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By the time you read this, it is probably already falling. And do you know what piece of clothing is perfect for this season? Well, as you could probably already conclude based on the title we are going to talk about hoodies here.

Hoodies are actually almost always wearable. Depending on where you live you can wear a hoodie even during summer sometimes ( for example when you finish your training and you do not want to catch a cold than the logical thing to do is to throw on a hoodie ).  It is a must-have a sporty piece of clothing. Some people even where incorporated in their everyday outfit ( of course it depends on your style, whether you are sporty or some other type of person ). But no matter that, you need to have a hoodie! Well, even if you do not work out it is a perfect comfortable baggy piece of clothing that you could wear around the house. Now, let’s cut to the case. We wanted to show you some of our favorite hoodies that we found when we went through some of the online shops:

1. Mango basic white hoodie

Hooded flowy sweatshirt
Hooded flowy sweatshirt

Is there a better hoodie to choose from than a basic white hoodie? I mean this one you could wear in so many ways. You can even incorporate it into an everyday casual look and make a sport / elegant outfit. It is an ideal piece for all of you who love to travel comfortably.

2. Mango basic black hoodie

Hooded flowy sweatshirt

ok, this model caught our attention so much that we had to list it in another color as well. When you have a basic white hoodie you also have to have a basic black hoodie, isn’t that right?

3. Zara oversized lillac hoodie 


This color became so popular and loved lately. It would be really interesting to incorporate this hoodie into your closet.

4. Asoss Collusion printed hoodie 

if you want something a bit more interesting than just a classic one-color hoodie than take a look at this beautiful autumnal print hoodie.

5. Rolling Stones Tongue Hoodie 

here is another example of an interesting printed hoodie. Animal print is back in trend every autumn so why not rock the streets in this beautiful Versace hoodie? Just imagine all the ways you could wear it and all the looks it would attract.

Rolling Stones Tongue Hoodie
Rolling Stones Tongue Hoodie


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