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How to Match an Evening Dresses Spring 2021

One of the biggest questions that pops into our minds when we receive a night party invite is what protocol to follow when it comes to clothing. This item is directly linked to the moment it will be celebrated. The parties celebrated during the night have rules and, therefore, we will help you to understand each one of them. And, as much as we often don’t follow these rules to the letter, it never hurts to know what they are to break them or not.

Step 1. Choose the ideal dress cut

Although the choice of a dress also depends on the time of year, at night, long dresses tend to reign supreme. However, there are new trends that speak of the importance of the short dress at any time of day. Long dresses, according to some experts, if it is a wedding are reserved for bridesmaids and bridesmaids, while the rest of the guests should opt for short or midi dresses. It’s up to you to choose what kind of dress you’re most comfortable with.

If you choose to wear a short dress, the dark colors will fit like a glove for such an event. If you prefer a long model, black has always been a color often used in evening events and, given the elimination of the ban on this tone at weddings, it can be a good choice. However, you can risk many other shades.

Step 2. Adapt to the venue

It is also fundamental in choosing the dress and has to do with the style of the celebration. Taking into account increasingly peculiar scenarios, the alternative looks are also increasingly different and the possibilities greater, leaving aside the old school looks. Why, if the party is on a beach? A long dress with high heels doesn’t come to mind if there is sand and water in between, so the ideal look would be a shorter dress, in lighter colors and with lighter fabrics.

For parties in more sophisticated and luxurious spaces, such as hotels or buffets, the long party dress is the perfect choice, according to the style that the bride and groom thought of for the wedding. On this occasion, you can choose to wear shoes with higher heels.

Step 3. Take into account your body shape

You are the person who knows your body the most. But if you still have any doubts about what kind of outfit looks good on you, consult an expert. It is important to know what suits you best, what type of dress highlights your strengths and, as far as possible, hide your weaknesses if that is your intention.

If you are very thin, the ideal dress for you would be a printed model that generates a certain volume. Also, choosing a dress with drape in the bust area is a great option if you want to highlight this area more.

Step 4. Combine with add-ons

It depends a lot on the style of the party and, consequently, the dress you wear. Because less is more, and in the case of a flashy dress on its own, with accessories attached to the fabric itself, it’s hardly necessary to wear much more.

In an event that is the night, the ideal is to bet on jewelry and that they are the main complement of your look. They should stand out if the dress is simpler or serve as a “support” if the dress has a lot of details. Highlight for jewelry with stones, long earrings, and jewelry with diamonds, which sparkle but without looking like a Christmas tree.

Just as important as choosing the perfect dress is choosing the right guest’s shoes. There’s the question of the style that needs to match the dress and other accessories, but you also have to think about whether that shoe won’t make you sit up all night with pain in your feet. It is already part of the collective consciousness that long dresses are usually accompanied by high heels in order to show off the shoe and wear the length of the dress smoothly. And it’s a good option, but not the only one: the latest fashion is to wear flat shoes with this type of dress, whether it’s closed-toe shoes or sandals. It is a fashion that was born in Paris, one of the most elegant places in the world, following styles that escape excess.

For an evening party, we recommend using a discreet but youthful clutch, which is the perfect complement. It will be an accessory that doesn’t stand out (if you don’t want to) but that brings the elegant touch that you are looking for it to your look. Because a handbag is a sophisticated bet that you can play with in different ways. It can be a different color than the dress, creating contrast; ‘total look’, using the same shade or jewel clutch, where the bag takes the spotlight when worn with a simpler dress.


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