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SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 19: A fan in cosplay attends 2018 Comic-Con International on July 19, 2018 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Quinn P. Smith/Getty Images)

How do these terrible spots make your skin crawl while keeping everyone safe?

8 News is now conducting a behind-the-scenes inspection with the local security team at Opportunity Village to see the whole process.

“Be prepared to be afraid,” said Steve Luce, security and security manager.

Luce explains the effort to improve the creep factor while maintaining safety, because attraction is a creepy haunt.

“I am very satisfied with what I can achieve,” Luz added. “Everyone is very safe.”

All guests must complete a comprehensive security check before anyone can pass through the cloak of the goblin and the ghoul.

“I think everyone should feel better once they board the plane,” said Luce.

Once the customer completes the baggage check, everyone will also get a metal detector scan.

“Now, before we enter the property, we have guards at the front door,” explains Luce. “Screen people, their bags are contraband, weapons.”

Actors are also subject to strict checks when they join intimidating customers. The entertainers undergo a rigorous review and meet before each show.

The spooky setting has several emergency exits to get rid of the shadows. If the experience is too large, the staff will have special instructions to help the guests outside.

“If they see someone panic out of control,” Luce said. “They can take the time to drive them out of the emergency exit.”

Luce hopes that security programs can help everyone have fun without real life fears.

“You know that we are doing cool,” Luce added. “The whole part is not just haunted.”


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