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Skulls elements were a very popular symbol for decades since the beginning of the rock and roll era this is a reference to that genre and to many other genres that were born from there.

they desire something that would scare and be strong, that would attract attention, and that it could be used in many ways and at any time.

Rock bands

In the 90’s with the grunch era it was changed to a more intense style to something more misaligned, and when pop/rock bands became popular at the beginning of the millennium.

This symbol expanded much more, for artists like Avril Lavigne I used a lot the pink to relate it to all the girls who liked that style but didn’t necessarily have to be all black, making rock a little softer than it was to attract new generations.

Hair clips to earrings and bracelets

Joined this new generation of music and style, brands further commercialized the symbol of skulls but with a more commercial style for teenagers who wanted to look like their favorite artists.

Pink was a companion to clothing, it became bags, sneakers, and all kinds of accessories for teenagers, from hair clips to earrings and bracelets.

And so it grew and many bands appeared that used that symbol as inspiration from the past to return that more hardcore touch of those years and little by little like all fashions it was fading.

Perhaps teenagers used too much about it and when their style evolved and they became young adults, many only have these pieces as souvenirs of fashion and their taste in music at the beginning of the time.

Now when we think of skulls, we only remember that soft rock era at the beginning of 2000 where we all used it in such an adolescent way and we don’t see ourselves wearing it again unless a designer makes it chic and usable for everyday life, make it look too grunch or too hardcore.

And that is why we bring you this post because you cannot miss this fashion in the chicest way than ever, and that you can use in your day to day, reminding you of those old times. Brands and designers have been able to add that rock and roll style to many of their collections without making it exaggerated, such as Saint Laurent for example. Hedi Slimane revolutionized the brand with a darker and more sophisticated style without looking cheap and brought Yves Saint Laurent back to life.


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