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How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

When you see the winter snows melting and smell spring in the air, you can feel the excitement all around you. Warmer weather is approaching and it is also time to swap out winter clothing for new seasonal items. Part of spring cleaning is to transition your wardrobe and this is a great time to do some reflection on your style.  Though many of us love wearing those cozy cashmere in chilly cold snaps, it is time to put them away and make room for lighter fabrics and spring fashion. The change between the two seasons can be a bit tricky to adapt. If you are not careful, you may be out of sorts with your outfits when the weather changes unexpectedly.

If you are looking for some tips on how to transition your closet to make it fun and easy to get dressed, do read on for ways to make the most out of both seasons without having to change your outfits completely.

Layer Clothing

Using layers to your advantage is one of the easiest ways to transition your closet for seasonal change. Layering is a tool to keep warm in winter but also works when the weather gets warmer. Effective layering can help you to create the perfect outfit in the cold weather while also giving you options when it gets too warm. Simply take off the top layer when it is hot.

Using Winter Pieces Correctly

Many of the winter pieces can be used in new ways for the new season and all you have to do is to wear them the right way. A classic trench coat can be paired with white jeans, a leather jacket can be layered over floral dresses and cardis over a tank tee with jeans.

Try New Styles for Spring

Spring is the time to wear all the colors that you love such as mint, pastel pink and lavender blue. If you love flower prints and shorter sleeve, well it is time to wear them. Having said that, you may still need your leggings, cardis, and tights for some time, but you can easily match these spring tops with layering pieces. You can curate some great outfits by combining your spring clothes without forgetting the jackets.

Opt For Lighter Hues

When adding or mixing in winter pieces, remember to choose lighter hues.  Spring is all about light and brightness with pastels, florals and neutrals. Instead of wearing burgundy sweaters, grab a blush pink or lilac one. This will give your outfit a spring-ready look instantly with minimal effort. Instead of dark denim, get a lighter wash and pair it with a lilac sweater. This will give you the balance of a spring-like outfit with a touch of winter to keep you warm.

Boots And Dresses

You can mix your winter boots with a spring-inspired dress like ankle booties. This is the perfect combo for spring. If it is cooler out and you need to stay warm, you can grab a cozy cardigan to complete the look. Another good option is to layer with an oversized blazer. Always remember that you are aiming for a spring look when adding these layers so do keep the colors light and go for lighter knits instead of chunky material. 


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