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This is the buzzing time of Hollywood. Halloweekend had a star at the Casamigos Halloween party, and Kate Hudson, Halsey and others hosted a feast. No, their costumes didn’t get politics; instead, they chose a pop culture look, from Harry Styles to Elton John to Chloe Grace Moretz as Tony Harding. This is the dress worn by Hollywood stars wearing 2018 Halloween costumes.

Just in time for the Dodgers World Series, singer Harry Styles wore sparkling Dodger uniforms and pink sunglasses, mimicking Elton John’s signature pajamas. John praised Styles’s expression at the Casamicos Halloween party in Beverly Hills on October 26 and approved “now this is what I call Halloween costumes.”

Beyonce pays homage to another great American singer by wearing an elf wig, jeans and leather jacket as Toni Braxton. Beyonce wrote a cover for an artificial album called Phoni Braxon and wrote on Instagram: “Send love and worship to one of our talented legends. Thank you for your countless troubles. Your tone, your beauty, Your range and the gift of heaven are always loving you. Halloween and Queens are happy Halloween.”

On October 31st, the costume master revealed her Halloween get up at her party – Heidi Klum from Shrek in Fiona, and Tom Kaulitz is also a celebrity character. Her annual party shows incredible prosthetic and make-up work every year because of her full appearance of ears, wigs, big nose and green skin. Klum used to be dressed as an old lady, a cat and a muscular system. Krum is very serious about Halloween, to say the least; her party has a policy of “no clothing, no entry.”

Cameron Post star Chloe Grace Moretz’s Miseducation plays Beautifula actress Kaitlyn Dever as Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan respectively. Dever had fake blood on his knees, which was the topic of the infamous figure skating injury and the 2018 Oscar film I, Tonya.

This weekend, Sarah Hyland (modern family) and Wells Adams’s Bachelor Nation became the Just Jared Halloween party dressed as Taco Bell. Hyland is a taco, while Adams wears a yellow ball dress from Beauty and the Beast, combining the look of Taco Bell.


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