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This is not a sensory version of Pope Rihanna, Mason Ramsay, or Ben Affleck’s back tattoo. (And, no, it’s not Gritty anyway.) But the most popular Halloween costume in 2018 is 2018.

This is not an important day, but Google’s Freightgeist has collected the most searched data about Halloween costumes in order to see the most popular clothing to date. Among the landslides, the most popular clothing is related to Fortnite.

The Freightgeist website will let you track the rise and fall of your clothing and provide a map where you can tap on the map. You know, if you are very curious, people in Mankato, Minnesota are considering what to wear. (According to the uninformed Google, people in Mangato are dressing up as rabbits.)

On the list, some clothing ideas are very specific, while others are closer to clothing categories like “superheroes” or “1980s”. Despite this, there are 48 national costume ideas. Although “universal fatigue” and “Oh, my God, how is it still 2018?” may fall on the radar, because they do not seem to be on the surface of clothing creativity.

2. Spiderman
3. Unicorn
6, Harley Quinn
7. Superhero
8. Pirates
9. Rabbit
10. Princess
11. Clown
12. Wonder Woman
13. Mouse
14. Superman Agents
15. Mermaid
16. Zombies
17. Doll
18. Batman
19. The 1980s
20. Bear
21. Black Panther
22. Vampires
23. Pumpkin
24. Chucky
25. Cheerleaders


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