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Evening dresses trends have been changing over the years while keeping the basics the same! Let’s see which trends for evening dresses will be popular in 2021!

When it comes to 2021, fashion, in general, won’t be much different from 2020. When we talk about trends for evening dresses, those basics that will stay popular through this year are bodycon and maxi dresses. Maxi dresses have been winning the hearts of women all over the world in the past few years. Maxi dresses or floor-length dresses will stay considered as the main choices for evening dresses. It’s possible to style maxi dresses for every occasion so it’s clear why women love them. The specific type of maxi dresses that will be on the top on the list of trends for 2021 are dresses with fluffy and multi layered skirt. That reminds us of Disney princesses and of 80s. The reason why this type of dresses are becoming the top trend for evening dresses is the fact that glamorous looks are the goal of most of the women who follow the fashion trends. Dresses with fluffy and multi layered skirts are, basically, the synonym for glamour. Women who prefer comfortableness will not enjoy in these dresses because they limit the movements and it’s extremely hard to dance in them! But, pretty hurts, right?

However, it doesn’t have to be like that because there are other types of evening dresses that will stay or become popular in 2021. Other types of maxi dresses can be comfortable and women enjoy wearing them a lot! The most popular trend in 2021, when it comes to maxi dresses, besides maxi dresses with multi layered skirts, will be openwork dresses with lace details. Yes, that’s right – lace is THE trend again! Some of the most popular designers all over the world and their brands are going to release a lot of different lace maxi dresses for 2021. Lace often reminds us of black or red colors. This time, although those colors are classics, new colors are the main trends. Colors that are called pastel and nude will be the biggest trends for evening dresses in 2021.

Pastel colors such as pink pastel, blue pastel or purple pastel, and nude shades have stepped on the fashion stage on the end of 2020 and they won’t be stepping down soon. Women are loving those shades, especially nude ones. The minimalistic way of dressing up has become something women aim for. After all of these years of glamour, although we still have some trends that are the glamorous, the minimalism is, slowly but surely, coming to life.

And the last trend for evening dresses in 2021, but definitely not least, that will be discussed in this article is Greek style dresses! If you are wondering what is a Greek style of dresses, be sure to check out the photo below because it will instantly be clear why they are called that way. Greek mythology and their history is fascinating and it is not a secret that mythologies and cultures of different nations inspire fashion designers. After inspiring the fashion designers, they often become huge trends in fashion world! Greek dresses look so comfortable, yet so stunning and gorgeous! Chiffon, organza and silk are just some of the materials which are able to create unique Greek style dress that will be loved, not this season, but for years! These dresses are so simple that they can be paired with different accessories, shoes or other fashion pieces in order to create multiple different looks for special occasions. Although they are statement pieces, while being combined in different ways, nobody could discover you are wearing the same dress.

That’s why women love Greek style dresses – they can use it and wear it multiple times, and still look uniquely beautiful and stunning every time!

Multiple trends for evening dresses in 2021 can be combined together. So, it’s possible to find Greek style dresses in pastel and nude colors. These colors really go together with the style of these dresses! They are soft, gorgeous and feminine – just as the Greek style of dresses. Lace on Greek style dresses is really rare but wanted! One of those examples is listed down below where you can see a really special type of a dress. This dress can be used for weddings as a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. It’s so beautiful and yet, so simple. It can be said that this dress represents most of the trends for evening dresses in 2021 connected together. It has lace, nude colors and Greek style.

If you aren’t sure which trend of evening dresses to follow – choose by your character and the main pros and cons of each of these dresses. You can’t go wrong while following your own character because your character produces your style.


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