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Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter and is somewhat considered an icon. Not only is she famous for her chart-topping songs, she is well known for her fashion choices too.  Taylor has a well-developed sense of style and she has put a stamp on the fashion scene with an array of dazzling outfits.  She has been spotted on the red carpet with gorgeous gowns and chic street style clothes when is not in the limelight.  Taylor is a great role model for girls all over the world when it comes to fashion.  Needless to say, her wardrobe is the envy of many.  She has received praises from fashion critics for her choice of outfits on the red carpets to the ensembles she wore when touring, music videos or simply out to grab a coffee.  Taylor always looks her best by relying on these signature styles.

Ms. Swift began her career as a country singer and her fashion choices in the beginning reflected that. She was wearing pretty and feminine outfits and had her hair in blond curls. Her sense of style changed as her career evolved.  Her outfits became edgier and more daring as she went into pop music.

Whether she was wearing a gown or mini skirts, the outfits she wore usually shows her long beautiful legs. In the recent years, her ensemble have been flashy and revealing. Besides her fashion style, her hairstyle has also gone through many transformations over the years.

If you are looking for some style inspirations from Taylor Swift and how you can copy her style for a successful wardrobe, well read ahead.

Stick with style that works

Swift’s go to party outfits is the one-shoulder dress that cinches at the waist.  This look is very on-trend and it shows some skin without being too much.

Invest in a Little Black Dress

An evening dress or gown is a worthwhile investment for the occasional fancy event.  Choose a simple black dress and it will last forever.  A black dress can easily be dressed up or down and never goes out of style.

Keep things low-key when wearing sparkles

If you have a shimmering dress in your closet, remember to skip statement jewelry and accessories.  You have to let your dress do all the talking. Taylor wore her sequined frock with matching pumps and dainty hoop earrings.  She even kept her hair and makeup simple. Like they all say, less is more.

Get some colorful accessories

If you want to freshen up a basic look, just add some playful accessories in fun cheerful colors. Swift’s maroon heels and blue bag spice up her simple black knit top and yellow skirt.

Channel your inner cowgirl

Taylor Swift often embraces her inner country girl in a youthful and hip way by pairing cowboy boots with her outfit. Cowboy boots are wardrobe classics much like jeans and white button-downs. Don’t be afraid to rock them. More fashion info please visit


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