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What to Know Before Getting A Flash Tattoo, According to Our Tattoo Artist

Flash tattoos, which are basically pre-made tattoos, seem to be so popular however, before you think of doing this, you must think about everything. There are multiple tips you can use before getting these flash tattoos. Lucky for you, in this article, we will share the most important things you need to know before getting a flash tattoo.

What Things You Must Know Before Getting A Flash Tattoo:

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Since flash tattoos are pre-made, it is impossible to make this tattoo a 100% made for you, as you can’t add your own creative touches, however, that doesn’t mean you should get something that doesn’t speak to you at all. If you don’t enjoy any of the options displayed, don’t force yourself to get those designs but instead talk to the tattoo artist for a custom tattoo design.

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Tattoo Artist

Even if these tattoos are pre-made, the wrong tattoo artist can ruin it. Aim to find an artist that has a good reputation in the tattooing industry and someone who has good skills, to make sure you don’t have a big ink stain on your hand. After you believe you have found the right artist, book an cousuelation meeting to discuss your expectations and what you want from this artist to make sure you don’t get something you don’t like.


Even though this looks useless right now, understanding the process of getting a tattoo will help you prepare yourself for one. Learning the process of this can also help you know if the tattoo artist is properly working, or if they are messing up in preparing your skin. There will also be a chance you will feel uncomfortable and in a lot of pain, but this pain is just temporary and it will only last a little while.

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Aftercare and Maintenance

After getting a tattoo, your skin becomes very sensitive so it is important to take care of your skin after a tattoo by moisturizing it, cleaning it and making sure it avoids sunlight as not only will this help the skin, but will also help the tattooo stay more vibrant. Making sure you protect your tattoo properly will also protect your skin from harmful things like blisters and other skin problems.

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No matter what you do, if you get a tattoo there is a very high chance you will have to deal with the consequences of their risks. The risks of tattoos can include infections, allergic reactions and other uncomfortable issues which don’t usually die out. Once you get a tattooo, make sure to be well educated on how to prevent these problems and if you are planning to get one soon, be prepared for these risks.

Flash tattoos are definetly the trend these days becaus eof its popularity and how easy it is to choose one, however you must know these things if you want to make sure you don’t regret your desicion of getting a tattooo. We hope this article was helpful for you!


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