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As a fracture, reconstruction and mixed family, there are many blood relatives and non-blood relatives. They like each other’s company. We set fire on the woods on Independence Day and eat a lot of pasta on Thanksgiving Day (this is produced by someone.) The tradition inexplicably doesn’t like turkeys) and trades dirty Santa gifts at Christmas (usually testing the goodwill of the season when doing so).

But we have Halloween.

This is our special holiday. We are very happy, afraid of some and welcome everyone.

Seven days after the recent Halloween, three years after my mother died, and one month after her husband and his stepfather died, I wrote this article.

I didn’t call him my stepfather because they got married after I was an adult. I know more about him as a good friend, a rude companion and a conspiracy of beer union.

In addition, due to the tendency to speed up the ticket, we are very happy to have a lawyer at home.

The seeds of these extraordinary Halloween celebrations have been planted for decades, because we, children and associates, in-laws and lawless elements, have changed from our own tricks or treatments to youth parties, with suspicious tricks, then young family. My children go door to door and ask for candy.

The headquarters is located in the center of the mother and Tony’s house, in a corner, painted a good Halloween traffic. At first, we distributed candy, surrounded by modest decorations, providing a wonderful smile for superheroes, princesses and pirates. It is nothing special.

But somewhere, we started to zoom in on it. The decoration has become more intense and the crowd has become more intense. My brother put together a realistic Michael Myers costume in the “Halloween” movie series and began patrolling the yard with a plastic knife.

Only a few celebrations screamed, teenagers took pictures with him boldly, and a large group of 30-year-old mothers remembered the film.

When a Halloween enthusiast in a city retires, we get a huge wooden replica of the electric chair with a dummy that violently vibrates and vibrates when the operator on the porch carefully presses the switch . It sent more than one horrible trick or processor.

We ate beer and pizza, candy, bats and ghouls, and children’s screams, a tracking psychological killer in a mask and a man sentenced to death in front of their eyes forever scarred – of course, it’s all interesting.

After my mother’s death, we continued to move half-heartedly and stopped when Tony was sick. He died a few weeks before Halloween and brought us a heavy blow. The electric chair was silent on October 31st.

A few days later, I received this message from the youngest brother: “Let’s start Halloween again next year.”

I think we can. We are a family of fractures, reconstructions and blends. There are many blood relatives and non-blood relatives. They like each other’s company, so everything is possible.

We will talk about pasta on Thanksgiving.


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