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What Is the Most Popular Thing to Dress Up for Halloween 2022

If you are tired of old-school horror costumes and want to try something new and something that looks trendy in 2022, this article is what you need.

It’s a great time to start preparing for Halloween as on one side many stores already have Halloween stuff on their aisles and on another side you still have lots of time to order online your party clothes and accessories to receive the package (it might take some time and patience to wait for it so it’s good you started to do it earlier than the last few days before the Halloween party or your social media photoshoot) or you also during this time might explore all stores in your area and what products they have in stock. You still can get the best one.

Most of these costume ideas are super easy and if you have a pretty big wardrobe, maybe you even have all needed in it, who knows? Maybe you finally take on a walk a sweater that was on your clothing rack for years but for some reason, you were not wearing it.

Anyways, let’s talk about the freshest and trending costume suggestions that may be just what you dream to become… At least for one day.

  1. Harry Styles. We already can predict that Harry Styles will be one of the most popular choices of all celebrities. You might even already heard of Harryween. It’s when you dress up as Harry during the October holiday celebration. We are very shocked about it as he is mega-popular for more than a decade now, but in recent years become the true prince of pop with his incredible songs, music videos that look more like movies, and, of course, his outfit choices. Most of them are one of the easiest costumes for Halloween. You definitely have most of what you will need in your closet.
  • Bridgerton 19th century dress/suit. Great thing that you may find your look in vintage stores and you don’t need look specifically for Bridgerton outfits. Search “Pastel 19th century dress” online and you might find a dress of main character. Or you may choose more colorful and brighter options if you like a main character in second season more.
  • Cruella. That cartoon character was always popular during Halloween after iconic animated film but when recently she have got her own movie, she became a queen of costumes for Halloween (and not only for Halloween). The main thing you need is a wig and red lipstick, for outfit it must something glamorous and unique. Red, black and white will look the best.
  • Bride corpse. Already been one of the most popular choices for outfits during the main fall holiday for over a decade. We couldn’t mention it. My Halloween stores have a costume to become her or you might make it by yourself if you want it to look extra fancy. Just buy a cheap but real wedding dress, add some blue paint on your skin and a little bit of creativity and you’re ready to become a bride, you even don’t need a groom, this outfit is enough by itself.
  • Hocus Pocus witches. Another not less important and iconic costume people choose for the spookiest parties of the year. We love the fact that you can choose any of the three looks, either depending on your hair color or your favorite character. That would be even more iconic if you have two more friends so you three could be all witches from Hocus Pocus this year.
  • Doctor Strange. One of the most recent Marvel movies so outfits will be undoubtedly one of the most worn for Halloween 2022.  
  • Maddie from Euphoria. Probably the biggest reason why the show became viral is it’s dreamy aesthetic. Everyone tried the famous glitter makeup the show made the megatrend. But outfits are not less fashionable and iconic, so you should try some of the looks of the main fashionista of the series.

So we hope we gave some good ideas you would like to try during Halloween parties or maybe you want to create many looks during October so you can try them all.


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