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Asheville, NJ (WLOS) – Will spend time dressing up for this weird occasion!

If you are looking for ideas for this season, experts will say that there is nothing more than classic and pop culture.

Robbie White of the Halloween Express said: “New movie. The movie is scary. The new Michael Meyers movie will be released in 2018, so everyone wants to see a new mask.”

If the horrible thing is not what you want, it is always a fun flash! Colton Harvey said: “Maybe some Mardi Gras stuff is cool.”

“I was there, I saw a steampunk outfit, like a duster, Assassin’s Creed, video game.” Caley Harrelson said Halloween is her favorite holiday, “because of all the terrible things, candy, because it is at night Held, I like the night.” She and her fiancé also like video game themes, “If they might have some video games leading to the game, or I know they have Forkland stuff out.”

Video games, favorite shows, movies, and long list of options.

“Fainos is the main villain, killing half of the universe with his fingers, so we got him, and then we got Thor, captain and triathlon,” Robbie Wright said. “You have to stay in pop music. Culture knows how hard these people and characters are. Halloween shows help you go there, and each vendor shows what they are going to make this year.”


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