preferences and their tummy control shapewear pieces cater to the different demands of customers. So, pick one based on your demands to get a fit and fine body.

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You Can Rock It: The Fall Windbreaker

The most basic piece but the most used in this autumn/winter season, since we are children, this is one of the garments that we use the most and that becomes part of our routine when going to school and to go to the park, evolving so until our adulthood where we can have other styles and even have models of high fashion designers.


Off-white is one of those brands that use basic garments and elevates them to a more urban style, with a touch of the brand to make it more unique.

Many think that you can’t do much with this garment until a designer reinvents it and you can see the thousands of possibilities, colors, designs, appliques, all those little details that can make this a unique garment something different from what you have already had in the past and make it a favorite.

Much of our current style is influenced by our children’s clothing, what we wanted to wear in those years or even the style of our parents, and although fashion has evolved, there are always those clothes that come back and that make you think: Where have you been?

In a different way of course but there are many things that have evolved to the point where you cannot remember when you did not like those clothes because let’s be honest, there was nothing flattering about this fall windbreaker, until we grew up and became indispensable and we have hundreds of options to choose from, and our favorite brands include it in their collections and we realize that we just needed another point of view.

Easy to match

There are many ways to combine this piece, the most common are jeans with sports shoes or boots because if you are wearing this jacket it means that the weather is not very sunny, so the most likely thing is that you use jeans or sweatpants.

Unless you use it as an accessory to your more urban style, as part of your identity and display of style, which is acceptable too. Urban designers are the ones who include the Fall windbreaker the most in their collections, whatever the season, be it spring or winter, there is always something that represents this piece in an original way that we have never seen, how do they do it? We do not know, but what we do know is that we want it in all colors, because such a basic piece becomes a fashion essential.

urban style

Obviously, the urban style has appropriated this garment and has made it part of its style, with those touches that make it part of that culture thus making it part of history and that over the years it will continue to reinvent itself and how We all know, we are going to continue using it because it is the most basic garment you need in your wardrobe and if you can have it, it is a design that you really like to use, it is better for everyone. For more fashion info, please click this link to get

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