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Guides to Choose Cocktail Dresses

While special events are always exciting, deciding what to wear for them can be stressful, especially when dress codes are involved. So when you receive an invitation with the words “cocktail attire”, it’s natural to feel a little disheartened. After all, choosing an outfit that is appropriate and still looks fabulous can be a challenge. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve created this handy guide to women’s cocktail outfits.

What is cocktail attire for women?

Cocktail attire is a standard dress code for parties. For women, cocktail attire typically requires a dress that ends at or above the knees and high heels. While cocktail looks always look sophisticated, they can also be fun and involve unique colors, embellishments, cuts, and accessories.

What You Can and Can’t Wear in a Cocktail Attire

Dressing up for a cocktail party doesn’t have to be complicated. By just following a few simple rules, you will be able to create the perfect cocktail look with ease.

He can

  • Select a dress that ends at or above the knees.
  • Keep things fun with unique cuts, colors and embellishments.
  • Add fun yet sophisticated accessories.
  • Customize your cocktail look to suit the event or occasion.

Do not do:

  • Choose an outfit that is overly revealing.
  • Wearing a very short dress.
  • Be afraid to ask the host to clarify the dress code if you are not sure.
  • Key Pieces Cocktail Attire

While there are many ways to adopt the dress code, sticking to a few specific items will provide a method for looking great. These key pieces for cocktail attire include a dress, shoes and accessories.

Cocktail dresses

When it comes to dressing for a cocktail party, a dress will always be a safe bet. While you can experiment with two-piece sets and jumpsuits, nothing beats a party dress. Just make sure it ends around your knees.

Cocktail shoes

For cocktails, heels are almost always a must. Ideal for adding a sophisticated finish to your look, heels in neutral tones such as black or nude go perfectly with cocktail dresses. Alternatively, select a simple dress and add black shoes or accessories.

Cocktail accessories

To complete your cocktail attire in style, don’t forget to add accessories such as bags and jewelry. When selecting your accessories, choose pieces that are chic yet exciting and eye-catching. By doing so, you’ll be party-ready without reducing your sophistication.

Cocktail attire occasions

When dressing for a cocktail party, it’s important to consider the exact type of occasion to ensure you choose an appropriate outfit. By taking the occasion into account, along with the setting and level of formality, you’ll be able to choose an ensemble that suits perfectly day or night.

Formal cocktail attire

If you have an event that stipulates formal cocktail attire on your calendar, consider wearing a little black dress. Just make sure yours isn’t too short and that you pair it with stylish accessories for a proper look.

Garden cocktail attire

Got a party on your calendar that requires cocktail attire? Meet dress code requirements while impressing other guests by opting for a sweet, feminine floral dress. Select one in a lightweight fabric. To complete your outfit, choose a pair of chic heels and add some cute accessories.

Casual Cocktail Attire

Unlike formal cocktail attire, casual cocktail attire calls for a somewhat laid-back flair blended into its aesthetic. To achieve this combination, try opting for a loose-fitting dress rather than a tailored design. Then pair your dress with simple yet chic accessories like block heels and a chain-handle bag.

Cocktail attire on the beach

When events take place on the beach, it can be difficult to know what to wear. For an outfit that will satisfy the beach dress code and look great, try selecting a cocktail dress in a vibrant hue. A style that is comfortable and non-restrictive is also ideal for this location. When it comes to accessories, try to select stylish sandals, a matching bag, and a statement necklace or earrings.

Wedding cocktail attire

A feminine dress in a light color is a lovely choice. Try selecting one in lace or chiffon for a charming look. Then just add simple and elegant accessories to complete your ensemble.

Dress code tips

  • For a fail-safe outfit, select a knee-length party dress that is sophisticated.
  • When it comes to footwear, choose from high-heeled sandals.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a stylish bag and jewelry.
  • Remember to adapt your cocktail attire to suit the occasion.
  • Opt for light colors and fabrics in summer and dark tones/heavy fabrics in winter.


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