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You must have heard of the saying – First impression is the best impression. That’s why it becomes necessary for every woman to look beautiful and presentable on the first dates. Even if you are meeting the guy for the 15th time, you have to be successful in taking his breath away. Many of us give up our favorite dresses thinking how the love handles are going to be visible, your butt is going to look small or your thighs are going to jiggle like jellies. Worry not! Shapewear is convenient and also an economic option for looking your best! When you can get your hands on the right ones, they’ll change your life for the good. Here are 5 shapewear types that you must consider for your date nights.

Best shapewear for women are good to be worn under long maxi dresses or below- the knee body-cons. They are good at hiding the fat around the stomach line and also do a good job of diminishing the size of those thighs. They enhance the visibility of your bust and shape your butt in the right way. They focus on accentuating your natural figure and ironing the popping fat. You can wear your favorite outfits without thinking twice.

The seamless shapewear is the shapewear bodysuits. It is a great advantage to wear shapewear that is uniform and smooth throughout. In this way, you can hide the fact that you have a shaper underneath your clothes. The seamless shapewear piece is going to blow your cover if you sit or stand in the wrong way. That’s not the case with these.

If you are worried about how flat your butt looks, then you should opt for the shapers that facilitate butt-lifting. They do hide the flab near the stomach area but the entire focus of these shorts is on those buttocks. They push them up and make them look toned and perfect. Any gown, jeans or jumpsuits that you wear will look phenomenal.

Lace is always a good option for sensual lovers. It adds a touch of spice and naughtiness when you combine it with lingerie. Many women prefer to have nets or lace on their inner wears while some stay away because of skin irritation. If you have no biological restrictions, then go for the shapewear that has good lacy options. You never know where that pretty candlelight dinner will lead to.

CoreSculpt™ Latex Short Torso Waist Trainer

If you have no thigh fat, no arm flab but your stomach’s popping out, go for the shaper panties. These are having their entire focus on your waist and do everything to hide that fat. They are great if you don’t like to stay compressed in places where it’s not required. Of course you can also head to the if you need a workout intimate to improve your exercise performance. It is featured with design for lowering belly fat as well as thigh controlling. You will feel best supported while running, cycling, rowing and other fitness activities.

If you are looking for one place where you can have all of these, then the answer to that query is – Shapellx Shapewear. They are the leading brand that has been offering satisfying shapewear to a wide range of customers. You will love the shapewear range that they’ve got and you can see the real result of shapewear before and after difference offered by the customers.


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