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Collagen fabrics are an eco-friendly replacement for cotton and polyester, which adversely affect freshwater sources and contribute to emissions. Collagen Polyamide Yarn is sourced from fish scales and has biomimetic fibers with unique and permanent collagen coating. The yarn is woven together to create our signature, luxurious, buttery-soft Cosmolle fabric that is eco-friendly, feels great on the skin, and is also a form of skincare. At Cosmolle, we create feel-good and look-good women’s bras and underwear. Our products underscore our commitment to creating items that make women feel good about their body types while doing our part in caring for the environment. Want to know about how we turn recycled fish scales into Collagen-infused bras? Read on.

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Collagen fabrics are an eco-friendly replacement for cotton and polyester, which adversely affect freshwater sources and contribute to emissions. Collagen Polyamide Yarn is sourced from fish scales and has biomimetic fibers with unique and permanent collagen coating. Cosmolle fabric is eco-friendly, feels great on the skin, and is also a form of skincare.

What is Collagen?

Collagen polyamide yarn, the main product we use to make comfortable underwear for women, is derived from fish scales. Fish scales contain marine collagen peptides and amino acids. Marine fish scales are a great source of Collagen, extracted using advanced chemical and enzymatic digestion methods. The fish scales are obtained from select species containing a high proportion of Collagen.

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We apply a chemical process that effectively eliminates unnecessary proteins from the surface of the fish scales. We then extract the fish scale collagen through proprietary and intricate methods that involve several enzyme baths and acid treatments.

Working with fish-scale Collagen

The Upcycled fish scales contain Collagen that is tough and hard-wearing. We use the extracted Collagen to create functional Collagen Polyamide fabric that resembles wool and silk while retaining the characteristic of being soft, moisture-wicking, aerated, and odor-suppressing. The collagen fibers are painstakingly checked and tested severally for skin sensitivity and irritation issues before turning them into the usable textile fabric. The collagen fiber we produce retains all characteristics of Collagen, like strength, durability, breathability, and hard-wearing. We then modify the fibers to create soft to the touch and skin-friendly fabric. Collagen-infused fabric sets a new direction for the next sustainable alternative in the creation of textiles.

Why we chose Collagen from fish scales

Aquatic animals like fish contain high amounts of collagen peptides in their scales and skin. Aquatic farms and coastal regions produce aquatic waste materials, including fish scales. Collagen from fish scales is found to be free of fat, prion, and antibiotics compared to Collagen from land animals. Collagen from fish scales contains several chemical compounds that can be blended into complex hierarchical fibers usable in making fabrics.

Branches fabric is lightweight, ductile, durable, strong, and resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. Fabric from fish scale collagen is also soft and skin-friendly, making it ideal for clothes like bras and underwear. We use fish-scale Collagen because it is free of common toxins and has a unique structure that allows us to create the best bras and underwear for women.

Our process has been refined to ensure we produce exquisite items. We first collect the fish scales by purchasing recycled fish scales from farming fisheries that support our eco-friendliness cause.

Creating the fabric

The collected scales are taken through intense chemical purification, washing, crushing, enzyme treatment, and esterification that transforms the collected Collagen into usable fabric in the form of our Collagen Polyamide Yarn.

Turning the fabric into clothes

The collagen-infused polyamide yarn is weaved into a fabric using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create smoother lines and make the process energy efficient. 3D printing also allows us to create our collagen products by gluing together parts with room for aeration.

Where you come in

We create the most comfortable wireless bra in different designs and colors according to your desires. Once we are done printing and checking, we deliver your items to you in 100% recyclable paper packaging. You can now experience our collagen-infused products and be confident that you did your part in caring for the environment by caring for yourself.

Anti-slip Strapless Push Up Bra

The 3D printing technology

We use 3D printing technology to glue together the outer and inner fabrics of the underwear and bras for women we design. The collagen fiber printing technology adds graphics and thickness according to item needs. It makes our bra and underwear for women super-breathable by creating spaces between fabrics. This lets your skin breathe freely to prevent rashes. Our 3D printing process is sustainable and energy-efficient, producing very little waste.

Collagen-infused bras & underwear:

Self-care through skincare use 3D printing technology that spaces the fabric to give it a soft feel with 50% more air permeability compared to other interlocking fabrics for all-day comfort when worn. The collagen polyamide fabric also has a higher moisturizing effect, allowing your skin to retain moisture and prevent dryness. Wearing collagen-infused bras and underwear from Cosmolle is introducing self-care to your skin by adding Collagen, amino acids, and antioxidants. Bras and underwear produced from collagen polyamide yarn are also naturally deodorizing. This tones down odor, and the durable construction ensures the clothes can withstand continuous wear and wash cycles without breaking down. The material introduces Collagen, amino acids, and antioxidants onto the skin. This improves your skin’s elasticity and delays signs of aging while keeping your skin hydrated and feeling comfortable all day.

Cosmolle: Comfortable, eco-friendly, great looking

Using Collagen sourced from fish scales is our way of promoting environmental care by reducing aquatic waste. Our sustainable production methods also ensure that our fabrics are biodegradable and in line with our purpose to push the limits on what is eco-friendly.

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Our most comfortable underwear is carefully fashioned from Collagen polyamide yarn into items that women will love and love to wear. At Cosmolle we put personal care and environmental responsibility at the top of the list. That’s why our products are as unique and as beautiful as the many women who use them.


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