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Have you ever experienced wearing make-up, but it just melts so fast because you`re sweating? Wearing make-up during summer seems like a chore, especially when you have to redo it multiple times a day to keep you looking fresh.

Using the right cosmetics that are summer-friendly will also greatly help you to look mind-blowingly stunning, like a summer beauty. Here`s how you can use make-up to your advantage by following practical make-up application tips for summer:

1. Apply a Tinted Sunscreen Instead of a Full-Faced Coverage Foundation

We can all agree the summertime is a sweaty time. However, if you`re not indoors all the time, wearing make-up can make you look more haggard than fresh, especially if it keeps melting.

To combat this problem, choose to apply a tinted sunscreen instead of using a thick foundation layer. Wearing sunscreen instead of foundation will also help you protect your lovely skin from the harsh UV Rays! Also, choose the highest SPF that you can get to prevent premature skin aging.

2. Don`t forget to Use Primer

Wearing a primer for your face before applying make-up is like using a base coat for your canvas painting. Isn`t it best to have a smooth and well-set foundation before building your art?

Applying a primer before doing your make-up will give you a smoother finish, help you use less make-up, and make the make-up application easier.

3.Instead of Using a Lipstick, Try a Lip Oil Instead

A lip balm or lip oil is still more hydrating than lipstick. For a dewy look, something glossy would be preferable! For this season, you would want to look glowy, fresh, and natural. So choose a lip color that complements your skin tone for a lovely look.

4.Choose Light and Shimmery Eye Shadows

Dark and bold colors are fun, but they can be too heavy for summer make-up. The goal is simple, natural, and fresh make-up looks. Light brown, beige, pink, blue, and gold are the right colors for this season. Add a bit of shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes, the middle of your eyelid, and under your waterline for brighter and bigger eyes.

5.Use a Creamy Blush

A cream blush is better absorbed by your skin and is most likely to apply better with a high temperature during summer.

Rosy cheeks and suntanned glow are trendy blush colors that will look natural on almost anyone.

6.Take Advantage of a Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter is like icing on your cake. It will complete your make-up by adding hints of glow, mainly if you apply it correctly. The bridge of your nose, cupid`s bow, brow bone, top of your cheekbones, and center of your forehead are the key areas you should apply the highlighter on.

7.Spritz a Rose Dew or Aloe Mist to Keep Your Face Feeling Cool and Fresh

Finish your make-up with a setting spray or an aloe mist to lock the make-up into your skin. You can also carry a rose dew mist that you can spritz from time to time to keep you looking and feeling cool and fresh.

Follow these simple summer make-up tips for a stress-free and beautiful time enjoying the warmth of the season. Always remember this best tip in applying make-up during hot days: Less is Always More!  


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