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Halloween Costumes OutletThe bearded lady was once the protagonist of the fanatical show. For the past six years, Ms. Beard has been the staple food of Burbank, and was partly crafted by atomic discs and Pin Up Girl Boutique, located on the Magnolia Boulevard part of the Renaissance. Halloween Costumes Outlet town. This part of Burbank, which is close to the studio, has always had a quirky town atmosphere in the Twilight Zone, partly due to the long-standing Dark Delicacies of the horror/goth general store and a large number of antique shops for non-mainstream fashionistas.

The beard lady perfectly enhanced the cool, strange and ghostly resonance of Magnolia Avenue. The merchandise ranged from vintage businesses and medical equipment to carnival souvenirs and was arranged in the rooms in the theme of a small bungalow. Owners Erick Wessell and Kiko Bailey became interested in the Spirit Board, and the controversial Ouija Board (the Parker Brothers created them) was just a version and began collecting and presenting them. Wessell and Bailey relayed when they watched carefully crafted glass eyes, poisonous bottles and circus posters: “This place is like a museum!”

Therefore, the duo teamed up with their friend Stephanie Joens, a Halloween souvenir dealer, and in 2016 jointly launched the Mystery Museum of the Bearded Lady, emphasizing the fortune-telling history through exhibits, art exhibitions and other mystical arts, spiritualism And other mysterious art events, such as the flash-themed earthquake that occurred on the 13th of this Friday.

Seven months ago, Ms. Whiskers moved her quirky collection and antiques collection to the store next door to her sister joint venture, doubling the size of the museum and now including a Victorian replica bar and numerous corners. Showing dark artwork classification. The Mystery Museum is like a “real” museum, a permanent collection of posters, soul plates and various fortune telling devices, from tea cups to tarot cards. Of course, it also has a complete gift shop that can purchase these products.

“Kiko and Eric have collected my work, and I have my work. Once we decide to open this museum, we have more,” explains Joens. And it’s a collection! Among the works exhibited is Ka-Bala, a dark divination game that is now very difficult to find in the 1960s. They were directed to sing “Pax, sax, sarax; Hora, Noah, Noster. Pull!”, while tilting the game board, rolling marble into the caves and revealing their wealth and their future, just as the center’s “Zohar Eye” swings on aspiring volunteers.

Born into a conservative Christian family, Jon has a rebellious, curious winning streak and pulls her to a ban. “If you tell me not to do something, I want to know why. With the soul board, why are they taboo, why is it negative?” she thought. Wessell is a Catholic who collects all items and materials related to the devil and the devil. Bailey is from the Wiccan family. Although the museum has fans and a healthy affiliate program, they really use the Slashback Video Horror VHS theme show, with the old-fashioned Ben Cooper Halloween Costume Show (Ben Cooper Inc. created a thin plastic mask and vinyl costumes based on kids In the TV and movie roles that passed through the 60s and 70s, these characters made their debut within four months of their merger.

“We had 2,500 people on the opening night. There are three hours waiting to enter,” said Jones miracle. The successful combination of terror and popular culture formed the link of their current exhibition “The Shining Art Exhibition”, inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Steven King’s book. Works range from paintings to animal specimens to full-size installations of Redrum doors and Overlook Hotel bathrooms. More than 40 artists contributed to the exhibition. The museum was covered with carpets, matched with the carpets of the cursed resorts and scenes inspired by the film.
“We saw our base in a terrorist community and thought that the book and the horror and mystery of the movie were integrated,” explains Joens. The community is important for Joens, Wessell and Bailey, so there is a mystery bookstore club that offers a variety of membership levels and is home to Club Coven, a non-religious mystery group that casts spells and discusses arcane and supernatural. (People who are interested should go to beard and talk directly to Bailey, Jones or Wessel.)

This sense of community was translated into the items they sold: Animal specimens Derelict animal moral gains and sales proceeds to support the Shambala Preserves and Roaring Foundation – actress Tippi Hedren’s large cat sanctuary, whose grandson Dylan Bauer is internal Spirit (He reads Tarot cards and throws bones. This is the skill he acquired while living in New Orleans).

Coincidentally, this Friday happens to be the 13th home, overlooking one of the hotel’s most popular interiors, the gold bar, which will be the focus of a special seismic event that combines spirits and spirits. The $45 one-night Mystery Museum membership includes a museum entrance fee, two cocktails designed by mixers to celebrate The Shining (yes, one is rum!), and an open bar for Red wine or white wine aperitif, appetizer, dessert and memorial glass. Close-range magic from Michael Rangel, live gypsy jazz guitars and DJs bring an extravagant experience. We encourage guests to wear it during this period.

The mysterious museum of beard lady and beard lady, 3202-3204 Yulan Avenue. Burbank
(323) 696-5219. Business hours: Monday to Sunday, 7 noon. Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The thirteenth session of Friday’s Speakeasy is this Friday, April 13; non-member admission fees are $45. Tickets are here.


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