Floor-length Maxi Dress for You in 2021

Maxi dresses can be used for many different occasions- from festive to casual! Discover the most beautiful maxi dresses by continuing to read this article!

Maxi dresses have been one of the cutest trends for Summer since 2019 and now, in 2021, there are many different types and styles of maxi dresses. Every woman can find something for herself when it comes to maxi dresses. There are more festive maxi dresses that can be worn on some special occasions and, on the other hand, simple casual maxi dresses can be used as parts of everyday outfits. What’s really special about maxi dresses is that they look really feminine. While wearing a maxi dress, every woman feels elegant and feminine. This type of dress can make you look like you aren’t trying too hard to look great but you are looking great. That effortless look is something that is becoming really trendy in 2021.

Since women are busy trying to maintain everything in their lives, they need statement pieces which will quickly make them look elegant and chic. Maxi dresses are the right choice for that. Floor-length maxi dresses made out of the finest materials will hug your body and make you feel comfortable. In a really short period of time, these pieces will become the favorite ones in your closet! Picking up kids from school, going shopping, going to work or on a coffee break with your girl friends – maxi dresses are the right choice for any daily occasion.

Also, if you are having a special event coming soon – more festive dresses will be the right choice for you. Maxi dresses can make you look stunning! If you choose the right one, with beautiful details that fit your personality and with the best quality materials – you will feel like a queen wearing it. There are endless possibilities with maxi dresses and endless range of styles of maxi dresses.

Which style do you prefer? If classic is how you would describe your style – then plain maxi dresses are definitely for you! If you prefer feminine look – going for pencil maxi dresses might be something you’d like! Off shoulders and free flowing dresses are great for every day. They look so comfortable and cute at the same time! Short sleeves or long sleeves- the choice is up to you. For weddings, birthdays or other special events- backless floor-length maxi dresses would be perfect choices!

Maxi dresses can be found for really low prices. They are affordable so it is easy for you to make your own collection of maxi dresses. Fill your closet with maxi dresses and get ready for Spring and Summer! And you can wear it, not only on warmer days, but also on colder days in Autumn or even in Winter – if you pair it with fitting clothing pieces. In Autumn, maxi dresses are looking great with leather or denim jackets. Basically, maxi dresses are really profitable clothing pieces. Why? Because you can use it and wear it through the whole year! You can wear it in million different ways so your outfits will look fresh and different while you are wearing the same dress. The possibilities with maxi dresses are, indeed, endless and you just need to let your inner fashionista out.

Maxi dresses are also modest and they are great for women who don’t like to show off too much skin. In the Summer, it can be hard to keep modest style and a lot of women feel the best when they aren’t showing too much. Fluttering and light maxi dresses are great for hot days because you won’t feel burning wearing them. Light and high quality materials are ensuring you will always feel fresh and look your best in the hottest days. Comfortableness is also ensured so you won’t need to change in any situation to be able to do any daily activity. Dresses like these can handle any activities because you are having enough freedom to walk or sit however you want. They are wide enough and fluttering enough for the highest level of comfortability you can feel. And we all know that 2021 is the year of comfortability and the year of stunning looks! Combining those two you get maxi dresses!  

What are you waiting for? It’s always the right time to go shopping for your next floor-length maxi dresses. There are infinite reasons why you deserve to fill your closet with maxi dresses and be ready for any occasion! Treat yourself today and buy yourself that dress (or maybe more dresses) you have always wanted to have. You know you have deserved it! Confidence is ensured if you are feeling like you look like the best version of yourself. The quickest way to feel that way is, of course, by buying a brand new dress!

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Recommended for Spring Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are the special type of dresses that is described as elegant dresses suitable for smart social occasions. They are usually falling to just below or just above the knee. Keep reading to find out why these dresses are recommended for Spring and it’s guaranteed you will want one (or maybe even more) in your closet after reading this article!

The true origin of cocktail dresses is really interesting. If you don’t know why these dresses are called cocktail dresses, you will find out that in this article as well. So, towards the late 1940’s, one of the designers which you probably know about – French designer known as Christian Dior coined the name “cocktail” for the early evening garment. Therefore cocktail is the name of these dresses because they are commonly worn for early evenings when going out to a fancy bar. Over the years, these dresses became more and more popular. They, eventually, became women’s favorite choices for all types of special events.

Weddings or other special events were popular in Summer before, but now, more and more people wish on having their special days or celebrations in seasons that aren’t extreme. Those seasons would be Autumn and Spring. Since Spring is getting popular for wedding days and we believe there are women out there who are searching for a perfect outfit to wear as a wedding guest. This article will, therefore, come in handy. You will be able to see the most popular types or styles of cocktail dresses and find something for yourself – that you will like and decide on buying.

Spring is the season where we aren’t really sure what weather will be like so it’s important to stay warm while also looking like you are dressed for a special occasion. The simple solution for that would be to wear cocktail dresses that have sleeves. Most popular type of sleeves for cocktail dresses for Spring are 3/4 sleeves which fit this season and make the dress look even more elegant.

Short sleeves would also be a good choice and they are often used between the women from Royal family. They like wearing short sleeves on cocktail dresses because it looks enough formal and enough stylish at the same time. If you decide to go sleeveless for a cocktail dress – make sure you are pairing it with fitting jacket or blazer. This can be hard to pair and it’s easy to make mistakes in this fashion field. But, since the most popular and most wanted cocktail dresses on the Internet are usually plain dresses or one-colored dresses – it doesn’t sound like a tough mission now, right?

If you don’t like plain dresses, well – it’s always possible to add some glitter on it! Glitter details on cocktail dresses are easily found and they these dresses are the true masterpieces in the fashion sense. Why? Because they aren’t too much, or too formal, they are, in every meaning – just enough for special events. Women who are searching for dresses because they will be wedding guests, these dresses might be a great choice for you.

Lace, plain or glitter – the options with cocktail dresses are endless! This shape of dresses and this length is perfect for women of any ages. Cocktail dresses are eye-catching and statement pieces which are loved in the fashion industry. In the recent years, they have been huge trends and women of all ages enjoy wearing cocktail dresses. They can be used for night outs, festivity or any other special occasion.

In Spring, it’s a must-have to have one of these beauties in your closet. You don’t have to forget about the dresses as soon as the Summer ends because dresses like these can be paired with jackets, blazers and similar fashion items. They can be warm and comfortable, and you will still look so stylish and stunning! Layering is popular in Spring so be sure to use this useful technique in fashion to stay warm and look like a true fashion babe we know you are!

As already stated, these dresses will be so useful to have in Spring. Your closet won’t be complete without, at least, one of cocktail dresses. When you have collection of cocktail dresses, you are always ready for every type of event in any season, but most importantly – in Spring, where women are always in doubt what to wear.

Wait no more and treat yourself with a brand new cocktail dress which will make you look stunning and ready for any type of semi-formal occasion. You can also fit it to be more formal or more festive by combining it with different accessories, shoes or fashion pieces you will wear over it. Fashion has no rules so play with it and style your cocktail dress the way you want, while keeping it suitable for the occasion you are getting ready for!

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6 Cool Sweatshirts That You Need for 2021

Is your wardrobe ready for 2021? Let’s have a look at one of the hottest items of this year, a sweatshirt. This basic and versatile piece of clothing can be worn in many creative ways and – depending on its style and colour – can be combined with jeans, joggers, capri pants, shorts, leggings, and even skirts and dresses.

1. Oversized Hoodie

Take advantage of the oversized trend this winter and invest in a comfortable and warm oversized hoodie that can be worn with leggings and skinny jeans. Make sure it is a little longer than usual and don’t be afraid of puffy sleeves or any extra volume as that’s exactly how it should look like this season (think the 80’s with a twist).

2. Zip up Hoodie

A style that is so cool and comfortable that it doesn’t even need a special recommendation. Sport your favourite T-shirt underneath.

Zip up hoodies are very versatile and easy to wear, it’s in fact one of our favourite sweatshirts!

3. Crop Hoodie

Not the first selection when you think about winter outfit, however it’s a perfect style for practicing your dance moves in the gym or staying super stylish at home. Choose one in pastel pink, grey or light blue.

4. Colour block Sweatshirt

Have fun with some colours this winter and invest in a couple of colour block sweatshirt or hoodies. We recommend black and white, cream and peach (cute and girly!) or even a combination of three different colours. The choice is yours!

5. Basic Sweatshirt in Black

Classic back sweatshirt should be in every fashionista’s closet no matter their personal style. It’s a very versatile item of clothing and can be worn with almost everything. Give it a try and style it in a different way every day of the week. You will be surprised how many combinations and looks you are able  to achieve.

6. Logo Sweatshirt

This year, don’t be afraid to use your voice and express what’s inside you. The most simple way to do that is by wearing a logo sweatshirt.

Logo sweatshirts are a very cool way to spice up your winter wardrobe, attract the attention, and also express your unique fashion style. In case you can’t find a suitable wording, you can always print your own. Have fun!

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5 Hot-selling Loverbeauty Shapewear Pieces Under $100

Hiding those extra pounds and cellulitis seems to be a tough task. However, it is made easier by using shapewear pieces. If you are worrying over the high rate of this shapewear then stop, because in this article we have mentioned some of the Hot Selling Loverbeauty Shapewear pieces which are under $100.

1. Loverbeauty Tummy Control Butt Lifter Brief Panty

This plus size shapewear and shaper panty by Loverbeauty provides compression to your tummy to give it a flat effect. The fabric used is made of nylon and spandex making it optimally stretchable and easy to wear. Moreover, the fabric used is double layered too, thus controlling all your belly fat efficiently. Besides, the use of stretchable fabric in the butt area avoids the flattening effect on the butts. The triple clasps on top can be fixed with the bra.

2. Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper

plus size shapewear for women
Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper

This full-body shaper has a convenient structure and comes with an underbust design that can be paired with your bra. The straps are adjustable and removable padding to the continence of the shapewear and even the material used is a lightweight hosiery one with cotton lining within. This shapewear gives a lifting effect to your butts too.

3. Loverbeauty Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher

wasit cincher
Loverbeauty Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher

This waist trainer shapewear by Loverbeauty is made with the material containing 78 % of nylon and 22 % of spandex and provides high elasticity and flexibility. The Loverbeauty’s women’s moderate tummy-control waist clincher contains 9 steel bones to provide full compression to your entire body, especially the tummy. The zipper design along with the inner clasp makes it easy to put on and off.

4. Loverbeauty Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper Zipper Abdominal Control

The Loverbeauty’s full body shaper is designed to shape up your entire body. The spandex and nylon mix fabric provide the required level of compression to your entire body. The presence of detachable straps makes it easy to wear and the crotch zipper design adds to the convenience of washroom visits. The dropping glue system prevents the edge rolling, and even the use of 2 plastic bones prevents curling of the fabric.

5. Loverbeauty High Waist Shaper Shorts With Front Hooks

shaper shorts
Loverbeauty High Waist Shaper Shorts With Front Hooks

Have you been wondering about how to lift buttocks with tape? Well, do not worry about the difficult method as the high waist shaper shorts by Loverbeauty are there to serve this purpose with ease. This waist shep short not only look into slimming your waist but also makes sure to lift your butts to give you the desired hourglass figure. The front hook system adds to the ease of its use and provides compression to your waist too. The shorts also hide the cellulitis on your thigh.

These top 5 hot selling shapewear by Loverbeauty are very convenient to use and wear and provides the required compression and shapes your body thoroughly. These shapewear shorts and panty pieces are very comfortable and are available at low rates.

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Many women have to balance a career, a family and in between, find time for herself.  As such being able to dress chic and stylish every day may be difficult to master.  If you are in a style dilemma, well, don’t worry.  Ahead are some  fashion and style tips to ensure that you always stay and look stylish.  These tips will be handy to change the way you dress on a daily basis.  Whether you are headed to work, out for some groceries or a quick brunch, are are sure to look fashionable every time you step out of the house.

Organizing Your Wardrobe and Build A Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to dressing stylishly, it is essential to organize your closet.  You cannot create a great outfit if you cannot even see what you own, right?  Start by decluttering, giving away or selling any clothes that you do not wear. Then organize your clothes neatly because you have to have a reliable wardrobe filled with staples such as a pair of jeans that fit well, simple T-shirts, a little black dress, a classic blazer and a denim or leather jacket.  When you have a closet full of items that can be mixed and matched with ease will save you  a lot of time.  Investing in classic pieces like a great pair of jeans and statement jewelry will last a lifetime.  After decluttering and building a capsule wardrobe, you feel much more inspiring.

Clothes That Fit

Make sure that your clothes fit perfectly.  When wearing pants that are too long and drags on the ground or dresses that bunch up awkwardly will not make you look stylish.  You need pieces of clothing that are fashionable and not sloppy. 

Find your personal style

Building and developing a signature style may take years.  A good start is to create a moodboard.  Dressing up is an experiment and you would not know what looks amazing on you until you try out the clothes.  Invest in designs that work for your body shape.  If you are unsure what type of clothes work best for you, take a look at the most flattering attire you already own.  If high rise skinny jeans and straight cut dresses work for you, then buy other pieces with the same style.  Take time to play with colors and try different shapes to find what looks great on you.  

Mixing Patterns and Textures

If you have been matching your handbag to your shoes, well it is time to take a break from that.  Clashing textures and prints make a bold statement fashion now.  Start with neutral patterns like stripes and low key texture such as knits.  Complete your outfit with a paisley scarf or a clutch.  


Always try to wear at least one accessory, whether it is a statement necklace, a bright colored bag or a great pair of statement earring. A solid statement accessory piece can bring a boring outfit to life in seconds. 



Makeup and beauty hacks are lifesaving and life changing especially when you are on the go and have jam packed schedule.   Having these hacks will definitely make your makeup routine easier and maybe more fun. What if you have run out of your favorite mascara or lost your eyebrow pencil?  Whether it is getting fuller eyebrows or tips on making your lipstick last the whole day, here are 5 makeup and hair beauty hacks that every woman should know.  They will definitely save you from leaving the house feeling frazzled.

Eyebrow Beauty Hack

Although most of us are working from home now, we do need to at least fill in the eyebrow especially when there are a few zoom meetings lining up.  If you have misplaced your eyebrow pencils or eyebrow gel, apply a tiny bit of brown or brown/black mascara on your brow.  Wipe off the excess using a tissue and then use the mascara wand to groom through the eyebrows.  Turn the wand vertically to draw stroke-like hair on the brow.  You can also use any neutral brown eye shadow and blot some with finger or a brush.

Eyeliner Beauty Hack

Some of us may not be bother with our hair or eyebrows but cannot be seen without eyeliner.  So if you found yourself without any eyeliner left and can’t run out of the house to buy one, then no worry. Mascara can help.  Use a small angular brush or a fine brush to pick up the mascara like how you would with your eyeliner and draw on the eyelid.  Mascara is safe to be used on the eyes but do not use on the waterline.  Do keep in mind that mascara may be a little harder to remove compared to the usual eyeliner.  Make sure you have a good makeup remover around.

Blush Beauty Hack

You can use lipstick as blush to create a monochromatic makeup look. This is a quick and easy way to give a pretty flush color on the face.  Use your finger and apply on the cheeks like a cream.  Do take note that lipstick is thick and greasy so if you are prone to breakouts or clogged pore, you may want to skip this.   Instead, you can use some eyeshadow on your cheeks.

Sometimes we have good hair day without having to do much at all but most of the time, our hair needs some kind of maintenance.  With these hairstyling hacks, you can save time on your hair routine.  

Hair Hack – How To Make Hair Looks Fuller

No one likes their hair to be flat.  For a quick way to give the illusion of fuller hair, go through your eye shadow collection and find a shade that matches your hair color.  Use a small brush to fill in your hair part.  This makes the hair look fuller.  

Hair Hack – Clean Looking Hair

If your hair needs a wash but you know that you do not have time to do that before heading out, apply dry shampoo before going to bed at night.  The shampoo will work itself into the strands of hair while you sleep.  This will give you clean, healthy looking hair the next day.

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Shop Best Shapewear at Durafits, Enjoy Big Discount

It has been seen that some women don’t prefer to buy body shaper following the high-cost issue. But when you are buying full body shapewear from DuraFits, the cost should not be a significant issue for you as the platform offers great discounts on its products. You can quickly get up to 45 percent off on different products. Have a look at some best shapewear that you can buy now to enjoy an attractive figure.

Postpartum recovery body shaper tummy control

Are you facing issues in getting fit into your dresses, skirts, pants, or buddy-hugging dresses? Don’t worry at all and get this body shaper now. It comes with chest stretch fabric along with a pad to accommodate different chest types. With an inner zipper and hook system, the product will remain completely invisible. Use it and give your tummy a flat look. It can also enhance your hips look.

best body shaper for women
Postpartum Recovery Body Shaper Tummy Control

Compression garment post-surgery shaper

With this, you can enjoy a flat 35 percent discount, and it will come under USD 90. To offer you maximum body shaping effect, it is made of high compressive fabrics. On the other hand, the partially removable bra design will allow you to breastfeed comfortably. With an effective tummy control and butt-lifting effect, this body shaper will take your beauty to the next level.

full body shaper
Compression Garment Post Surgery Shapewear

Power mesh mid-thigh shaping shorts

Are you looking for effective and powerful shaper shorts? You will never go wrong with this product. With this, you will witness a perfect instant body transformation. The straps are removable and adjustable so that you can adjust the compression level accordingly. It can perfectly cinch your waistline. The mesh is breathable and feels more comfortable. Its open bust feature lets you wear your favorite bra, and its unique construction makes it perfect for enhancing your body’s natural shape.

best shapewear bodysuits
Power Mesh Mid Thigh Shaping Shorts

Removable straps butt lifter shapewear

This high-rise body shaper is designed in such a way that it will never fail you to offer natural curves. It has a well-designed three-layer tummy panel that effectively flattens the stomach area. On the other hand, the in-built hollow lifts up your buttock instantly to give your back area a super sexy look. You should try out this product to witness the difference.

butt lifter shapewear
Removable Straps Butt Lifter Shapewear

Escalate U back support full-body shapewear

This is an upgraded Durafits shapewear that will make your curves attractive. The inner lining is made of cotton and feels very soft.  The belly part has a 3-layer fabric design to produce a practical tummy control effect. You can keep it wearing for hours without any discomfort. It also lifts your buttocks to make you look attractive. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now.

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Women’s Guide for Bikini 2021

The sun is shining and the ocean is beckoning, have you got your bikini sorted out? Just like the rest of the clothes in our wardrobe, swimwear trends come and go as well. With summer just a few months away, it is time to pick the perfect bikini to welcome the warm days spent under the sun this year.  Regardless of whether you plan to spend Spring and Summer 2021 socially distancing at the beach or hanging out in your backyard pool, there are still plenty of opportunities to put on a cute new swimsuit or two in the near future.

When shopping for a swimsuit, it is important to find one you will love this season as much as you will for seasons to come.  Do consider taking the minimalist approach when it comes to your summer essential.  Statement pieces are eye-catching, trendy and they are of-the-moment so you should not be chasing after styles like the high-waisted metallics. Below are some of the bikini styles, sillhouettes, colors and patterns that you need in your swimwear collection.

Solid color bikini

Universally flattering and irresistibly timeless, solid color bikinis will definitely be your go-to in 2021 and beyond.

Mix and Match Bikini

If you are looking to make a statement whilst keeping it subtle or just want to add a little flair by mixing and matching with something a little louder then take a look at the mix and match style below.  Flattering, understated and easy to wear. A suit with a brightly printed top and a dark solid shade below helps to visually bring your shape into proportion, plus legs look long and lean in high-cut bottoms

Blue Bikinis

When it comes to swimsuit, blue is your best friend.  It is a great alternative to black just like wearing your favorite pair of jeans.  Darker navy will help disguise problem areas, and lighter, turquoise will make you stand out.

Polka dot bikinis

Polka dot prints are great for small frames. This patterned polka dot swimsuit is an itty bitty option you may want to wear all summer long.

Ruffle Bikini

Fluttering ruffles add visual interest to this triangle bikini top.  This sophisticated rose petal pink bikini with front tassel ties offers a playful touch to your poolside party.

One-shoulder bikini

A classic black bikini gets some personality with sexy cutouts and an asymmetrical neckline like this one-shoulder bikini. This is the perfect swimwear for showing off your figure while getting some sun.


Besides bikini, a two-piece swimsuit that offers a bit more support and substance like a bandeau can help create a shape that appears more curvaceous. The high-waisted bottoms help hips appear more shapely, while the bandeau top features eye-catching detailing.


If you are feeling a little self-conscious about exposing your tummy, well, don’t worry.  You don’t have to shy away from wearing a bikini. A good option is a tankini that comes in flattering cuts that make you feel confident flaunting your figure. 

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6 Types Of Blazers That You Should Know

Blazers always make quite an appearance even on the runways no matter what the season is.  This style is a wardrobe basic, must-have and a versatile closet piece that has the ability to alter your look.  They can be added to different pieces of clothing and instantly add a new statement style to anyone who wears them.  The blazer suits all occasions and depending upon the style, you can sport a blazer in several ways.  It is the perfect option when you want to look a little more polished without trying hard at all.  You can simply pop a blazer on over your jeans and a t-shirt to instantly elevate your style. There are many different types of blazers that you can work with your outfit. Here are 6 types of blazers that you should know and have in your wardrobe.

1. Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer is a bit on the loose side and has a longer length.  This style is sleek and adds a sophisticated touch to a casual outfit.

2. Open Front Blazer

The open front blazer does not have any buttons to close up.  This style tends to have a draped look and flattering for women with larger bust sizes.

3. Single Breasted Blazer

Single-breasted blazers feature a single row of buttons to close the blazer.  These blazers tend to be universally flattering, as long as the fit is well-tailored.

4.  Double Breasted Blazer

Double-breasted blazers have two rows of buttons that allow one side of the blazer to cross over the other side. Double-breasted blazers tend to be on the dressier side and make a great style statement.  It can also be worn casually.

5.  Oversized Blazer

The oversized, boxy, menswear blazer is taking over the runway and become a street style favorite.  With its easy to wear silhouette, it can be thrown on top of everything from sweaters to skinny jeans, to dresses for the perfect springtime coat.

6. Leather Blazer

Every woman should own a leather blazer.  They are classic and very versatile.  Leather blazer has the ability to give almost any outfit an edge. Can be paired with jeans and combat boots, or a cute dress with ankle boots for a more classy look.

How To Style Women’s Blazers?

Here are some tips on the best ways to style the blazers.

  • If you have a fancy blazer like those with floral prints, it is best to keep it simple.
  • If you love accessorizing with necklace, opt for simple and minimalist design to go with your blazer.  This is because most of the blazers have notch lapel or shawl lapel and you do not it to look overwhelming.
  • Pair it with sneakers and jeans for a casual look.
  • For business casual office look, pair the blazer with white or dark color pants and heels.
  • Accessories such as rings or bracelets can enhance the overall look with blazer jackets.

Women’s blazers are normally worn for keeping warm and comfortable. Go for light-weighted blazers for cool temperatures of spring, summer and fall.

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Are you readers ready for a new fashion dedicated blog post? We certainly are. We all know that wearing dresses can sometimes be challenging and especially if you are not used to wearing them often.

Well, it is actually even more challenging to wear a dress during winter, when it is absolutely cold outside. That is why we have decided to write this post and help you out a bit regarding that matter.

If you feel like wearing the dress during winter you should definitely go on with that idea, but there are a couple of tips and trick that you should try in order for you to feel more comfortable. Bare legs on low temperatures definitely aren’t a good idea and the best solution to that problem is to wear tights.

You can choose the thickness of your tights according to you preference. But remember, tights don’t need to be there just to warm you up, they can actually make your outfit look even more attractive. Besides tights, warm boots are a must! If you feel like it you can even wear extra long boots and in that way you definitely won’t be cold. One more thing that can also help you out is that you choose a really long coat that will keep you protected.

And finally, your dress is supposed to be made of thick fabric that will keep you warm as well ( for example wool ). Here are some of the dresses we recommend:

Mango Knitted turtleneck dress 

this turtleneck maxi dress will definitely keep you warm and stylish. Wear it with sneakers, long boots or ankle boots and you will definitely come as stylish girl.

Mango Fitted turtle neck dress 

This one is also a dress from Mango but it is a mini dress and it gives you more space to experiment with your shoes and you can add some tights to your outfit.

Massimo Dutti Cashmere wool dress with shoulder buttons 

Add this cute dress to your closet and you definitely won’t regret it.

Massimo Dutti Black sequinned dress 

Here is an example of a perfect dress for a formal occasion. Who can resist it?

ASOS DESIGN oversized mini blazer dress in grey check 

This an interesting mix of a blazer and a dress. For more fashion info, please click this link https://www.christmas-costume.com/