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The sixth page has learned that the organizers of the iconic Halloween parade have been sued for allegedly placing the incident at risk of a financial crisis.

Long-term parade donor Frank “SuperFrank” Copsidas, Jr. In a court document filed with the Supreme Court of New York on Monday, he claimed that he was invited to join the board in 2017 – but he said he was surprised to find that nearly $300,000 in donations were earmarked by the secretary of the non-profit organization, Jennifer Fleming, as her ” Retirement fund”.

He also claimed that the board failed to obtain proper insurance for the parade and volunteers, while cash donations from city agencies broadcast in NY1 were transferred to another account for a Christmas parade in northern New York.

At the same time, his complaint alleges that non-profit accountants have made ominous disclaimers on these books.

SuperFrank tells the sixth page: “I grew up with Parade, in my DNA. My goal in this case is to ensure that the parade continues to succeed in the coming decades through a responsible board of directors.”

HI lawyer Peter Scoolidge added, “SuperFrank began contributing to the parade as a long-term parade in 2013. Secretary Jeanne Fleming asked him to join the Village Halloween Parade Inc. board of directors in September 2017 to help raise funds.

“Then he began to understand the finances and management of the non-profit organization. What he learned shocked him.”

The complaint stated: “Ms. Fleming explained to SuperFrank that she had borrowed money from the organization for many years and owed her huge debts.

“However, after investigating the financial situation of the Organization to determine the amount of debt to Ms. Fleming, SuperFrank could not find any amount paid by Ms. Fleming to the Organization. Instead, the Organization moved to Vaughan from 2007 to 2016. Ms. Laiming paid $20,000 to nearly $50,000, during which time she totaled $311,000.00.

“Ms. Fleming didn’t stop there. When SuperFrank told her that he couldn’t find any loan from her to the organization’s books, she became aggressive and accused him of trying to “get her out of her money.” . ”

According to court documents, SuperFrank replied that if the organization owes her money, he would like to know how to hand it over to her without violating any law.

“Ms. Fleming said that about $300,000.00 in her organization’s account is her “retirement fund” and she has been working hard to manage the parade for many years. “

When SuperFrank faced Fleming, the lawsuit alleged that she tried to sell him control of non-profit organizations in November 2017. He then expressed his concern to Board Chairman Richard Aldrich – he claimed that Su perFrank was not actually a board member.

In addition to this, the complaint claimed that even the parade website requested donations – some funds were siphoned to Sinterklass! In the Hudson Valley, it is also run by Fleming.

The complaint concluded: “SuperFrank now brings this derivative action to protect the parade from the financial crisis so that millions of New Yorkers can continue to enjoy it.

The sixth page is waiting for comments from the Halloween Parade Board.


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