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When we hear the word Halloween, the usual things that come to our mind are the creepy, spooky costumes. We often see people in figures and shapes that seem to belong to other worlds. While it’s true that Halloween has this dark and unscriptural origin, we can make it lighter and more fun. 

You can break the trend. Be as delightful as you can be with these costumes that mesmerize rather than scare people.

Costumes for Fab not Fat

You do not have to worry so much when you gain weight recently. Halloween costumes are not limited to a body shape. In fact, it is the season when you could be different and the same at the same time. Different in a way that you will pretend to be who you want to be, and the same in a way that you can still be you without compromising your style. 

These plus-sized costumes are great when you want to appear with a little Bohemian style. This hippie get-up with many fringe designs and accessories allows you to move comfortably. You do not have to be conscious of your body as it covers most of your body. 

This is also the season when you can break stereotypes. If before, only thin people were acceptable to play the role of a goddess, today, we can have a plus-sized one. If you want to be a goddess, all you need is a long white dress with a nice headdress. 

Costumes that take you back to the past

It would be nice to take your friends down memory lane by your nostalgic costume. It can be as simple and as funny as the people in the ’80s when they exercise. This costume can save you a lot of time because all you need is to recycle the clothes that you have in your closet. Nice sweatpants and a tight-fitting shirt would do!

When you want to take a trip much further to the past, how about trying these medieval costumes? This is also a perfect wardrobe to wear especially in the cold weather. The thick clothing material of the medieval costumes gives extra warmth to your body. Plus, most medieval costumes do not reveal too much skin.

Costumes that Dare

If you want to experiment and try different get-ups this Halloween, you can rock your style by trying out these fearless occupational costumes with a twist. For example, a sexy nurse costume or a sweet police officer, you name it. Most of these costumes are quite daring but this is a good opportunity to show your other side for fun. 

The world is dark enough because of many things that happened this 2021. Things have been a little frightening as we face uncertainties and downtimes. This Halloween, you could try to be a breath of fresh air with these costumes that never aim to scare people. 


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