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White clothes are synonymous with elegance, subtlety and tranquility. With the popularity of minimalism, many people are adopting visually cleaner clothing styles and neutral and basic colors.

Clothes in light tones have also become very popular due to “all white” parties and events where guests are asked to wear all white clothes.

This style of event clothing tends to look nicer and cleaner in photos and footage, which is why it’s been so popular lately.

In the summer it is also quite common to see this style of clothing around, as the color is light and is very reminiscent of the beach style, which has everything to do with the season.

One thing is for sure: the all-white look is a super trend this spring/summer and has its reasons for being a guaranteed success.

It is light: Yes, the light color guarantees a much fresher look. Of course, the combination with fabrics that help with good ventilation helps a lot in the airy result and the current models, full of cutouts and necklines, are perfect;

He’s classy: Everyone has always known that the basic black dress is a must-have item in anyone’s wardrobe, but it’s worth rethinking the addition of a classic white outfit to everyone’s “must have” list;

It’s easy to match: Monochrome looks are perfect for making multiple combinations with the most diverse colors. This helps a lot when thinking about a look.

There are several ways to use this “all white” style and it is possible to adapt the trend to the most different styles.

All White Compound Look: Composing an all white look can make the look much more interesting. It’s just that you can use your creativity much more and enjoy the varied pieces you have in your wardrobe. The composite look consists of a look that you put together using various pieces and accessories to compose the all white look.

All White Look in Dresses: Long, short dresses, with slits, incredible necklines. The dresses are very spring/summer and, in total white versions, are even lighter. Combinations with jackets or maxi accessories provide a beautiful contrast to the final result.

Look All White in Jumpsuits: As with dresses, the use of jumpsuits is perfect for days when you’re less creative, but don’t want to lose style. And speaking of style, there’s no shortage of overalls and jumpsuits. They really have it all this season!

Macacão Alfaiataria Elis Branco

White look for work: People often tend to go through stressful situations at work that make them irritable. Because it’s good to know that even the color of the clothes used can influence emotions. White reassures and softens uncomfortable situations.

A really cool tip is to coordinate the white shirt (which is a must have in the closet) and a white bottom. It can be pants or a midi-length skirt. This combination is elegant in the right measure and brings the seriousness that work usually requires. If work is more relaxed, betting on a white t-shirt and complementing it with an accessory to not make the look too obvious would be a great choice.

White clothes are usually a great investment because in addition to being able to be used together and yield beautiful combinations, they match all colors. By investing in white pieces, the consumer will be sure that they are investing in something that will be super usable.

Pieces in white also combine with both colored tones and more neutral tones, they combine with plain pieces and also with printed, embroidered, laced pieces or even pieces with stones or sequins.


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