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It’s already October! This means it’s time to start planning Halloween costumes.
Looking for some inspiration for the holiday on October 31 this year? We have provided you with protection.
Based on data from Pinterest and Google Search, we brought together seven popular fashion costumes this year. From popular TV shows to movies, etc., we will keep you ready.
Therefore, according to the analysis of consumer Google search by social media website and marketing data provider SEMrush, there is no special order here, this is the best pop culture Halloween costume in 2018:
Black panther
Angela Bassett plays Queen Ramona, while Leytia Wright plays the daughter’s first in the “Black Panther”. (Photo: MATT KENNEDY / MARVEL STUDIOS)
Let your character play a first-in-arm or mother-in-law Ramona costume like the one above, or let your entire Wakanda staff come together to bring more roles to life. This year Pinterest’s “Black Panther” clothing search volume increased by 504%.
Tony Harding
Archives of figure skaters Tonya Harding (left) and Nancy Kerrigan during the 1994 American Figure Skating Championships. (Photo: Merline Summers / Associated Press)
Like “I, Tony”? This Halloween costume is perfect for you. Plays Tonya Harding’s leotard and skirt. Is there a BFF? They can become Harding’s competitor Nancy Corrigan. Pinterest’s search for Tonya Harding apparel ideas has increased by 720%.
Edna mode
In the scene of riding, Edna Mode with glasses, a superhero fashion designer, takes care of Jack-Jack, the precocious super electric baby, and his family spins on a roller coaster. Committed to them. (Photo: Disney)
Looking for an ensemble that is easy to piece together? Dressed as a “Superman Agent” fashion designer / scientist Edna Mode. Your outfit definitely looks good and unbelievable. This year Pinterest’s search for Mode has increased by 669%.
Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) face more drama in the upcoming third season, “Riverdale.” (Photo: CW)
Let the team dress up as the character of your favorite fashion TV show, based on the Archie comic “Riverdale.” The search for “Riverdale” clothing rose by 316% this year at Pinterest.
Mamma Mia!
Young Tanya (Jessica Keenan Wynn), Young Donna (Lily James) and Young Rosie (Alexa Davies) play “Mamma Mia! Let’s come again.” (Photo: Image source: Jonathan Prime, Universal Studios)
“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” This “Mama Mia!” Halloween costume this year! Just grab your best friend, a pair of flared jeans and a microphone, and you can be the dancer of the party this holiday. Pinterest showed that the search for “Mamma Mia!” clothing this year caused an incredible surge, and the search volume increased by 1636%.
Harry and Megan
On May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Megan Marker left after a wedding ceremony at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England. (Photo: Ben Birchhall, Associated Press)
Looking for the perfect pop culture lovers? Just look at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! You can look for their exquisite engagement look, or if you feel really royal, then their wedding looks like. Pinterest search for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clothing increased by 733% this year.
Alison Berry plays Ruth’s ‘GLOW’. (Photo: Erica Parise / Netflix, Erica Parise, Netflix)
Last but not least, if you want to show off your sport on this Halloween, try to dress up as a wrestler Ruth Wilder, Liberty Belle, Zoya the Destroya or this year’s streaming series “GLOW” Any other role. This is a good idea for single companies, couples or groups. The Pinterest search has increased by 186% this year to search for the popular Netflix collection.


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