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One of the most talked about subjects is why you can lose weight and measurements immediately when using Popilush shapewear. So, today my goal is to answer that for you with information that shows the power of using modelers.

Let’s start by talking about the best bodysuit shapewear you’ll find at Popilush. We have the Square Neck Thong Bodysuits that have three models available and that will help you lose measurements thanks to its system that models the waist and abdomen.

In addition, this type of bodysuit has a very simple footprint that is usual for everyday life, offering you not only the loss of measurements but also the possibility of using a piece in any situation you need.

It also has four different colors, six sizes ranging from S to 3 XL and also a moisture absorption system that doesn’t leave you feeling hot when using the piece on the hottest days.

She is also easy to clean and will bring you a well defined body that makes the view even more perfect from the outside. It can also be a piece that you wear under other clothes, just to make your body even more beautiful and with fewer measurements.

For those who want to lose some weight and want elegance, we have wonderful shapewear dress that also have a wide variety of models.

The Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress is one of those options and it has a system that will make you lose some measurements in the hips, waist and also the abdomen, thus leaving your body in the shape of an hourglass.

This is only possible, due to the two fabrics that we have in this dress, since the bottom part is like a bodysuit that completes the dress as if they were separate pieces, but they are not.

It has a system similar to bodysuits that capture the humidity of the environment, making you comfortable and with a piece that does not overheat. In addition, it has five different colors that help you make the best choices for the day you need.

Because it’s a dress, it also helps you compose some special looks for the highest gala events, for example. I recommend it, as a way to feel beautiful and also as a key piece for when you want to show off everything you own with a few inches less.

We also have the Soft Modal Lounge Midi Built-In Shaping Slip Dress that is part of our shaping bodysuits. This dress itself also has a more summer feel and that for its loss of measurements it works with a system to compress the hips, waist and abdomen very similar to the dress we talked about above.

In addition, it can also be used both in everyday life and also in more formal events, as you can only put on a few accessories and let your dress have the part of dressing you well.

It also helps to lose some measurements, due to its system and can be found in four different colors, in addition to seven sizes for all types of women.

And that’s it for today and I hope I’ve managed to show why Popilush shapewear has the power to leave you with a few centimeters less just by using them.


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