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Title insurance is boring, but Allied Title and Escrow explain the jargon here and make it (somewhat) more interesting. This bi-weekly column will explore the secular (but very necessary!) world of title insurance and share the interesting stories of two friends’ entrepreneurial ventures.

This week we will discuss how to dress up for Halloween as Ace and Gary lead to Saturday Night Live, Disney and ABC collaboration… Oh and this week’s title trick!

Yes, we’ll give you some headline tips this week, and I know last week’s headlines and obstacles. The horror story version of the racing industry is not the most inspiring, but today we will provide you with a somewhat absurd story telling you How to never know that the choices you make may lead to something bigger than you dreamed.

About 10 years ago, my friends and business partners (Steve Strov) and I (Latani) both hoped to win a costume competition on Halloween. We have been wondering why no one had sold it on Saturday nights. Ace and Gary costumes.

We decided to go to Wal-Mart to buy long John, underwear and food coloring. After 3 hours, we had what we thought was clothing, a bit similar to the characters in the show.

We went out that night, and the SNL fans provided $250 on the spot and won two Halloween costumes at a total price of $3,000. A nice little night! We decided that maybe we are doing something and we will sell them online in the second year.

Eleven months later, we remembered our success last year and decided to put on our homemade costumes in our photos from the previous year and pop up an Ebay store. I think we all hope we can produce some groceries and beer in October, maybe in November.

We’ve launched a small-pay-per-click campaign whose keywords are similar to “absurd costumes” and “Ace and Gary SNL” and what happened next was a bit shocking. Within one hour of a click-through campaign, we received an order.

We charge $150, so we think this is too expensive for people. Obviously this is not because we sold more than 300 garments in one week.

Now we are facing our biggest problem and how we will do it. After purchasing all the trousers and underwear in the Wal-Mart and Target markets, we produced garments 24 hours a day and actually completed all orders.

We do not know that we will sell so much. We know that we cannot continue to produce these garments unless we actually have a relationship with SNL. I sent a cool email to SNL, telling them to work together on Ace and Gary’s costumes. The shocking Broadway video (Lorne Michaels’ company dealing with licenses for SNL) responded. Then, I had a friend who joined this phone in the authorized business because I didn’t know what authorization even meant to help me negotiate a deal.

Experienced authorized representatives helped us reach an agreement, and next year we will create high-quality Ace and Gary clothing, which is one of the best-selling products in the country.

It grew very well and we sold the company we created – the absurd clothing company to a bigger Halloween Costumes Outlet company. Today is still the clothing sold online. Here is a photo of the friend we shot. We took the costume for our first photo.

After getting a license and understanding how to build the deal, my business partner and I eventually changed our ROC Race AKA ridiculous obstacle challenge to WIPEOUTRUN after cooperating with Disney and ABC’s hit TV show Wipeout.
We do not know what we are doing, but we continue to study hard. Fortunately we brought this knowledge to the next project. At Allied Title & Escrow, our relationship with us is not expected to lead to our biggest relationship today. You never know…

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