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Cocktail dresses are the special type of dresses that is described as elegant dresses suitable for smart social occasions. They are usually falling to just below or just above the knee. Keep reading to find out why these dresses are recommended for Spring and it’s guaranteed you will want one (or maybe even more) in your closet after reading this article!

The true origin of cocktail dresses is really interesting. If you don’t know why these dresses are called cocktail dresses, you will find out that in this article as well. So, towards the late 1940’s, one of the designers which you probably know about – French designer known as Christian Dior coined the name “cocktail” for the early evening garment. Therefore cocktail is the name of these dresses because they are commonly worn for early evenings when going out to a fancy bar. Over the years, these dresses became more and more popular. They, eventually, became women’s favorite choices for all types of special events.

Weddings or other special events were popular in Summer before, but now, more and more people wish on having their special days or celebrations in seasons that aren’t extreme. Those seasons would be Autumn and Spring. Since Spring is getting popular for wedding days and we believe there are women out there who are searching for a perfect outfit to wear as a wedding guest. This article will, therefore, come in handy. You will be able to see the most popular types or styles of cocktail dresses and find something for yourself – that you will like and decide on buying.

Spring is the season where we aren’t really sure what weather will be like so it’s important to stay warm while also looking like you are dressed for a special occasion. The simple solution for that would be to wear cocktail dresses that have sleeves. Most popular type of sleeves for cocktail dresses for Spring are 3/4 sleeves which fit this season and make the dress look even more elegant.

Short sleeves would also be a good choice and they are often used between the women from Royal family. They like wearing short sleeves on cocktail dresses because it looks enough formal and enough stylish at the same time. If you decide to go sleeveless for a cocktail dress – make sure you are pairing it with fitting jacket or blazer. This can be hard to pair and it’s easy to make mistakes in this fashion field. But, since the most popular and most wanted cocktail dresses on the Internet are usually plain dresses or one-colored dresses – it doesn’t sound like a tough mission now, right?

If you don’t like plain dresses, well – it’s always possible to add some glitter on it! Glitter details on cocktail dresses are easily found and they these dresses are the true masterpieces in the fashion sense. Why? Because they aren’t too much, or too formal, they are, in every meaning – just enough for special events. Women who are searching for dresses because they will be wedding guests, these dresses might be a great choice for you.

Lace, plain or glitter – the options with cocktail dresses are endless! This shape of dresses and this length is perfect for women of any ages. Cocktail dresses are eye-catching and statement pieces which are loved in the fashion industry. In the recent years, they have been huge trends and women of all ages enjoy wearing cocktail dresses. They can be used for night outs, festivity or any other special occasion.

In Spring, it’s a must-have to have one of these beauties in your closet. You don’t have to forget about the dresses as soon as the Summer ends because dresses like these can be paired with jackets, blazers and similar fashion items. They can be warm and comfortable, and you will still look so stylish and stunning! Layering is popular in Spring so be sure to use this useful technique in fashion to stay warm and look like a true fashion babe we know you are!

As already stated, these dresses will be so useful to have in Spring. Your closet won’t be complete without, at least, one of cocktail dresses. When you have collection of cocktail dresses, you are always ready for every type of event in any season, but most importantly – in Spring, where women are always in doubt what to wear.

Wait no more and treat yourself with a brand new cocktail dress which will make you look stunning and ready for any type of semi-formal occasion. You can also fit it to be more formal or more festive by combining it with different accessories, shoes or fashion pieces you will wear over it. Fashion has no rules so play with it and style your cocktail dress the way you want, while keeping it suitable for the occasion you are getting ready for!


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