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It is for certain that coats will be a staple in most people`s outerwear with the cold season right now and the upcoming winter season. Coats are such blessings because they`re the upgraded version of your regular jackets and cardigans. Coats are stylish and chic. You`re probably already thinking of getting a new one for this year. Before you that, check out these tips below to know everything about wearing a coat this fall:

Your coat doesn`t have to be boring.

Brushed Plaid Flap-Pocket Coat Tiger Print Longline Coat Buffalo Plaid Longline Coat


A lot of coats like trench coat comes in a plain color like black, gray, and brown. Many ladies are not too comfortable going out of their comfort zone when it comes to buying coats so they stick to standards ones. Contrary to popular belief, your coat doesn`t have to be boring. You can still get a statement coat which can also be worn with a lot of clothing styles. You can get a plaid or tiger print coat to add personality to any basic outfit. This will help you to instantly look stylish without too much effort.

Coats Upgrades your Look

Wool Blend Bouclé Coat  Oregon Car Coat



Coats also instantly upgrades a basic outfit. Even if you`re just wearing a plain shirt with a pair of high waist jeans, or skirt, you can look dressed up easily with a cute coat whether it`s a trench coat or a car coat. This is definitely an excellent way to look stylish in the morning when you`re in a hurry.

Look Casually Chic with a Pair of Jeans

Theory Soia & Kyo Avec Les Filles

Oaklane Belted Wrap Coat Sera Long Coat – 100% Exclusive Plaid Trench Coat


Coats are best worn with a pair of jeans especially this fall. You can wear a long stylish trench coat, and wear it with a pair of black, blue or ripped jeans. You can wear this with a pair of kitten heels, sneakers and a pair of ankle boots. You can also accessorize with a thin gold belt and gold jewelries.

Wearing a pair of jeans with coats is also a great idea if you want to rock the stylish street fashion look. Just add a small bucket bag and a wool blend beret to complete the outfit.

Rock those Boots!

Ankle Boots Chunky-soled Boots


Trench coats can possibly make you look shorter or chunkier if not styled appropriately. If you`re wearing a pair of shorts or skirts and a top underneath your coat, opt to wear high boots like knee-length ones. If you`re wearing a long skirt or a pair of high waist jeans, opt for a pair of ankle boots. This way there`s a great balance between your shirt, bottoms, and your coat.

Opt for Single Breasted Coats for an Effortlessly Stylish Look

If you want to wear a coat casually, you can opt for a single-breast trench coat because it looks like a mix of a trench coat, cardigan and blazer all in one. This way, you can still look dressed up but not overdressed especially for simple and casual errands outside.


Chrissie Single-Breasted Trench Coat


Now that you know, you don`t have to stick with just basic and casual coats. You can look stylishly chic with a well-designed coat that has an uncommon design, at the same time wear them with a pair of jeans for a street fashion look. Just always remember to keep a great balance in your over-all look.


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