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When a person who does not know much about football is commissioned to write about the men’s game at the HSBC Canada Seven Rugby Championships in Seattle, Canada, where they go, the Internet – especially the Canadian Sevens website.

No, it’s obvious that just because a website specializes in a topic does not always mean it is a good source. But in this case, I was lucky. There, I found HSBC Canada Seven LaTeS teams in Canada. The place is a fan festival full of colorful costumes and friendly supporters, and all the scenes are set for an epic weekend soundtrack to the action.

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This game is a shorter, faster version of traditional football. In this fast-paced game, 15 players played 40 minutes in half of the game, and 7 of them played 7 and a half minutes. The result is non-stop action.

What is the HSBC World Rugby Series?

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens held 10 games around the world, of which 16 National Sevens competed for World Series points in each game. At the end of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, the championship was awarded at the end of the season based on points. The official airline of the tournament and the title sponsor, Cathay Pacific Airways, will even offer a package of Vancouver to Hong Kong. This is the next stop, just in case you decide to continue playing.

Who knows that Vancouver has so many Fiji football fans?

According to the website of the Canadian Seven Ladies team, if you think Canadians are passionate about hockey, wait until you see a group of Fijians playing in a rugby match. Rugby is a Fijian lifestyle, so there is no doubt that when fans support their boys in this popular weekend game, they will bring their A game.

Players visit school during Vancouver

Last week, Rugby players from around the world visited the school and community center in Vancouver and visited with their children. On Thursday morning, the Spanish team players visited Strathcona Elementary School in Vancouver.

And most importantly, why do everyone wear clothing?

Despite a lot of research, I never found a definitive answer. If you think that downtown Vancouver will become a bit weird during Halloween, then check this weekend. Groups wearing themed costumes are also popular, although themes are usually completely unrelated to the game. Some of Vancouver’s famous costumes in the past include the Spa Look – wearing masks, beer bottles, chickens, penguins, squirrels, beavers, bees, lumberjacks, superheroes, cows, Nina turtles and Troglodyte robes.


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