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Best Activewear to Escalate Your Workout Journey

The recent popularity of a healthy lifestyle has also had an impact on fashion trends. Sports activities, gym or home workouts which are part of a healthy lifestyle, lead people to buy special clothing to support their activities. This will probably make you pay more bills, but the activewear you wear during workouts actually makes the workout itself more effective and reduces the risk of injury.

Just like underwear, activewear or sportswear must be chosen carefully as well. You should consider several things and not compromise on comfort when making a purchase. The right activewear will make you feel much more comfortable and excited about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Long sleeve legging sets can be a great choice for those of you who are looking for activewear as workout essentials. This sporty suit is considered very comfortable to wear and provides sufficient protection for the skin. After all, matching sets have gained popularity since last year, and until now they are still trending.

Even though you can easily meet long sleeve legging sets on the market, you still have to choose them wisely. Striking designs and patterns may look appealing, but remember that comfort comes first. So, to help you decide on the right product, follow the 3 guidelines below!

The Comfort Of The Material Is The Main Thing

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

Preferably, for types of exercise with intense movement, choose activewear materials that are moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking. Materials with this technology work by attracting sweat and moisture from the surface of the skin to the surface of the fabric so that it evaporates quickly. Activewear made of cotton, usually absorbs sweat well but doesn’t dry quickly, so it can feel heavy and wet. Hence, it is not recommended to wear cotton, for intense sports. Instead, you can choose materials that dry quickly and are lightweight, like those used in the long sleeve legging set collection from Cosmolle.

Cosmolle use recycled nylon for their products, both underwear and activewear. This material is not only 40% lighter than other fabrics, but also environmentally friendly. Nylon itself is preferred because it is light, strong and absorbs sweat well. High technology from Cosmolle makes it possible to create high-density fabrics yet have a buttery smooth surface, so even the most sensitive skin will be comfortable when wearing this activewear. Breathable fabrics are one of the pillars of why Cosmolle activewear is so comfortable to wear. This feature helps your skin breathe freely, keeps the surface dry quickly, prevents irritation, and makes you feel comfortable around the clock.

Full Support Design And Elasticity

AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

There’s a reason why people prefer to wear skin-fitting activewear over baggy clothes when exercising. Loose clothing has a high probability of interfering with your movements, and can even get caught in the sports equipment you are using. So, it makes sense that skin-fit activewear, such as long sleeve legging sets, is recommended.

The best activewear is always made from materials that have excellent stretchability, due to their skin-hugging character. The flexible material will follow your body shape in any movement. This will make you more focused on the physical activity you are doing. Even, specifically for the long sleeve legging set, Cosmolle added a thumbholes feature to keep the sleeves in place. One more spark that makes Cosmolle activewear worth buying!

Each type of sport may require a different type of clothing. Don’t worry, the long sleeve legging set is super versatile and perfect for all types of workouts. However, if you want more variety, you can add the best comfortable bra like a sports bra to mix and match with your leggings. A sports bra provides strong support to keep the shape and position of your breasts comfortable while you are actively moving. Meanwhile, for low-impact workouts like yoga, you can wear an elegant and comfortable bandeau yoga bra.

Fashionable Activewear Is What We All Need

Because we need to look and feel good during workouts!

Complementing the super comfy material, Cosmolle puts fashionable designs and colors into their long sleeves legging set so you can wear it with confidence, and even make it part of your stunning outfit every day. The beautiful colors offered to look elegant with a minimalist and timeless design. The classic scoop neckline makes it easy for you to combine it with any outfit, while the leggings look stylish on everyone thanks to the ruched seam which gives the perfect buttocks-lifting effect. The leggings are also designed with a high waist cut to provide tummy control and make your legs look slim and long.

You can wear this legging set in many different combinations. You can pair the leggings with a fashionable wireless bra from Cosmolle, wear the long-sleeve top with your favorite jeans, or mix and match according to your own ideas.

Wearing the right activewear allows you to focus on your every exercise movement, without too many distractions. Meanwhile, wearing fashionable activewear can build your confidence and joy. If you can get both in one long sleeve legging set, why not?


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