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Body Shape: what shape are you? Find out what best meets your body’s needs and find your personalized routine!

Apple-shaped or pear-shaped? Do you hear about it often but don’t know your body shape? Knowing your Body Shape is very important, to be able to become aware of your strengths and enhance them, but also to recognize the weaknesses and improve them with the right habits. Let’s find out all the body shapes, the right habits that every body shape should follow, and the product we recommend you use to improve your shapes!

The body shapes are mainly five: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, oval and rectangle. To recognize the shape of your body you need to take a few minutes to observe yourself well and objectively. Let’s analyze them all in detail.

Body Shape: the hourglass shape

This body shape is characterized by a similar width between shoulders and hips, and a defined waist. The hourglass body is characterized by the presence of “curves” and is characterized by the following characteristics:

– Busty breasts

– Slim waist

– Large pelvis bones and protruding posterior

– Pronounced hips and legs

– Uniform accumulation of weight

Strengths: slim waist

Weak points: hips and thighs

Hourglass physique: Beauty Routine

The hourglass woman has the typical Mediterranean shapes: pronounced hips, narrow waist and large breasts. This feminine physicality will need a specific routine that includes body treatments that focus above all on toning the breasts and on the imperfections of cellulite.

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Body Shape: the triangle shape (or pear shape)

The triangle woman is smaller in the upper body and more pronounced in the legs and hips. It is mainly characterized by curved lines and is characterized by the following characters:

– narrow, small or drooping shoulders

– small breasts

– not very broad bust

– slim waist

– wide pelvis bones with pronounced hips and thighs

– weight accumulation almost and exclusively from the waist down

Strengths: the waist

Weak points: hips, butt, and thighs

Pear Body: Beauty Routine

For this type of body, it is good to constantly follow a beauty routine that focuses on the lower limbs and that helps stimulate capillary microcirculation and peripheral circulation, thus counteracting the imperfections of cellulite. It is advisable to apply a cream with a draining and anti-cellulite action by massaging carefully and insisting on adipose accumulations and pads.

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Body Shape: the inverted triangle (or apple) shape

The inverted triangle woman is more developed in the upper part, the shoulders are wider than the hips. It is characterized by straight and curved lines and is characterized by the following characters:

– broad shoulders

– prosperous breasts (not always)

– narrow pelvis

– thin legs

– weight accumulation on the breasts, arms, and back

Strengths: slender legs and straight shoulders

Weaknesses: Obvious upper body imbalance

Apple Body: Beauty Routine

The targeted treatments for this fitness should therefore focus on reducing abdominal fat and toning the arms, chest, and breasts. Yes to firming creams with a specific shock action for areas subject to skin relaxation but also to creative treatments for the belly, hips, and abdomen as they reactivate cellular metabolism and favor the destocking of fats.

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Body Shape: the rectangle shape

The rectangle woman is characterized by the same width between shoulders and hips, and the absence of the waistline. She is mainly characterized by straight lines and is characterized by the following characters:

– pelvis and shoulders of the same width

– not particularly marked waistline

– small breasts

– slender legs

– normal or flat butt

– accumulation of low weight and in any case on the whole body

Strengths: lean physique

Weaknesses: absent waist

Rectangle Physical: Beauty Routine

A good body beauty routine must therefore guarantee hydration, nourishment, and toning.

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Body Shape: the oval shape

The oval woman has shoulders and pelvis of the same width but a greater expansion of the abdomen. She is mainly characterized by curved lines and is characterized by the following characters:

– large bust cone small to prosperous breasts

– pelvis and shoulders of the same width

– lean and straight legs

– waistline just mentioned

– weight accumulation on the belly and waist

Strengths: the legs

Weaknesses: soft abdomen

Oval body: Beauty Routine

The protagonist of the beauty routine: the abdomen. Prefer firming and remodeling treatments that help fight fatty deposits.

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